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April 25, 2018

Truly bewitching is Tuvaband’s remarkable voice, a willowy, other worldly lure that draws us into the Norwegian artist’s utterly enchanting indie folk pop. There’s no way to extricate ourselves from new song Horses once you’ve entered its bittersweet and reedy soundscape. Horses’ lonesome strums and haunting vocals are delicately worn yet strongly potent. It’s a song both deeply anguished and tenaciously jaded, like weathered leather that’s survived countless howling rains and storms. Horses is Tuvaband’s first single from her upcoming album out later this year, and it arrives in the midst of a tour that will take her to The Great Escape and many other festivals this summer. Keep up with the compelling artist on her website, here.

November 1, 2017

I can’t seem to resist the sylvan charm of Tuvaband’s music. The Norwegian/English duo takes us into an enchanted forest on top of a misty mountain with their lo-fi folk and verdant folktronica on delicate new beauty, Mess, which is the title track from the duo’s debut EP out today via Brilliance Records. Dark and willowy Mess truly haunts, like an exquisite combination of Lykke Li, Daughter, and The Staves. Tuvaband’s debut EP can be ordered on vinyl, here. Stream more of the pair’s music on Soundcloud, here.

October 3, 2017

I like trees. I like them so much, that I try to get out and enjoy the solitude and beauty of forests as often as I could, which really isn’t often enough at all. For a moment, Tuvaband transports me into the verdant tranquility of an enchanted woods with their gorgeous new folk pop/folktronica hymnal, Trees. The Norwegian/English duo like to create beautiful folk songs reminiscent of Laura Marling and The Staves by pairing willowy vocals and earthy guitars. Trees is also icy atmospheric and serenely haunting with a soft melancholic twinge. They say of the single: “The song that varies the most from the rest of our songs. It’s still calm and melancholic like the rest, but there is more rhythm to it and is probably the most fun to play live.” Trees is out on Brilliance Records. Tuvaband’s new EP Mess will follow on November 1st.