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June 20, 2015

This one’s definitely one of the most interesting musical encounters of the day for me. ILoveMakonnen’s colossal hit, Tuesday, gets makeover, thanks to a cover by Portugal. The Man and Kirin J. Callinan. Yes, you read that right. It’s unexpected and a strange combo, but wonderfully addictive. The cover was done for fun some time ago, but Portugal. The Man decided to upload it for our listening pleasure this week. Oddly enough, the psych rock band’s style fits the song in a very fresh way, despite the tongue in cheek approach.

January 31, 2015

The dope ILOVEMAKKONEN remixes are flowing abundantly these days. The latest to catch my ears and hold on tightly is this edit of Tuesday by a Hollywood based producer named Purple Water. It’s a banging, booming, and skittering trap remix that gets me hyped up for the weekend. I’m glad it’s not Tuesday right now. Despite its bouncing bass and rhythm, there’s something steamy and sexy about the track.

January 28, 2015

Talented San Francisco producer Blackbird Blackbird dropped a riveting remix of ILOVEMAKKONEN’s Tuesday, featuring Drake. While it’s no secret that I’m not the most devoted ILOVEMAKKONEN fan, I’ve found myself falling in love with a lot of the remixes that have reared their heads recently, including this intoxicating, shimmering, buoyant gem. Blackbird Blackbird says to cop it while you can, since he’ll likely be taking down the track soon. If you’re in the mood for something hyped up and caffeinated to perk you up, particularly after some of my last somber features, this will be like a fresh cup of joe.