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August 8, 2017

We’ve been itching to share this fresh new music video from San Francisco’s own beloved indie darlings Cathedrals since a fortuitous preview late last week. Now that the video is officially out, we can all gaze in awe at the visual accompaniment for one of my favorite new Cathedrals songs this year, Try To Fight. The single itself is a vivacious carousel ride, or a deep thumping, vibrant thrumming house meets R&B pop hybrid whose feisty snappiness and breathy radiant vocals parallel the same from my favorite Kiesza tracks. Try To Fight is Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin’s most colossal earworm to date. I treasure the fact that it sneaks into my mind and urges me to dance at the most random moments of the day. Try To Fight’s lavish new video adds momentum to that impetus. Together, they’re an irresistible dance catalyst. 

Cathedrals razzle dazzles us with their video choreographed by Denna Thomsen (who worked on Sia’s Elastic Heart). The glitzy glam video is a throwback to the days of Flash Dance and Dirty Dancing, and it stars dancer/model/actress Kylie Shea (who found fame on Instagram with over 137k followers) and Nick Baga (La La Land, Grease! Live, Dancing With the Stars). The video for Try To Fight was directed by Brodie’s longtime childhood friend Jesse Fleece, whose credits include Paul McCartney, Lana del Rey, and Arcade Fire. We’re transported right back to the neon 80′s by the magnificent video. If there was a dance sequence in San Junipero, my favorite Black Mirror episode, I’d expect it might be as vibrantly magical as Try To Fight. You can purchase Try To Fight as a single, here. Subscribe to Cathedrals’ official YouTube channel, here.

May 1, 2017

Hometown fans of local indie heroes Cathedrals are looking forward to the arrival of June 8th with great anticipation, because on that fateful evening, Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin will be making their long awaited return to the stage with their first headlining San Francisco show in quite some time. Ahead of that date and on the heels of last month’s ravishing single Don’t Act Like A Stranger comes a dance pop dazzler named Try To Fight. Though this vivacious carousel ride comes as a surprise, we find ourselves falling in love instantaneously with this deep thumping, vibrant thrumming variant of Cathedrals. Try To Fight’s nimble synth arpeggios and Brodie’s breathy radiant vocals even remind us of Kiesza and her spry hybridization of UK house and R&B pop. The single is available as a free download, here. Find out more about Cathedrals’ SF show at the Mezzanine on June 8th, here.