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January 20, 2017

Several colossal releases surfaced today, including Gorillaz’ long awaited return. The band has been teasing us for some time now regarding new material on the horizon, be it through creative use of their young instagram account or through various other social outlets. As with so many other songs this month, Hallelujah Money, which features English baroque pop and art rock artist Benjamin Clementine on spellbinding vocals, is a politics inspired tune. Even its video reflects America’s current state of affairs. The song itself is fresh and peculiar, as one would expect from Damon Albarn’s esteemed band. The apocalyptic rock opera is a first taste from a full length coming later this year.

January 18, 2017

Long time Bay Area heroes Green Day are well known for not curtailing their thoughts when it comes to our nation’s political landscape, which never came as much of a surprise. After all, they’re punk, they rose up from the historic gritty venues of Berkeley, and their music is driven by bold and candid commentary. The atmosphere happens to be super charged this week as Obama’s presidency comes to an end and Trump’s begins. Add in MLK Jr Day and we have the perfect storm to inspire Green Day. They unleash a brilliant lyric video for Radio Revolution track Troubled Times, a deep ponderous, chunky chugging gem out of many from the recent album. Revolution Radio can be purchased, here

October 11, 2016

It’s not every day we get a treasured treat like a brand new Death Cab For Cutie song, so I suppose we have at least one solid reason to thank Donald Trump. Much of the music world has been uniting against the presidential candidate in the weeks leading up to the election, and they now voice their opinions via their craft in 30 Days, 30 Songs. The series will feature one song per day until Election Day, with artists speaking out against Trump’s campaign. Million Dollar Loan is DCFC’s contribution, a meditative and mellifluous ambler that focuses on Trump’s statements in regards to being a self made man despite his “small loan of a million dollars” from his father. Million Dollar Loan can be purchased now from iTunes.