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June 22, 2017

A new electronic project named Mellon appeared out of thin air to drop a couple of tunes in our inbox yesterday, and we’re digging both those jams. All we know about them is that they wrote their songs while “backpacking through Cambodia”. It boggles my mind how anyone could create sweet music while on the road backpacking, much less beatific electronic music as opposed to acoustic tunes with a guitar or a ukulele that you can just sling over your shoulder while you’re climbing through the jungle. But here they are, Mellon, with this ravishing drum and bass piece named Highs That Never Last, and a breezy tropical anthem named Turquoise Haze, which can be found below. I had the fortune of visiting Cambodia briefly last fall, and I would love to go back to that gorgeous country and do some extensive exploring with Mellon’s music in tow. Their music fills me with a youthful new sense of wanderlust and much bright eyed wonder.

June 20, 2017

I wanted to yell “HELLOOOOOO!” at my screen

like Agent Cooper (Dougie edition) does on the new Twin Peaks series earlier this afternoon when I suddenly stumbled upon this treat. You see, it was obvious we’d hit the jackpot in the form of this totally unexpected remix which involves ever endearing Los Angeles based French American duo Freedom Fry and Grammy nominated, groundbreaking alt dance duo SOFI TUKKER. The two projects’ music couldn’t come from more polar opposite ends of the music spectrum, yet SOFI TUKKER has crafted an utterly charming remix out of Freedom Fry’s folksy strummer Brave, one of my favorites from the pair’s string of weekly releases earlier this year. SOFI TUKKER infuses Brave with a light and airy bounce on this indie dance and chill house transfiguration. This remix’s gently rousing electronica is even brushed by a light, future tropical breeze. Turns out, this surprise delight is a taste off of a new remixes EP arriving soon on June 23rd. We can’t wait to find out what else is on the release, but for now, we’re going to spin around the room in endless euphoria to SOFI TUKKER’s lambent rendition of Brave.

June 16, 2017

West Coast Massive dropped their first original several weeks ago and thoroughly entranced with their shimmering melodic future bass Space featuring Carly Paige. They’ve since followed it up with a second mellifluous original named Paper Stars, which features none other than breathy captivating Nashville starlet CAPPA on guest vocals. Paper Stars, with its honeyed pop and glistening electronica, is the perfect starry eyed summer dance anthem to illuminate our Friday morning. You can also stream Paper Stars, which premiered on, via Spotify, here.

June 14, 2017

It looks to be a warm rest of the week here in the Bay. Not a cloud was in sight this morning on my way to work, and it was already a nice balmy 70 degrees at 9 A.M. Yet, it’s still not hot enough for me to feel like it’s summer just yet. We turn to Michael Brun for some island vibes as the producer gives OneRepublic’s Lift Me Up a luminous sort of “lift” with an irresistible remix. He practically takes us to his home of Haiti with the tropical dancehall treatment. Now, it feels like summer, even if just for a few brief minutes, thanks to this Kygo meets Mura Masa makeover that the gifted producer has given OneRepublic. His remix of Lift Me Up can be streamed on Spotify too, here.

June 14, 2017

Who else but LA dance outfit Cheat Codes would be the perfect soundtrack for a warm summer night? The trio, who are riding high on the success of their recent smash hit No Promises featuring Demi Lovato, have given MØ’s Nights With You a balmy dancehall meets tropical house makeover sure to please fans of the Swedish pop star’s more uptempo, high voltage offerings. Cheat Codes’ Nights With You is night and day compared to the original’s regally deliberate pace, plus it highlights MØ’s signature spunk and sass. You can snag Cheat Codes’ invigorating remix from iTunes, here.

June 14, 2017

Punctual’s new summer banger What I Love is exactly that, a fizzy infectious swathe of effulgent springing house that I can’t help but love. Its soulful charm and breezy allure imbue me with a warm, ebullient glow. Tropical future funk and electro house gambol about each other on the jovial jam, which is a taste of the rising duo’s upcoming EP, Fading Youth, due out later this summer. Punctual’s brand of frisky romping electronica on What I Love is like a cross between Flume and Bondax. Punctual has been backed by the likes of Zane Lowe, Pete Tong, and Huw Stephens, and they’re hitting up Glastonbury and Lovebox this year. 

June 9, 2017

UK producer J Tropic disappeared on us for a full year, but he’s finally back and just in time for the summer, too, with a bubbly effervescent single named Thinking Of U. Future R&B and house combine for an airy enchanting frolic on the electronic song. Thinking Of U is like a breezy Balearic Mura Masa gone a bit PC Music on us, and it’s wildly addictive and sweetly swooning. For more J Tropic, visit his Soundcloud, here.

May 22, 2017

I’ve had this balmy divine treat on rotation for much of the month, and it’s high time I shared this cool island breeze of a tune with you, too. Sydney producer HOUNDED linked up with satin crooner Savoi to deliver marimba florid bliss via On My Side, a sanguine glowing dance confection. There’s no better way to brighten your day and kick off your week than with this sparkling tropical delight, out now via Majestic Casual Records. You can also stream On My Side via Spotify, here.

May 17, 2017

XVAN describes himself as a 21 year old Asian kid from the Tropics, but there’s so much more to this Singaporean that needs to be noted. This “kid” is obviously well versed at creating melodic trickling, chromatic shimmering sonic art, as can be heard on his recent original ‘I’m OK?’, a must for fans of Porter Robinson and Wave Racer. In the past week or so, I’ve already listened to this track countless times. It’s a youthful dalliance, a sparkling soother, and a magical escapade. For more of XVAN’s tracks, visit Soundcloud, here. You can download ‘I’m OK?’ (which will make any day more than okay despite that question mark on the end of the title), here.

May 9, 2017

A new paycheck is always fine reason to celebrate and paint the town red (with hopefully not all of your newly acquired funds), but a track entitled Paycheck that unites Indiana based electropop project The Ready Set and long time Santa Barbara IHM favorites Dropout is a late night dance soiree must! We somehow managed to let this one slip by after it dropped late last month, but it’s never too late to revel in Paycheck’s rosy twinkling glow. With crystalline chords and a brisk endearing melody, Paycheck lifts our spirits and warms the heart. The future tropical anthem is a summer playlist must. The feel good anthem can also be streamed via Spotify, here.