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May 2, 2016

Mysterious newcomer RONNE makes a sparkling, twinkling debut on Don’t Wake Me Up. The serenely gliding beauty melds 80′s trop pop with chill melodic house, like a fruity cocktail made of Cheat Codes and Great Good Fine OK. Don’t Wake Me Up is a crisp glowing gem, its dreaminess warmly enveloping. If the euphoria lifting from the song are but a dream, then yes, please don’t ever wake me up. RONNE states that he’s from somewhere by the water in the US, but that’s as far as he goes in divulging any “secrets” about himself. From Don’t Wake Me Up, I imagine his humble abode to be next to shimmering waves and deep blue waters. Download RONNE’s breathtaking debut, here.

March 23, 2016

Over half a year ago, young Danish quartet Liss emerged to sweep me off my feet with their unique blend of R&B pop, psychedelic soul, and electronica. Come May 13th, Liss will be releasing a four track EP named First, and on none other than much venerated label XL, whose roster I and some of my friends adore near religiously. Sorry is Liss’ new taste off the EP, and its a spellbinding blend of Years and Years like tropics hued pop, Unknown Mortal Orchestra like retro creaminess, and Autre Ne Veut like R&B vocals. Watch Liss’ video for Sorry above, and purchase the single from various outlets, here. Watch for Liss to make a huge splash as the release date for their debut EP approaches.

September 22, 2015

There’s no questioning the fact that one of 2015′s defining songs is the ever present, always popular Fetty Wap hit, Trap Queen. From covers and remixes to parodies and all sorts of pop culture references, whether you’re already tired of the song, still obsessively love it, or never liked it to begin with, it’s a Trap Queen year. Wherever you lie on the spectrum, it’s highly likely you’re going to enjoy this new version of Trap Queen, turned in by Los Angeles electronic duo Two Friends and New York’s INSTRUM. The bi-coastal production collaboration also signed up Florida’s Adriana Gomez to deliver saccharine vocals on a beautifully summery cover of Trap King. It’s tropical euphoria and cool drinks on the beach with this saxophone flowing deep house rendition. Snag the track for free, here.

July 30, 2015


Start your day (or night) off right with a feel good jam that will have you swaying in pure summery bliss. British-German production duo M-22, who exploded onto the electronic scene earlier this year with their enthralling piano house anthem Some Time, offer up a remix of their soothing deep house single Good To Be Loved. This Tropical Sun Mix Edit was created by M-22 themselves, who take on the Tropical Sun pseudonym to give the infectious jam a Balearic twist fitting of an island paradise covered in lush palm trees and surrounded by shimmering waves. It’s smooth sailing on the luminously blithe remix, which has all the makings of a summer anthem. It glides along ardently and twinkles infectiously with an effulgence much similar to past summer hits by the likes of Duke Dumont or Robin Schulz. Hit up M-22′s SoundCloud to listen to the original and the duo’s other enrapturing tracks. Good To Be Loved is available on iTunes.

July 15, 2015

It’s so confusing. For the life of me, I can’t decide which of the originals dropped by The Chainsmokers this year is my favorite. I keep swinging from one to another, and back again. Oscillating between the #1 spot and the #2 spot is The Chainsmokers’ Let You Go, featuring the satin smooth vocals of Great Good Fine OK. Giving the infectious electronic track a tropical twist is Washington, D.C. production duo Kids Want Techno, who previously opened up for The Chainsmokers on tour. They give their buddies’ tune a melodic summer makeover that brings out the original’s enshrouding, overwhelming, but bittersweet glow, but infused with a marimba laden Balearic and dashing panache. The remix is a freedownload, here.

July 15, 2015

We can always trust in Miami’s Bobby Brush to take us to splendid worlds of palm tree lined summer euphoria. The producer’s latest remix is a future tinged deep and tropical house remix of British trio Life Of Dillon’s hit song Overload. Vivid and deeply colorful, Bobby Brush’s irresistible edit will brighten your day. It nearly dissipates those grey, gloomy clouds that have been hanging over San Francisco all day long. The remix is available as a Tropkult exclusive free download, here.

July 12, 2015

In the sudden onslaught of summery, tropical electronic music, one of the pioneering voices had fallen silent for an agonizing long time. Though Australian producer Thomas Jack stayed quiet for nearly a year, I recently learned that he’s been doing a “Thomas Jack Presents” series, with some great tunes showcased, well worthy of checking out. The producer finally returned this past week with a brand new original named Rivers, a superb reminder why he was so heavily praised and warmly loved over a year ago. Rivers is an acoustic meets tropical dance song dripping in honeyed, hopeful sentiment, reminding me of some of the classics from the 80′s, but Balearic suffused. The beautiful tropical house song was co-produced by German producer JUNKX. Rivers is out now on Pete Tong’s FFRR records, and its the perfect summer anthem.

June 19, 2015

I know most of you loved Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars back in the day. Don’t deny it. At least, until the sappy go to ballad became way overplayed. But it still melts you every time, doesn’t it? If you’re itching for some car chasing but you’re still a bit tired of the original, you’ll love this new remix of the classic by Florida’s Thero. He brings copious amounts of his summery beaches and palm trees to the song, giving it a tropical and chill house makeover that flows languidly and sooths gently, like fluffy cumulus clouds floating across the sky. Thero applies a delicate touch on the original’s melody, instead sampling it reservedly to create a fresh new dreamy tune with lush new instruments including lightly crunchy guitars, sublime marimbas, and comforting horns. Thero’s Chasing Cars is wistful yet sublime.

May 13, 2015

Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal is, of course, a timeless classic, one that’s been covered and made over by many acts, perhaps with one of the most famous renditions being the alt rock cover by Alien Ant Farm. Despite all these various “entries” in the Smooth Criminal annals of time, I can bet you that you haven’t heard Smooth Criminal quite this way. And I must say, it’s actually surprising that this works so well! New York City production act N2N gives Smooth Criminal a deep tropical house twist that’s wonderfully thrilling. Doesn’t this remix give you a sudden itch to dance like Michael Jackson, but on a white sand beach? I can totally picture it in my mind, and it’s fantastic.