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April 2, 2016

It seems mighty proper that a band named BESTiE would put out a new song named Bae. The quartet from Vancouver delivers a glistening gem awash in tropical mugginess and sticky longing. BESTiE aims to bring back memories of spring flings passed and stir up emotions of unrequited love with the wistful and dewy indie pop song. The slick trop pop confection takes me on a daydreamy journey into the past. Purchase Bae from BESTiE’s bandcamp.

April 1, 2016

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Southern California. London’s Holy ‘57 languorously whisks me away for a quick trip to its balmy beaches on the band’s new single Venice, CA. Yacht rock meets Balearic pop on the Vampire Weekend and Cayucas evocative treat. Excuse me as I break out my boat shoes, some sunblock, and a straw hat. Venice, CA comes from an upcoming EP entitled O. Download Venice, CA from Bandcamp.

March 24, 2016

GodWolf’s new single is entitled Feels Right, and honestly, does GodWolf ever not feel right? The Melbourne electronic duo lift me up with the tropical springy beats and brightly optimistic aura of the indie electronic gem, its glimmering weightlessness much reminding me of music by Kilter and Paces. Feels Right is a sparkling cut from GodWolf’s On Repeat EP, out now on iTunes. The duo are currently on tour in Australia for the EP. 

March 24, 2016

A part of me feels like I’m on an island paradise and time has reversed back to the 80′s whilst listening to FRENSHIP’s dashing new neon hued single, Carpet. This carpet must be magical, its enchantment propelled by the Los Angeles based duo’s crisp and cool synthpop. FRENSHIP channels smidgens of Phil Collins, Great Good Fine OK, and LANY on the richly magnificent and seductively sexy song. The duo are readying their debut EP for later this spring, and swirly lush Carpet is such a divine first single from the forthcoming release. 

March 23, 2016

Over half a year ago, young Danish quartet Liss emerged to sweep me off my feet with their unique blend of R&B pop, psychedelic soul, and electronica. Come May 13th, Liss will be releasing a four track EP named First, and on none other than much venerated label XL, whose roster I and some of my friends adore near religiously. Sorry is Liss’ new taste off the EP, and its a spellbinding blend of Years and Years like tropics hued pop, Unknown Mortal Orchestra like retro creaminess, and Autre Ne Veut like R&B vocals. Watch Liss’ video for Sorry above, and purchase the single from various outlets, here. Watch for Liss to make a huge splash as the release date for their debut EP approaches.

March 13, 2016

The Hip Abduction, have, to put it quite simply, abducted my hips for all eternity with their single Before We Lose Our Mind. My hips can’t stop swaying to the trop pop song’s radiant infectiousness and balmy snappiness, which remind me of Crystal Fighters with plenty of The Royal Concept like lustrous spring. For this reason, we must revisit the Florida based six piece’s song via its brand new music video. The sing along anthem is saturated with such heart warming sunshine. Before We Lost Our Mind comes from The Hip Abduction’s just released album, Gold Under The Glow. Head over to their website for purchase details.

March 4, 2016

New wave and synthpop make divine partners on Amadeus, a new single from Toronto’s Bravestation. Add to that glowing opulence some Brandon Flowers evoking vocals, an infusion of St. Lucia like glowing trop pop, plus a sliver of New Radicals reminiscent melodic hooks, and we have an utterly irresistibly swooning gem. Bravestation knock it right out of the ballpark with their first single of 2016, leaving me eager for what else they have planned this year. Amadeus is available as a single on iTunes.

March 3, 2016

King Deco, whose voice has graced some fantastic electronic songs by the likes of ILLENIUM, Sound Remedy, and ROOM 8, makes an imposing stand of her own on new single Castaway. This isn’t the Tom Hanks sort of Castaway, except perhaps if applied to his love-hate dependence on Wilson. No, this is a tropical display of sparkling melodic pop, its steel drums and springy bass a glowing immersion of bittersweet emotion. The New York based Jordanian indie pop chanteuse has generously made Castaway a free download off her Facebook. Castaway gets an iTunes and Spotify release come Friday, March 4th.

February 12, 2016

Kiss Kiss is a marvelous indie pop jewel from ELEL, the Nashville indie pop collective fronted by Ben Elkins. The song is proof positive that my other favorite ELEL song, 40 Watt, was no anomaly. These guys know how to dish out some wonderfully hooking, warmly gooey pop music. The tropics tinged single is a must revisit now that ELEL has released a music video. The clip’s jovial playfulness is a fine accompaniment to Kiss Kiss’ light hearted luster. ELEL will be releasing their debut full length, Geode, later this year on Mom + Pop. Grab Kiss Kiss from iTunes in the meantime.

January 26, 2016

If I’m ever going to truly lose my mind, I’d hope that I’d be able to enjoy music as much as I do while presumably sane right now. I would listen to The Hip Abduction’s radiant new song on repeat, because it would make the world ever bright and full of wonder despite misplacing my brain. The six piece bring plenty of Florida sunshine along on the delightful tropical pop of Before We Lose Our Mind, whose balmy snappiness and wild infectiousness remind me of Crystal Fighters with some The Royal Concept buoyancy. The Hip Abduction will be releasing new album Gold Under The Glow on March 11th. It’ll be the perfect Spring soundtrack.