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May 22, 2018

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this next one is an epic track, even if you haven’t listened to it yet. After all, it brings together the talented expertise of Seattle dubstep/electro prodigy Seven Lions, Austin luminaries Tritonal, and NYC dubstep/electro connoisseurs Kill The Noise, AND it features breathtaking vocals by LA chanteuse HALIENE, too! We find ourselves racing our way towards a beautiful “horizon” on the plumed wings of this majestic and grand opus. Mellifluous yet heavy, smooth rolling yet resolute, this four way collaboration fuses electro house, dubstep, pop, future bass, and even drum & bass to give us a cornucopia of scintillating feels. Horizon can also be streamed and purchased, here.

January 28, 2018

I’m not sure if the Calabasas in this sleek springing, mellifluous gliding electronic treat is a reference to the city in California, but I am sure that Tritonal and SJ’s collaboration is going to tenderize your heart with its glittery beauty and emotive lyrics. Austin based production duo Tritonal and LA based songwriter/producer SJ have been a power union in the past; we’re still stuck on Hung Up featuring Emma Gatsby from over a year ago. They now reunite on this gorgeous future pop/melodic bass hybrid rife with dulcet keys, effervescent synths, and dreamy smooth vocals by Tima Dee. The moving and ravishing electronic ballad is available, here.

November 2, 2017

Austin based house and trance veterans Tritonal put together a massive remix pack the other day for their latest single, Good Thing, featuring Canadian starlet Laurell. The seven track package features their own club edit alongside remixes by Justin Caruso, LIGHTSTRIIKE, Vigil, and many more. It also includes this treat from long time IHM lauded Romanian production prodigy, Boehm. The temperature outside is finally starting to drop here in the Bay. The leaves are turning and falling, and a cold wind blows through the night. But we have Boehm to keep us warm with his sunset house and melodic dance edit of Good Thing, a balmy tropical, breezy glowing respite that I wouldn’t mind dancing to all night long. Purchase/stream Boehm’s remix, here. Take Tritonal’s Good Thing remix pack for a spin on Soundcloud, here.

October 17, 2017

Tritonal happens to be a big influence on Los Angeles producer Yetep. And he’s given them a fitting tribute in the form of his remix of their classic track, Now Or Never. Yetep injects the song with sprightly energy with his wondrous future bass and chill trap remix, a thoroughly effervescent, celestial flickering spectacular that takes us on a breathtaking journey. Soar with Yetep and download his astonishing edit, here.

December 6, 2016

Austin duo Tritonal is having quite a 2016, and they’re not about to let up on the gas pedal despite the waning year. The production pair joins forces with Southern California’s Sj, aka Seth Jones or one half of previously featured indie duo LEVV, to send us to the heavens with a melodic house beauty named Hung Up. Expect to be hung up alright, whether on the song’s empyrean production or New York chanteuse Emma Gatsby’s dulcet lithe voice. Stream and download the glistening gem via various other services, here.

August 15, 2016

Broken is an epic alliance that brings together so many amazing artists. The stirring electronic anthem comes by way of Austin duo Tritonal and NYC’s Jenaux, but it also features vocally gifted American Idol superstar Adam Lambert. Broken was also written by New York R&B pop talent Lauv and his buddy Madison Emiko. As I said, this melodically endearing, honeyed glowing summer dance hit is the result of some phenomenal teamwork. It’s also a smorgasbord of electronica, its glimmering pieces formed from a prismatic palette ranging from electro to progressive house, all stippled copiously with with buoyant future vibes and effervescent pop. Broken will be on Tritonal’s Painting With Dreams album, out September 9th on Enhanced Music. Pre-order from iTunes.

May 3, 2016

The Chainsmokers and Tritonal’s colossal collaboration Until You Were Gone, featuring Emily Warren, gets the Justin Caruso treatment and takes on a glorious amount of expansive dreaminess on the Los Angeles producer’s remix. Lusciously bouncy trap and melodic future bass take us to cloud nine, leaving me feeling like I’m flying high above the stratosphere. The song’s aching undercurrents are still much palpable in Emily Warren’s emotive voice, but the redemption and catharsis delivered by Justin Caruso’s epic build ups and liberating drops leave my heart aglow with joy. Download the uplifting remix for free, here, and let it drench your world in radiant optimism.

December 24, 2015

Missouri’s Saturn, who we’ve previously heard teaming up with DC duo SoySauce, joins up with Texas’ Skrux this time around for a spirited and rousing remix of The Chainsmokers and Tritonal’s anthemic Until You Were Gone, featuring Emily Warren. Her breathtaking vocals are vastly stirring paired with Skrux and Saturn’s majestic trap and electro soundscape full of clattering percussion and richly debonair synths. There’s no doubt this is a magnificent remix, one that really changed up the vibes on the original.

September 22, 2015

The Chainsmokers continue to deliver massive collaborative dance tracks with their latest, a high energy progressive rager named Until You Were Gone. While the fellas teamed up with an impressive list of indie acts on their prior releases, they turn to fellow production wizards, Austin duo Tritonal, to create this massive jam together. Until You Were Gone’s vocals, however, are still stunningly delivered by a singer songwriter named Emily Warren. It turns out that when you put two production talents from New York together with two from Texas, you get an exponential force of super progressive house capability. Until You Were Gone is a melodic and uplifting dance anthem, a feel good track that I can totally picture as a closer for a spectacular evening’s set. Purchase the song on iTunes.

April 5, 2014

Chicago production duo Win & Woo took me by storm today when I stumbled upon their music. The electronic duo released a new remix today of Tritonal & Paris Blohm’s Colors. It’s breathtakingly gorgeous with its melodic buildups and cathartic drops. Then I went on to discover they had offered up a sick remix of Flume’s Holding On a few weeks back. I love Flume. And I love how producers take Flume’s tracks and approach it from every direction imaginable. Win & Woo’s Holding On is a smooth, gentle, polished beauty. The filthiness is toned down immensely, and we have a euphoric, lustrous gem. Keep an eye on this duo.