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May 11, 2018

Still very much cloaked in intrigue and mystery is NAVA, though we have learned a little bit more about the artist since she made her debut last month with mystical RITUAL. As it turns out, NAVA is a solo project created by Nava Golchini, and the Milan based Iranian singer songwriter has followed up her first single RITUAL with another left-field experimental electropop work of art named NAVIGATE. Navigate we do, through its razor-sharp tribal drums, dark nomadic synths, and skittering trip hop beats, absolutely delighted by an enigmatic soundscape and its icy opaque threads. Like RITUAL, NAVIGATE is a near spiritual, thoroughly imaginative experience that evokes Fever Ray and Kill J, but less caustic and more inquisitively meditative. Re-visit our RITUAL feature, here, as we await further treats from this bewitching sonic shaman. 

April 19, 2018

SONIA’s a name I highly suggest you remember, but even if you’re bad with names, I’m sure you’re going to hear this one a whole lot as the year continues to progress. The Parisian singer is in the midst of performing at Coachella with Petit Biscuit, having featured on the esteemed producer’s song Creation Comes Alive. She’s also just released a massive new single named OCEAN, whose guitar florid, drum thundering pop explodes with relentless confidence. SONIA takes us on a journey of tenacious and gutsy grandeur with her glorious anthem. I’m sure it won’t be long before she’ll be performing at Coachella with her own set. I can already envision how magnificent OCEAN will be live. You can also stream OCEAN via Spotify, here.

April 12, 2018

A mysterious new project named NAVA is turning heads and perking ears with their imaginative brand of electronic pop. They dish out a left of center form of icy dark, visceral raw music on RITUAL. Even the song’s music video seems steeped in mysticism. RITUAL’s pounding drums, and its sharp jabbing, caustic twisting repertoire of spine-tingling elements feels nothing short of spiritually ceremonial. Jungle and industrial are interwoven into the track’s electronica. The resulting fusion, alongside NAVA’s bewitching vocals, are like a blend of Kill J with Fever Ray. Though NAVA only has one Instagram post to date, you can keep up with the enigmatic newcomer(s), here.

April 4, 2018

Our passionate dalliance with Scandinavian pop continues this evening with a resolute marching re-release from Kassandra, the Swedish singer songwriter who enthralled us with her spice and grit nearly a year ago on No Longer Lovers. Now that Kassandra has left the majors behind and joined the likes of Betty Who in re-embracing the indie way of life, she’s ready to remind us how good that song is. Tribal beats and Kassandra’s fiery confidence explode full force on the charging anthem, which explores themes of heartbreak and determination. We charge forward, looking ahead with much excitement for some fresh material from Kassandra. You can download No Longer Lovers, here.

March 6, 2018

Frankie Simone might be new on our radar, but we’ve quickly decided that we need to try and catch her at SXSW next week now that we’ve come across the Portland “priestess of pop’s” latest single, War Paint. We march exultantly to the tribal rhythms found on the magnificent and fierce rallying cry. The queer artist envisions her robust clattering, deep booming alt pop as a conduit for collective enlightenment, self-empowerment, and awakening, or a way “to celebrate every type of human.” War Paint is a rebellious battle cry, a unifying anthem celebrating difference and advocating equality. The resounding song comes with a video that visually captures its inspiring energy. “Simone is a High Priestess of Pop: the stage is her pulpit, and her message of love and acceptance is universal.” Frankie Simone’s debut EP will arrive on June 1st via Infinite Companion. Pre-order/pre-save LOVE//WARRIOR, here.

January 17, 2018

Bellatrix is described as an emerging UK new wave artist, but it’s quickly apparent from her new single Your Blood Only that her music isn’t tethered to one simple genre. She’s edgy and bold on the experimental alt pop piece, a whimsical amalgamation of dance-inducing electronica, tribal percussion, and hip hop infused vocal calisthenics. Your Blood Only is a naughty and mischievous tease that leaves us hungry for more from Bellatrix, who obviously has many a welcome trick up her sleeves when it comes to sonic creativity. The song follows the release of Bellatrix’s debut 2017 EP, Real Stuffed Owls, as well as a debut show at London’s Sebright Arms that sold out a month in advance. She’s quickly verified her status as an artist to watch in the indie scene with her avant-garde pop and exotic magnetism with the new release. Your Blood Only is available from iTunes, here.

January 17, 2018

New Zealand native Britt Rion casts a spell on us with her single C H I M A, an entrancing mix of progressive rock and dark tribal pop that feels somewhat like Kate Boy’s glacier electropop mixed with a bit of Grimes’ ethereal art pop and some of Elliphant’s gutsy spunk. Ever since she was a child, Britt Rion has been obsessed with the mystical, and music has always been an escapade. Her brand of dreamy indie music is embellished by both her prodigious guitar skills and sharp production forte. Debut single C H I M A is a victorious and triumphant assertion, and it arrives via a self directed video exploring a parallel universe. You can purchase C H I M A from iTunes, here.  

June 2, 2017

I’ve always been drawn to wolves. They seem like such beautiful and noble creatures. I find myself gravitating to this magnificent single Lone Wolf, too. It comes from a new alt pop songstress from New York named Evee. Windswept blustering, moonlit enchanting Lone Wolf is an ethereal affecting introduction to the classically trained opera singer, model, and actress. Evee recently released a music video for the tribal clattering, woodsy orchestral ballad, which you can view below. Lone Wolf, which is available on iTunes, here, is a taste of a forthcoming project from Evee.

February 7, 2017

AtalantA is a song as rich and compelling as its architect, a Dutch-Zimbabwean singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of London named Rina Mushonga. A unique amalgamation of tribal Afro pop and soulful electro pop combine on this fascinating genre bender, like tUnE-yArDs interwoven with Seinabo Sey with an infusion of Future Islands’ wavy whorls and Kate Bush’s synth stabs. AtalantA is a lavishly spellbinding listen from Rina Mushonga’s forthcoming sophomore album, due out later this year. The single is available via all major platforms, here.

February 4, 2017

You’ll want to take your chances on Montreal’s CHANCES, because the sonic sublime returns are guaranteed. Prepare to be bewitched as the new trio regales us with debut single Shine, an other worldly mixture of tribal clattering baroque pop and whimsical scurrying experimental electro. The band has already drawn comparison to the likes of Aurora, Farao, and Bat For Lashes with their first song, a mesmeric hymnal whose wiry nomadic vocals also remind me of Björk and Dirty Projectors, but laid over a The Knife like bed of aureate glimmering splendor. Shine is majestic and haunting, all at once.