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April 27, 2017

Happened might be one of the most unique and intriguing tunes we’ve encountered for some time. It prowls with a steady pace under cover of dark shadows, mesmerizing us with its tribal drums and ghostly brass. The trip hop, alt electronica, and dark folk concoction comes from Perera Elsewhere, a London born, Berlin based self proclaimed “doom-folk” producer, songwriter, and dungeon DJ. Happened is taken from Perera Elsewhere’s sophomore album All Of This, which arrives on June 2nd. The artist sings about being “insatiable” on the eerie haunting song. I find myself insatiable when it comes to this song. It wiggles its way deep beneath my skin and I can’t get enough of it. Pre-order All Of This from major services and outlets, here.

OFFICIAL VID: The Presets – Ghosts

August 30, 2012

Aussie act The Presets have dropped a video for their single Ghosts, the first off of their upcoming album Pacifica. I stand by what I said before about the tune. Though it’s a departure from their usual sound, it’s a great direction and the almost folksy tribal sounding song is a good one. But, of course, I do hope for some great dance inducing electropop on the rest of Pacifica. 😉 The black and white video seems a perfect fit after the recent Olympics in London. Diving can be such a beautiful sport, and these slo-mo scenes capture the serene complexity of it so well. It’s as artful as can be.