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May 1, 2018

I wonder how miffed Tove Styrke was when the Swedish pop artist released her first songs a few years ago and tons of people, including myself, kept typing her name wrong. I felt sheepish once I found out my mistake, but I must confess I was glad I wasn’t the only one to write “Stryke” rather than “Styrke”. It’s been a long time since then, and Tove Styrke has become a well loved artist in pop, particularly after songs like Say My Name and Mistakes took off. Come Friday, she’ll be releasing her new album Sway, whose title track is a polished and refined aria. Styrke says of the balmy traipsing, dulcet marching anthem: 

“I love Sway so much! It brings me back to late summer nights in Stockholm when it never really gets dark and things just fall in to place and happen. You know those nights when tomorrow doesn’t exist and nothing in your past either for that matter. Everything is just now, and right now everything is just good. You’re free. That’s what this song is to me.” Tove Styrke toured with Lorde this spring, and she’ll be joining Katy Perry as direct support on a European run set to kick off on May 23rd. Details can be found, here.

March 8, 2018

Last week, fast rising Finnish pop sensation Alma announced her debut San Francisco show, and my heart filled with endless glee. I, as well as other music loving friends, have already picked up our tickets for the Popscene sow on April 27th at the Rickshaw Stop. And the news couldn’t have been more timely. Not only did it arrives just after Alma joined Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, Zara Larsson, and MØ, for a ridiculously good BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge session (re-visit, here), but it was swiftly followed up by the release of a jaw dropping new mixtape named Heavy Rules featuring some sterling guest talent, too! You can stream the flawless six track mixtape in full, here, but let’s dance together to some of the tracks off the tape together, shall we? First, let’s gyrate to the sensual and vibrant electronic pop found on heated groover Chit Chat, which features Kiiara on additional vocals. Alma and Kiiara is a magnificent team, but how about some plinky enthralling, fiery fierce R&B pop with Danish wonder ? Stream Dance For Me below, then follow it up with another exceptional pop track, Good Vibes, featuring another Swedish favorite, Tove Styrke! Yes, this mixtape is epic, as you can well tell by now. This is the sort of release you’re going to find yourself listening to over and over again. And on April 27th, I’ll be fortunate enough to hear some of these tunes live. You can’t see me now, but trust me, I’m smiling. A lot. Alma’s Heavy Rules mixtape is available from iTunes, here.

February 3, 2018

Tove Styrke, the other Swedish “Tove” whose taken a hold of us over the past several years with her pop music, has a huge year ahead. New album Sway is slated to arrive May 4th via Sony Music Sweden / RCA Records, and she’ll be touring with pop princess Lorde in the U.S. this spring. New single Changed My Mind, which arrives with a chromatic lyric video, is a pop-tastic dazzler, too. It has the punchiness of a Sigrid song, but with crystalline plinking future pop production. 

On “Changed My Mind,” Styrke describes, ”It’s like, you decided with your head that ‘this person is a bad idea’ but whenever you bump into them or hang out that’s just not what happens. You try and be friends with them and act normal, but you can’t help but slide back to whatever it was that you had… you know… you don’t want there to be a vibe, but there is vibe.” Learn more about her forthcoming tour, here. Stream/download Changed My Mind, here.

December 19, 2017

Sweden’s Tove Styrke is shaping up to be a budding star in the making herself after having released a variety of sterling pop songs in the past, including breakout hit Say My Name, but she takes a moment to give us her ode to New Zealand’s Lorde via a demo cover of her Melodrama hit, Liability. She gives the song an understated electro pop makeover, driven by her honeyed vocals. Its skittering percussion and rotund synths prance with lissome grace as Liability takes on a subtle but mesmerizing future pop aura. Liability arrives ahead of Tove Styrke’s expansive 2018 tour with Lorde, which you can find out more about and purhcase tickets for, here. Her Liability cover is available from iTunes, here.

September 17, 2017

Mistakes are certainly not something we associate with Swedish starlet Tove Styrke. In fact, perfection seems much more in the long time IHM supported talent’s wheelhouse. Her long ascending career seems to have reached that expected tipping point earlier this year when she dropped lauded and well received Say My Name, and now she’s followed it up with another bold synth/electro pop dazzler named Mistakes. A sugary bite, glassy synths, and pulsing grandeur adorn the infectious single. Tove says about “Mistakes,” “Sometimes you need chaos to feel in control. I mean, if I can shake myself around a bit that proves to me that I’m not powerless in my life. Even when it feels that way. Mistakes can be about a person or yourself or just life in general. But I guess the point is that you don’t need to be perfect and that there’s something valuable in letting go of the person that you think you are or should be. Maybe all mistakes aren’t mistakes.” Tove Styrke is a plantinum selling and Grammy nominated artist at home in her native Sweden since the release of her album Kiddo. It’s obvious she’s ready to take the whole world by storm and become a household name with her irresistible new songs, too. Mistakes is available from iTunes, here.

July 18, 2017

Guilty we are of being one of those silly fans who apparently couldn’t pronounce or even type Tove Styrke’s name correctly when she first cast a spell on us over three years ago (and I know many out there still make the same mistake, seeing “Stryke” instead of “Styrke”). I finally realized my egregious error when I caught the Swedish artist at my very first SXSW back in 2015, where she blew me away with her live performance and added fuel to my conviction that she’d be a massive star someday. Well, that day is swiftly approaching. Tove Styrke dropped one of her best and most infectious songs to date earlier this year in the form of Say My Name, and reeling droves of new fans by the day. An excellent remix pack for Say My Name was released last Friday, from which comes this punchy bright remix by Franklin. The spunky, sassy edit gives Say My Name a very Sigrid meets Maggie Rogers kind of feel, but with heavier hitting percussion, dance ready beats, and some island charm. You can check out the rest of the official remixes that just came out on Tove Styrke’s Soundcloud, here.

May 1, 2017

Tove Styrke was undeniably one of the most exciting singer songwriter’s to arise out of that expansive wave of new Swedish artists that swept the indie scene a couple of years ago. She was even one of my top buzzing artists to catch at SXSW in 2016. Yet she promptly disappeared for the past year to keep us guessing at what she might have brewing behind the scenes. This week, Tove has finally returned in punchy infectious form to put an end to our longing curiosity. Say My Name is a sassy playful love song and an irresistible follow up to her 2015 U.S. debut, Kiddo. The swervy pop song, whose bubbly charm rivals that of fellow Scandinavian it-girl Sigrid, is a feel good anthem to the utmost. It marks a new phase in this starlet’s ascent. Tove Styrke is reportedly poised to take 2017 by storm, which I hope can only mean far more new music from the Swedish talent. Say My Name is out now via RCA.

June 12, 2016

I figured Big Wild’s Aftergold, which features spunky vocals by Swedish pop artist Tove Styrke, is such a colossal jam that it’d be criminal not to re-share the song now that a video has come to light. The SoCal producer and Tove take us on a vibrant journey both in the song’s video and on the chime frisky banger itself. The gilded enchanting, glittering rambunctious dance anthem is out now on Foreign Family Collective and available via iTunes

March 25, 2016

Southern California’s Big Wild is having a big year. The producer amps it up even more with a new version of his song Aftergold, one that features much IHM praised Swedish pop artist Tove Styrke. Tove’s spunky voice adds a frisky pop to the already choppy lit tune. Aftergold leaves a lasting and delicious after taste, one that spurns me to return for bubbly seconds and gilded thirds. The new version of Aftergold will be out this Friday, March 25th, on Foreign Family Collective and Ministry Of Sound.

OFFICIAL VID: Tove Styrke – Number One

July 7, 2015

Having been a pretty huge supporter of Swedish pop artist Tove Styrke for some time now, even catching her live a handful of times in the interim, it was only logically that I found myself much excited to see that she’d unleashed a new video and single. Number One is a radiant and ebullient number, an effortlessly catchy and fun track that comes paired with a dancing in the rain styled carefree music video. It’s a contrast to some of Tove’s earlier, more edgy pop offerings. This one sashay’s much closer to some of the bright electropop offered up by fellow Swedish artist and first name sharing star, Tove Lo. Number One comes from Tove Styrke’s debut album, Kiddo, out now on RCA Records / Sony Sweden.