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May 16, 2018

What company is more perfect to take on a wild tempestuous ocean with than London’s Sea Girls? I’d imagine a reckless sail through high winds would be a whole lot of fun with the lads, kind of like how exhilarating and triumphant their new single Too Much Fun is. The boisterously gusting alt rock anthem, lifted from Sea Girls’ forthcoming EP Adored, is a galvanizing epic, an emphatic storming dazzler with monumental hooks. Vocalist and songwriter Henry Camamile describes Too Much Fun: “It’s a city story about a complicated chaotic summer of love. It’s about capturing the excitement and anticipation from our youth. Triggered by hearing a siren out the window, the lyrics are of memories flooding back of the previous summer’s excess, humour and playing with fire. And what’s more dangerous than crossing your best friend. Terrible behaviour.” He continues: “Fundamentally it’s telling someone, maybe a friend that they party a little too much, too often. Maybe that’s the letter of love…”   Sea Girls will be playing a jaw-dropping 16 festivals this summer, and they’ll be heading out on a fall UK tour, too. Tour dates and ticket info can be found, here. New EP Adored is slated to arrive in June.