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August 31, 2017

Mystery and intrigue abounds as a new producer from Melbourne captures both our imagination and our nostalgia ridden hearts with his music. Appropriately named Kloake, this cloaked instigator of feels and thrills makes electronic music rooted in the analog days of the 80′s and 90′s. Synthcore, techno, electro house, and modern day electronica are interwoven together dexterously and smoothly. Though Kloake’s latest original, Bridges, featuring Nez Erok, leans hard into future bass territory, you can still detect a copious amount of throwback elements in the sleek oscillating, beautifully exquisite anthem. For more of a retrowave adventure, stream Kloake’s Honour below, which was the producer’s debut release earlier this month. It broods darkly and pulses magnificently, an adrenaline pumping electro-techno extravaganza that evokes Boys Noise, Gesaffelstein, and classic French house (ie. Daft Punk, Justice) all at once. Another can’t miss track from Kloake is his remix a year ago of Dj Falcon & Thomas Bangalter’s Together, plump with electro house and acid techno vibes. Whoever Kloake is, we’re big new fans, and we’re hoping he drops more tracks soon.

July 15, 2017

To the Windy City we go for a zestful and piquant electro pop gem from rising chanteuse and enchanting vocalist CYN. Together is her debut single, though we’d previously been enthralled by her voice on Midoca’s Heartbeat. It’s a summer buoyant, shiny gleaming flutter of effervescent and playful pop. CYN recently signed to Katy Perry’s Unsub Records after the pop superstar fell in love with CYN’s voice and her ability to write a creative pop song. We’re more than ready for more of sweet and sassy, ethereal and captivating CYN.

June 23, 2017

Dutch-Indonesian DJ, producer, and singer songwriter Cesqeaux links up with trap producer Aazar on Together, a rousing, soaring anthem off of Cesqeaux’s new EP, The Infamous. The four track release features Snavs and Mike Cervello as guests too, alongside Aazar. Together is a high energy thriller melding panoramic future bass with cinematic jouncing trap, all topped off with exhilarating progressions. Infamous is out on Mad Decent. Purchase/stream, here.

September 17, 2016

Cris Cab might be new on my radar, but he’s not new on the scene. In fact, he’s championed by Pharrell, who seems to be putting his (never aging) weight behind some sensational emerging talent these days. Pharrell is even executive producing the Miami based singer songwriter and musician’s sophomore album, from which comes this first teaser, Together.  What grabs my attention from the get go is Cris Cab’s vocals and the ease with which he delivers the song, a mix of tropical flavored dance and soulful pop. Together is crisp and refreshing, light and effortless. And it’s a free download, here.

March 23, 2016

In case you missed the memo about half a year ago, Liverpool’s CANVAS joins the ranks of many indie acts I’ve supported over the years who’ve found it advantageous to change their name. Now known as The Night Café, the quartet continues to win me over time and time again with their luscious, plucky indie rock and pop, following up on their last single with new tune Together. Bright, sun kissed Two Door Cinema Club riffs and The Wombats like mellifluous charm make Together a heart warming, irresistible guitar pop jewel. Together will be released as a single on April 11th.

February 19, 2016

It’s a smashing international affair on this remix, British producer Calper’s edit of Australian producer Throttle’s hit single Together, featuring Canada’s David Spekter. Calper will jump start your pre-weekend dance party with his uplifting remix, transforming the electro and progressive original into a summery piano house jam. The feel good radiance infinitely emanating from the remix unites us all in glowing optimism and rampant ecstasy. We’re all in this together.

September 25, 2015

Australian producer Throttle dropped his very first original a few months ago, and he swept me away with that uplifting, mellifluous song named Together, which features satin vocals turned in by David Spektor. German production duo LYAR remixed Together, retaining its melodic tendencies but taking it into soothing chill house territories with a summery, tropical remix that might just leave you in a helpless heap of bliss. If you aren’t there already earlier in the track, wait till you get to the funky breakdown at 2:56. There’s no escaping it then. LYAR’s remix will be available on iTunes tomorrow, September 25th.

July 14, 2015

Melbourne, Australia’s Throttle has captured our hearts with plenty of amazing remixes in the past, but the producer is going to take a stubborn hold of them yet again with his very first single, a progressive meets disco anthem named Together, featuring silken vocals by David Spekter. Uplifting build ups and a massively mellifluous chorus gives Together  irresistibly inspirative and heart warming qualities. You’ll want to raise your arms and touch the sky while riding high on this one. Together is out now on Beatport.

June 19, 2015

Swedish electronic act Cazzette gave me one of my favorite electronic jams last year in the form of Sleepless, so my heart readily skipped a beat when I first heard they had a new tune out, a first taste and single from a forthcoming EP. Sure enough, Cazzette is on track to making my top electronic jams list of summer again with Together (Till The Morning), which features vocals by fellow Swedes Newtimers. As already demonstrated by Sleepless last year, Cazzette continues their launch in a fresh new direction compared to their earlier  tunes. Together is a future house flavored jagged banger with an irresistibly hooking melody and smooth, slick vocals. Watch Cazzette’s video for Together (Till The Morning) below. Their Desserts EP will be out August 14 on ICONS music.

May 23, 2015

I knew we were in for a treat the moment I saw a new The Magician track arise. It’s been awhile now since he last thrilled us with his last original, Sunlight, featuring red hot UK fellas Years & Years. It’s also been a moment since the Belgian producer gave us his wicked remix of Years & Years’ King. Praise the music gods he’s back with his first track of the year, Together! The fusion of deep and future house is as bouncy, colorful, and vibrant as I’d expect from The Magician. Together shines with a golden radiance and bursts with a summery joy that will seep into every molecule in your body, urging you to dance. The track will be out as a single on June 22nd, and it’s only The Magician’s third release on young label POTION.