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January 26, 2017

YEAST was most certainly a fortuitous find. The indie pop band hails from Lyon, France, and their recent single Black Nights might be one of the most gorgeous gems I’ve encountered this year so far. This “black night” is lit by a million twinkling stars, a humbling if not breathtaking vision. A finespun delicate yet powerfully sprawling fusion of diaphanous rock and panoramic pop evoke Coldplay and Coasts. Black Nights is track five from YEAST’s 2016 EP, WATER, out on Bandcamp. The band also unleashed a fantastic cover of Christine and the Queens’ Tilted earlier today. Stream the resplendent indie rock cover, below.

March 30, 2016

I’ve been obsessing over Christine and the Queens ever since the French synthpop star made her American crossover debut on Tilted over a year ago. I’ve also been a devout fan of New York’s MS MR for many years now, from the very beginnings of I Heart Moosiq. These spectacular worlds collide on a new remix of Tilted by MS MR. The electropop duo give the mellifluous pop on Tilted a deeply expansive MS MR twist with a hypnotizing edit. The FADER debuted remix glides along weightlessly, its airy resilience emitting a magnetic optimism despite the original’s euphonious exploration of depression and isolation. MS MR’s magnificent re-imagination of Tilted will be a part of a full remix EP releasing soon on April 8th via Neon Gold Records.

August 11, 2015

Ever since I first heard of Christine and The Queens early this year, I’ve been madly hooked. Seeing the French artist perform at SXSW in March only served to increase that obsession. I’ve been waiting to catch her live again in San Francisco since, and waiting for more new music from the mesmerizing pop artist. To mitigate the excruciating wait until Christine and The Queens tours with Marina and The Diamonds this Fall, let’s jump into this luxuriant remix of Tilted by Paradis, who previously remixed Christine’s self titled song, Christine, too. Once again, Paradis smooths out the pop of Tilted, creating a supple, dreamy nu-disco world to get utterly and blissfully lost within. The original is off Christine and the Queen’s Saint Claude EP, her very first American release. Hit up her Facebook to learn about the coming tour dates. I highly recommend you catch her live.

March 4, 2015

I only found out about French band Christine and the Queens a couple weeks ago, thanks to a remix of their song Christine, by Paradis. Of course, a great remix often goads me to look into the original, if I didn’t already know it. Seconds later, I was sitting here in blissful delight, gloating over the fact that I had perhaps found my next new favorite French electropop act. Fast forward to today, and Christine and the Queens have revealed their very first English language single, Tilted. Despite the language change, they retain plenty of the wonderfully elegant and snappy quality I love about certain French pop acts, and the spoken word section is just swoon-tastic. Tilted is a sweet and endearing song with a feathery breeziness. It’s taken from Christine and the Queens’ Saint Claude EP, due out April 14th via Because Music / Neon Gold Records.