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October 24, 2017

It’s a lustrously intoxicating Australian affair as Sydney indie pop crew Tigertown gives Brisbane artist Future Jr. a ravishing 80′s inspired makeover on their remix of recent slick pumping single Suburbia Blue. The Toro y Moi, Lorde, and Winston Surfshirt inspired artist wrote the song about feeling out of place, or “figuring out who you really are and learning to deal with the dreams that feel bigger than you.” Suburbia Blue feels bigger than big with its high springing, smooth prancing beats and rotund new wave synths. It’s just the sort of effulgent indie dance bonanza we need tonight. Stream Future Jr.’s original, here. Future Jr.’s Suburbia Blue is out now via Kobalt and available, here.

September 8, 2017

We’re having a live music Renaissance of sorts in the Bay right now. It seems everyone is making their way through the area for the next few months, playing shows left and right, often on the same night with endless stressful conflicts surfacing to no end. Stellar Australian indie pop purveyors Tigertown were just in town earlier this week, but I’m sad to say I had to miss them, though every memory of their exuberant sets at SXSW over a year ago was sensational. In a way, it’s fitting that their latest infectious skyscraper pop single Warriors has been remixed by fellow Australian indie act Glades. Glades is making their way through San Francisco next week, too, and I can’t wait to finally catch the trio at a super sold out Popscene when they open for A R I Z O N A. Get up and dance to their synthpop meets indie dance take on Warriors, a fittingly luminous glowing, lithesome pumping transformation with 80s evoking neon synths and vibrant summer beats. In case you missed it, a music video recently dropped for the effulgent original, and you can watch it, here.

July 15, 2017

Australian alt pop favorites Tigertown dropped some of the most catchy and memorable synthpop anthems of 2016 before mysteriously retreating into the shadows and torturing us with a long silence. They’ve more than made up the ensuing music drought with with a magnificent new hit in the making named Warriors. It’s a tidal wave of triumphant soaring, exultant glowing pop with some of the fluorescent flamboyance of the 80s in its youthful effulgence. Blithe swinging, festive leaping Warriors comes with a colorful and splashy video much befitting of the song’s spirit. The exhilarating single, out on Atlantic, is available here.

October 25, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.21.2016 – 10.23.2016

Featured music – October 21-23, 2016

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October 23, 2016

BØRNS ascended to achieve widespread success with his dulcet psychedelic pop in a blink of an eye after his initial roll out, during which he immediately stole our hearts by surfacing with 10,000 Emerald Pools.  Since then, each and every one of the Los Angeles based musicians’ songs has been a relative hit, including debut album cut American Money, a honeyed lullaby which Australia’s Tigertown has now remixed. From its haunting synthwave beginnings, I knew this would be an indie dance edit that would call for my Stranger Things loving heart. Tigertown even infuses their interpretation of American Honey with plenty of future bass surges and adds in an extra layer of saccharine lulling vocals. The darkly glamorous official remix is out now on Interscope Records. Purchase from iTunes.

October 4, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.29.2016 – 09.30.2016

Featured music – September 29-30, 2016

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September 30, 2016

If you thought Tigertown’s last single, Lonely Cities, was a perfectly hooking synthpop anthem, wait till you hear the Australian band’s new song, Papernote. Tigertown’s latest arrives as the band announces a new EP and prepares to tour Europe alongside Panic! At The Disco. This summery gust of balmy glowing pop sparkles vivaciously, a succulent burst of St. Lucia evoking melodious bravado. The single will be out tomorrow, September 30th. Papernote is the title track from Tigertown’s forthcoming EP.

July 14, 2016

Lonely Cities, the title track from Tigertown’s recent pop perfect EP, is a crisp infectious, snappy driving synthpop anthem that I called one of the Australian band’s best songs so far. The song has certainly generated a lot of buzz, and it’s captured some of their fellow musicians attentions as well. Brooklyn duo The Knocks give Lonely Cities a fresh dance treatment. Their golden dazzling, lustrous shimmering remix is entrancing sublime with its classic The Knocks disco charm.

May 6, 2016

Earlier this year, I was calling Tigertown’s newest gems some of the best pop music of the year. The songs culminated with the release of an EP, Lonely Cities. Now that a video is out for the Australian band’s title track off that EP, there’s no questioning the need to re-visit the delightfully snappy, crisply infectious tune. It should come as no surprise that Lonely Cities has racked up over 150k streams on Soundcloud since its release. The colorful multi-circus ring music video for the song is the perfect vivacious companion to the song, whose summery warmth and peppy spirit tend to evoke MisterWives and Alex Winston. Head over to iTunes to purchase a copy of the Lonely Cities EP.

February 5, 2016

Another week, another reveal off Tigertown’s upcoming EP, Lonely Cities, and surprise! It’s another infectious and spirited pop anthem! Like I said before, Lonely Cities is shaping up to be a fantastic release. The Australian band go lively dance pop on Make It Real, whose playfulness remind me of some of POWERS’ phenomenal tunes last year, with a hint of early MGMT electrifying exuberance. Watch out for Tigertown this year! Pre-order Lonely Cities on iTunes. It drops on February 5th via Atlantic.