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May 3, 2016

I suppose The 1975 could already be considered wildly successful, considering their #1 sophomore album and how they’ve risen meteorically to dominate the world with their brand of 80′s inspired alt pop and rock. The infectious songs from that album (with the very long name I shall save my breath on) are lending themselves well to remixing and covers. Floridian producer Vasta is the latest to tackle The 1975′s hit smash The Sound, and what he does with the track is nothing less than brilliant. He keeps the song’s hooking chorus but drawls it out with the addition of shredding synths and vivacious bounces, making it, in a way, more “sonic” than before. There’s a tactile feel to the resulting dance transformation, a sensory overloading complexity. Vasta’s house remix is a free download, here.

March 30, 2016

[PREMIERE] Roses and Revolutions – The Sound 

The 1975’s The Sound is the most extravagantly hooking single off of the Manchester band’s well received #1 album ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It’. Its warm melody and Matt Healy’s ever charming voice deliver an irresistible glee to the florid song, one constructed with many scintillating bells and whistles. Rochester, NY based indie pop duo Roses and Revolutions strip the song’s gilded veneer away on a gorgeous new adaptation of The Sound, delivering a beautiful acoustic cover, a sincere and frank ballad that more heavily highlights the easily overlooked lovelorn torment of the song. Though it still bubbles over with catchy vibrancy and a vivid zip, this is a simple, tender, and pure The Sound. We have a guitar and a girl, pouring her heart out fervently. Alyssa Coco’s vocals are spotless. She is undoubtedly the captivating, breathtaking star of this bluesy, snappy acoustic pop affair. That voice and the cover’s accompanying gentle guitar strums sync harmoniously with the sounds of my own softly aching heart. Head over to Roses and Revolutions’ Soundcloud to listen to more the duo’s moving music.

June 17, 2015

There is an unending stream of amazing music crafted by incredibly talented producers these days, but partially due to the sheer amount our digital age now gives us access to, and partially due to how similar some songs can sound due to current trends, a lot of it tends to get lost after the initial buzz, forgotten in the music wastelands. The moment I listened to American producer Bobby Nourmand’s song B E C A U S E, I knew this would not be the case for his music. Upon exploring into some of Bobby’s other offerings, it’s obvious he has a very unique sound that blends classic influences with modern deep house magic. On B E C A U S E, Bobby Nourmand lays down his track creating skills by utilizing The Beatles’ classic hit Because. The end result is a song that, though entrancing deep house, is really more of a psychedelic, experimental electronic tune, melding the minor key flourishes of The Beatles with a haunting, enchanting soundscape fleshed out with mysterious drums and bewitching instrumentation. Is this Tame Impala or Jagwar Ma, but on the more abstract end of things? It could very well be! I literally felt chills running down my spine, in the most sublime way, when I first listened to B E C A U S E. For another Bobby Nourmand must, stream his The Sound below. I love Simon & Garfunkel, in particular their classic hit The Sound Of Silence, and the ghostly, atmospheric turn Bobby does on the song will stay and resonate within me for all time to come.