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OFFICIAL VID: Lorde – Tennis Court

June 24, 2013


Moving onto a few buzz worthy releases releases in the machine early in the week, including this new video for rising New Zealand star Lorde’s single Tennis Court. She blew so many of us away with her The Love Club EP and her song Royals, which one of my friends called the most infectious song she’s heard in ages, is getting regular radio airplay in major metropolitan areas. Watch out. She’s filling the role of “next big thing” faster than expected! Tennis Court is the title track from her next EP out on July 22, and it hints at yet another stand out EP filled with hook laden quality pop tunes. The B-side for the single is a sultry, amazing cover of The Replacements’ Swingin’ Party, which I shared previously. Listen again here.

Joan Jett and Against Me!

June 11, 2012

Well, I’m not going to go into all the recent news about Against Me! You know, it’s really not important and who gives a crap? That’s their lives, we’re here for the music, right guys? So without further ado, here’s a sure to be classic moment… Against Me! and JOAN JETT performing the old The Replacements song Androgynous! Hmm… OK, well I guess they’re making some sort of statement with the song choice. More power to them. Anyhow, whoooooooooweeeee. Music history, folks, music history! *tear*