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January 17, 2018

Dutch production whizzes The Him have been a constant source of electronic ecstasy since we first discovered them several years ago. Even this duo have succumbed to the smooth seduction of the R&B movement at the forefront of the new music scene these days, and they’ve constructed an R&B house jam that’s full on exhilarating and inebriating. White Lies is a smooth pumping, creamy gliding anthem, a synth luxuriant, electro charged anthem rounded out with sexy horns and heavily drenched in 80s vibes. The throwback house jam is out now via iTunes, here.

November 14, 2017

It’s become readily apparent that we’ll be devoted to The Him for all time to come. As long as the Dutch producers continue to put music out, our ears will be gobbling up their sublime remixes and originals. The Him return to lift us sky high with an immensely emotive and cathartic new future bass and chill trap anthem named Always. It’s a transcendentally moving, grandly soaring ballad with magnificent vocals by a mystery chanteuse who sounds very familiar. Its swift flickers, sheer drops, and powerful quivers remind us why The Him as been one of our favorites for so long, and will be for a long time to come. You can also stream Always via Spotify, here.

October 5, 2017

It’s true. Everybody hurts, even herculean producers like The Him. We’re all human, after all, and we all face battles that lay waste to our hearts. But this Dutch production duo alleviates any anguish that might be afflicting us for a few sublime minutes with their new original, Everybody Hurts, which features Australian chanteuse IVY ADARA on sugar coated guest vocals. Springy melodic house and a spritz of future effervescence breathes new life into our souls. Everybody hurts, but it’s how we go on, and how we dance like there’s no tomorrow that helps us heal. It’s the music we listen to and the amazing artists who help us overcome. The Him has even offered us Everybody Hurts as a free download, here

August 16, 2017

Oasis is a mighty proper name for this new original from Dutch production duo The Him. We’re lead into a sonic paradise by a gorgeously tinkling melody and Sorana’s magnetic vocals. In this verdant lush land of enchantment, we dance in joy to the vibrantly rejuvenating future pop and melodic house that has engulfed us. Is there a fountain of youth in this Eden? We feel like we can dance till oblivion to airy quivering Oasis, which is a free download, here.

March 13, 2017

Dutch favorites The Him are back with a massive new remix. It’s easily a favorite new edit to come out of this weekend. The duo has given Miike Snow’s hit single The Heart Of Me a vivacious bouncing makeover. This resilient springing, crisp driving deep and future house remix is a high octane adrenaline rush. There’s no better way to end the weekend than a table top dance party to the kinetic banger. The remix can also be streamed via Soundcloud below.

February 13, 2017

I know this one’s been out for a moment, but this long time fan of Dutch duo The Him is far too enraptured by I Wonder to not give it a necessary share. I Wonder, which features Spanish songbird LissA, is a dynamic dance ballad that fuses tropical house with future bass in a fluid and flawless fashion. It’s almost like The Chainsmokers and Kygo had a wild child. I Wonder is irresistible, a juicy lustrous anthem out now on iTunes.

January 3, 2017

Secret Stash isn’t the first display of how well Dutch producer Mike Mago fits with Canadian electronic trio Dragonette’s sound, and hopefully it won’t be the last either. As we wonder if another collaboration may appear in the years ahead, let’s dive head first into a scintillating remix of the song by ever exhilarating Dutch dance duo The Him. The edit, which was the last 2016 release on Hexagon, delivers vivacious energy in its brisk bounces and heavy beats. You might still be nursing a hangover from New Year’s Eve, but trust me, you’re going to want to go all night again when The Him opens those adrenaline and serotonin floodgates all over again with this future house jam. Snag the track, here.

November 15, 2016

As long time fans and supporters of Dutch production duo The Him, we’re incredibly elated to find out that they’d been tapped for an official remix for Martin Garrix. The pair have taken on Bebe Rexha featuring smash hit In The Name Of Love for the remix. In The Name Of Love goes extra exuberant and boundlessly buoyant under The Him’s guidance. This banging progressive house remix rockets our spirits towards the stratosphere with its ebullient energy, leaving me with a nearly irresistible urge to tear up my office with some serious dance moves.

September 22, 2016

Over the summer, Dutch duo The Him and Los Angeles’ satin crooner Oktavian made a diving pairing on Balance, a future tropical gem with vivacious jabs and exuberant hops. A truly international affair arises as Sydney producer Joe Mason gives us a spectacular remix, a regal warbling, dramatic impassioned future bass interpretation thoroughly exhilarating. This furiously energetic, mightily enthralling edit is staggering. And it’s a free download, here.

August 30, 2016

Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona’s Drugstore Lovin’ gets a Dutch remix treatment courtesy of The Him, and they greatly invigorate my weary soul with the spirited future bass and dancehall re-work. This is a massively resounding flip, one that reaches far and wide into every nook and cranny of the heart, lifting us up and urging us on to a dance floor where The Him’s crisp beats and jouncing production will set us free.