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October 29, 2016

Los Angeles alt pop trio The Federal Empire has quickly risen to be one of the most exciting emerging indie bands of the moment. They just released a stellar debut EP today named The American Dream, and though I’m itching to wax poetic over that gem of a record, you’ll have to wait till later this weekend to hear me babble about it. For now, we’re diving into their collaboration with celebrated Dutch producer Martin Garrix, Hold On & Believe. The song is a heartfelt dance anthem, one which The Federal Empire themselves told me they feel is an important song for everyone struggling. It’s indeed a lifting and inspiring song, one with grand builds and majestic progressions. A proverbial sun rises in my mind and bathes everything with golden optimism as my spirit rises to Martin Garrix’s feel good progressive house. The Federal Empires’ earthy endearing vocals emit a warm glow as they accompany us like old friends through this magnanimous journey. Hold On & Believe is out now on iTunes.

October 21, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.19.2016

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October 20, 2016

Considering the way Los Angeles alt pop trio The Federal Empire sounds  on their very first singles, I might prefer to live in their “empire” rather than deal with the political environment us Americans are entrapped within these days. With the third presidential debates looming over us and a hotbed of ludicrous circumstances brewing daily, it’s rather appropriate that the three piece’s new song is named, of all things, The American Dream. The Federal Empire waxes much more somber and raw on their second song, which follows on the heels of last month’s sweeping melodic, jovial energetic I Never Liked Your Friends. This gritty new jam explores the inherent weakness found within every human heart when it comes to desire and greed. The American Dream’s earthy stomping, bluesy coarse mixture of alt rock and sooty pop makes an indelible imprint. Once you’ve heard it once, there’s no escaping its vice like, infectious grip. In fact, you’ll want to loop the song on repeat, clapping and singing along with matching passion. The American Dream is the title track from this band to watch’s debut EP, due out soon. Re-visit synthy gliding, sleek sailing lead single, I Never Liked Your Friends, below.

September 21, 2016

Normally, if anyone were to tell me they didn’t like my friends, it would be an instant deal breaker. But when new alt pop trio The Federal Empire sings those words to me, I can only swoon. The Los Angeles based outfit gives us a radiant anthem as a first taste from their forthcoming debut EP, The American Dream, due out next month. I Never Liked Your Friends is a sweeping and melodic fusion of synthpop and heartland tinged alt rock. The Federal Empire is fronted by Chad Wolf, formerly of multi-platinum selling band Carolina Liar. He’s joined by McKay Stevens on synths/programming and Keith Varon on guitar. Together, they’re poised to make a huge splash with a sound larger than life.