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March 2, 2018

Xie may only have a few tracks and remixes out and about, but at the rate this Los Angeles based producer, singer, and multi-media artist has been going, she’s swiftly becoming one of our favorite new producers/artists. A few weeks ago, she captivated us with her ethereal voice and her bubbly aerated charm on Habits. Re-visit our feature of the original, here. She’s since joined the drove of producers who have hopped on the Sick Boy remixes train. The immersive experience she offers up sets her remix of The Chainsmokers’ world dominating hit apart from the rest of the countless edits that have surfaced lately. Sick Boy takes on an extra ominous and inky aura on her dark rumbling, ominous contorting future trap re-work. It’s an ever shifting array of icy furrows and barbed jabs that leave us tingling and quivering in ecstasy. And it’s all a free download from Toneden, here.

February 20, 2018

The Chainsmokers’ Sick Boy has become the most remixed track of the year so far. Nary a day goes by when at least several fresh edits of the alt electro track doesn’t pop up on my streaming feeds. There are countless superb edits of Sick Boy, but tonight, let’s turn our attention to Tim Gunter’s take on the hit single. The Los Angeles producer gives the track a smooth shuddering, lavish swelling dance edit utilizing additional strings, brass, and percussion to give Sick Boy a regal and widescreen feel before he pulls a fast one on us with an exhilarating, jouncing trap drop. Stream more of Tim Gunter’s tracks on Soundcloud, here.

February 13, 2018

We were all taken by surprise in a very welcome manner when global chart conquerors and controversy magnets The Chainsmokers unveiled their latest single Sick Boy. With it, they exhibited a new evolution in their artistry and sound, giving us a riveting track with an alt timbre that even evokes the likes of Twenty One Pilots for many. The track has spawned many remixes and covers in the short time it’s been out, but a new slew of official remixes have just hit the airwaves. ZAXX, a sound magician from Staten Island, New York, gives us a spectacularly cathartic interpretation of Sick Boy, fusing indie electronica with progressive house and melodic bass on his atmospheric sprawling, widescreen sweeping official edit. It’s as invigorating and rousing a remix as they come, and it infuses The Chainsmokers’ single with a bit of Illenium and Said The Sky’s lofty exuberance, as well as a touch of k?d’s intergalactic creativity near the end. You can grab the official remix pack for Sick Boy, here.

February 10, 2018

Youngblood Hawke will never lose our trust, not after the Southern California based band has enamored us for so many years with their vibrant and upbeat indie pop and indie rock, as well as an excellent debut album in 2013 named Wake Up. It’s taken awhile for them to return to our open arms with new music, but they’ve finally released a new single co-produced by The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart, too. Trust arrives ahead of a new EP coming this spring, and it’s everything we love about this band and their electro-tinged alt pop. Trust is a hearty springing, synth swinging spectacular, part The Wombats, part Passion Pit, and 100% exhilarating. Sam Martin of Youngblood Hawke says: “We wrote ‘Trust’ during a time when we were craving independence.  We had just left our label and while it was exciting to be out on our own again, it was also somewhat unsettling.  The song became a constant reminder for us to stay true to our vision and to have faith in the process; that very same vision we formed early on recording in a tiny bedroom studio.  ‘Trust’ is about fervently following your passion even if that means stepping into the unknown.” Grab the single, here.

February 6, 2018

The Chainsmokers defied expectations with their latest single Sick Boy, going for a more Twenty One Pilots meets Transviolet like alt sound on the beast of a tune rather than their usual buoyant prancing future bass and pop on hits like Roses and Closer. xo sad, a mysterious and enigmatic project who seems to have appeared out of nowhere less than a month ago, has begun to forge a namesake with their post-EDM styled covers. xo sad melds gritty alt styled vocals with lush emotive electronic soundscapes. Their latest cover, a raw gripping, rough brooding trap cover of Sick Boy, is a prime example of that mesmeric sound, dripping with emotion and anguish. You can also stream xo sad’s covers of Post Malone’s I Fall Apart and Lil Peep & Marshmello’s Spotlight on Soundcloud, here. Their take on Sick Boy is a free download, here.

January 18, 2018

The Chainsmokers have been on top of the world for quite some time, and though they’re a very divisive duo who seem to be in the gossip columns very often these days, there’s no denying that their reign is going to continue, particularly after Alex and Andrew dropped this new song, Sick Boy. For all the people who complain that their electronic dance tracks sound the same, how about some alt electro and rock? That’s right, The Chainsmoker’s new single is more twenty one pilots meets Transviolet than Roses or Closer. It’s an emphatic beast of a bristling, heart pumping anthem. Grab the jam, a surprise shift in style for the duo, here.

January 5, 2018

Spce CadeX is a production duo from NY, but they describe themselves as future bass producers from outer space. Well, I could certainly use a trip to the cosmos right now after a long, tiring week of catching up on everything after the holidays, and their remix of Walk The Moon’s breakout hit Shut Up And Dance is just the perfect rocket ship to take me there. Spce CadeX’s Shut Up And Dance is a lavish future bass transformation, always shifting and lunging. It’s pure euphoria, just like their remix of The Chainsmokers’ Honest, which was really the first track from Spce CadeX we stumbled across. Stream that galvanizing remix below. The pair are also adept at constructing originals, as demonstrated by their original Hypnotize (Armada Zouk), which feels kind of like an ethereal sci-fi fantasy trip. Stream Hypnotize below, too. 

December 21, 2017

Last weekend, I ran into an old college friend I hadn’t seen in well over a decade at a show. Turns out, he’s an electronic music fan, and he asked for an introduction to must listen hot producers. The first name that came out of my mouth was k?d. The young prodigy has given us so many tracks to indulge in over the past year, and some of the most brilliant remixes we’ve encountered in ages. And now he’s followed it all up with yet another transcendental remix. This time around, k?d takes on The Chainsmokers’ Young, giving it that widescreen and comprehensive treatment we’ve come to expect from the astute artist. The Chainsmokers has never sounded more vast and cosmic than on this phenomenal rendering, an enriching blend of future bass, electro trap, and progressive house. You want to know why I immediately suggested k?d to my friend? This right here is why… this grand and magnificent remix. Download k?d’s latest for free, here

November 22, 2017

The Chainsmokers’ debut album ‘Memories… Do Not Open’ featured a lot of fine guest talent. Los Angeles R&B soul artist Jhené Aiko even makes an appearance on Wake Up Alone. Vancouver producer Fairlane gives us his celestial re-imagining of the track, which he says he’s been sitting on for awhile. We’re more than glad he’s chosen to share his remix, considering how dreamy chill and beautifully effervescent his future bass rendering of the original is…  It’s even like a cross between Illenium and K?D at times, but extra halcyon and idyllic, with a dusting of Porter. Grab the tune for free, here.

August 26, 2017

I could use a hit of your crazy. Chelsea Cutler, a 20 year old singer/songwriter/producer from Connecticut/New York area put out an addictive track last week titled ‘You Make Me’. It’s a bubbling potion of joy highlighted by her alluring vocals. Her name may seem familiar to you if you listen to The Chainsmokers since she is the featured artist on ‘Your Shirt’. Her debut EP will be out October 6th.