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September 21, 2017

I was pretty excited earlier this week when I found out Pale Waves will be taking their live show to San Francisco at the Rickshaw Stop on November 29th. I even have a dedicated browser window open for the show so that I’m primed and ready to pick up a ticket when they go on sale this Friday. The alt pop newcomers first appeared on the scene out of Manchester earlier this year with debut single There’s A Honey, teaming up with The 1975, who produced the track. Apparently, the two bands really are close pals. Pale Waves just revealed their new single Television Romance. Not only did Matt Healy produce the song once again, but he directed its video, too. Plus, there’s an unmistakable The 1975 flavor to the band’s luscious and snappy pop, which I’ve seen some describe as a more goth-y The 1975. Pale Waves certainly do look more gothic in the video for the song. Television Romance is also very MUNA-like with its slick shimmering, nostalgia ridden allure. A hint of The Japanese House, who’s also collaborated with Matt Healy in the past, can also be found. Television Romance is out now on Dirty Hit. Purchase/stream, here.

February 26, 2017

Spring can’t come any sooner, not only because I’m just not a winter sort of gal (I love sunshine, blue skies, and the great outdoors), but also because I get to see Brooklyn starlet VÉRITÉ once again as she visits San Francisco to headline Popscene on May 1st. Maybe she’ll perform her gorgeous electropop cover of The 1975′s Somebody Else. For now, I’m more than happy dancing to an amazing new remix of the cover by ever scintillating electronic duo The White Panda. It’s a grand and regal affair as The White Panda gives Somebody Else a resolute stomping, obstinate clattering trap workover. A heartsick melancholy rears itself from the thick of The White Panda’s resplendent soundscape, originating effusively from

VÉRITÉ’s vocals. It dresses their remix with a duality that reminds me of Robyn’s bittersweet yet vibrant Dancing On My Own. The White Panda’s triumphant remix is a free download, here.

February 21, 2017

It’s long been proven that Manchester is a hot bed of musical talent, and the latest ear catching brilliance comes by way of a new indie pop band named Pale Waves. The Dirty Hit signees arrive with a lustrous soaring first single, There’s A Honey. This new band to watch even linked up with another beloved Manchester band on the song. Dashing The 1975 lads Matty and George take the wheel on production duties for this golden luscious alt pop debut. Four piece Pale Honey has made a grand entrance with There’s A Honey, a must for fans of MUNA and, well, The 1975, of course. Pale Waves will be joining King Nun and Superfood on the Dirty Hit Tour this spring across the UK, details, here.

November 7, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 11.03.2016

Featured music – November 3rd, 2016

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November 4, 2016

It’s a serene and breathtaking trip across vast oceans and above fluffy clouds that EMBRZ invites us on with the Irish producer’s new remix. He’s given The 1975′s hit single Somebody Else an effervescent springing, buoyant lunging remix that warms the heart and leaves the soul tingling with joy. This chillwavey electro makeover frames dreamy Matty’s voice in heavenly synths and weightless beats. He sounds like an angel, cooing sweet nothings in our ears. I sink euphorically into EMBRZ’ remix as if it were the softest bed in the world. 

September 11, 2016

NYC starlet VÉRITÉ will be touring with Marian Hill and SHAED to San Francisco later this month after having dropped an ace third EP, Living. While fans eagerly await an epic evening of music at the sold out Fillmore show, they get to jam out to

VÉRITÉ’s fabulous new cover of The 1975′s Somebody Else. She gives the hit single a magnificent electropop makeover both snappy and sweet, bold and propulsive. The crispy thrusting cover is available now from iTunes.

May 25, 2016

As much as The 1975′s chart dominating sophomore album is innovative and brilliant, my favorite songs from the Manchester lads still come from their 2013 self titled debut release. Thanks to Venezuelan producer Otero, we get to revisit quintessential The 1975 swooner Chocolate, but in a much dreamier electronic fashion. Otero gives Chocolate a spaciously swelling, summer future funking remix, one that, just like chocolate, is a mood lifter and sumptuously addictive. Download Otero’s remix for free, here.

May 3, 2016

I suppose The 1975 could already be considered wildly successful, considering their #1 sophomore album and how they’ve risen meteorically to dominate the world with their brand of 80′s inspired alt pop and rock. The infectious songs from that album (with the very long name I shall save my breath on) are lending themselves well to remixing and covers. Floridian producer Vasta is the latest to tackle The 1975′s hit smash The Sound, and what he does with the track is nothing less than brilliant. He keeps the song’s hooking chorus but drawls it out with the addition of shredding synths and vivacious bounces, making it, in a way, more “sonic” than before. There’s a tactile feel to the resulting dance transformation, a sensory overloading complexity. Vasta’s house remix is a free download, here.

March 30, 2016

[PREMIERE] Roses and Revolutions – The Sound 

The 1975’s The Sound is the most extravagantly hooking single off of the Manchester band’s well received #1 album ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It’. Its warm melody and Matt Healy’s ever charming voice deliver an irresistible glee to the florid song, one constructed with many scintillating bells and whistles. Rochester, NY based indie pop duo Roses and Revolutions strip the song’s gilded veneer away on a gorgeous new adaptation of The Sound, delivering a beautiful acoustic cover, a sincere and frank ballad that more heavily highlights the easily overlooked lovelorn torment of the song. Though it still bubbles over with catchy vibrancy and a vivid zip, this is a simple, tender, and pure The Sound. We have a guitar and a girl, pouring her heart out fervently. Alyssa Coco’s vocals are spotless. She is undoubtedly the captivating, breathtaking star of this bluesy, snappy acoustic pop affair. That voice and the cover’s accompanying gentle guitar strums sync harmoniously with the sounds of my own softly aching heart. Head over to Roses and Revolutions’ Soundcloud to listen to more the duo’s moving music.

October 8, 2015

London’s alt-rock trio Knites finally treats us to their long awaited and heartfelt second single ‘Could Have Lied’. Their sultry alt sound is like The 1975 meets Arctic Monkeys with a blues tinge. If you missed their other rock jam ‘Leave it Out’ check their soundcloud.