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January 26, 2018

We’ve been sharing Tep No’s music for several years now, and it’s rare that we ever fall short on extolling one of the Toronto producer and musician’s fine compositions. What started out as a love affair with Tep No’s chill melodic electronica has since bloomed into a full on obsession with his resourceful versatility, as demonstrated on new single I’m Evil, which sees him venturing into more tropical future soundscapes with the spry frisky, punchy electrifying anthem. The tantalizing tune is playful and sprightly, which is night and day from some of his earlier offerings. Even if an inkling of Tep No is actually “evil” we wouldn’t believe it, not when the producer can make us feel the glorious way we feel with such a synth pumping swooner and his dashing R&B pop vocals. Continue jamming out to Tep No on Soundcloud, here.

November 29, 2017

BBC Sound of 2018 announced their nominees for their long list less than a day ago, and I can’t be happier with many of their picks. Scottish singer songwriter Lewis Capaldi has been selected to the hallowed roster, and we wholeheartedly agree with the choice. His remarkable voice is exceptionally moving, as is the raw authenticity and sheer power of his soulful alt music. As such, it makes perfect sense that a remix by Toronto producer and musician Tep No would be very fruitful, too. After all, Tep No’s creations are always deeply affecting. He tugs at our heart strings once again with a surprisingly propulsive remix of Lewis Capaldi’s Fade. It’s as if he’s plucking gently at them during the edit’s more chill melodic moments, then stretching them to breaking point with electrifying swells and his synth shimmering melodic bass ridges. Fade does exactly the opposite of its namesake. It leaves a timeless imprint on us even as we turn around and expose ourselves to its breathtaking crescendos and heartfelt furrows once again.

October 31, 2017

Tep No has been our go to when it comes to soothing chill house and organic indie electronica for many a year. The Toronto songcrafter, beatmaker, and musician takes us to cloud nine with his new song, Toluca Lake, which he co-wrote with our Los Angeles faves, progressive soul artist Brandyn Burnette and pop chanteuse Molly Moore. Toluca Lake is a lush yet laid back saunter and a dreamy wistful heartstring tugger. You can snag the song from major outlets, here.

September 8, 2017

Less than a week ago, Toronto beatmaker and songwriter Tep No delivered a sublimely soothing, balmy tropical collaboration with Irish talent Jamie Brown named Follow You. Tep No, who apparently doesn’t like to stay silent, has given us some fresh reasons to be grateful. His summery remix of Kiki Rowe’s Come My Way, featuring Khalil, is a rambunctious yet dreamy tropical oasis. It’s also introduced us for the first time to Canadian chanteuse Kiki Rowe. You can listen to her luscious yet snappy original, here. Tep No’s rich and luxuriant remix brings us back to the prime of summer, far from the colder seasons knocking at our door. It’s always summer when we have Tep No to dance to. And let’s just say summer is my favorite season of them all. You can purchase his remix of Come My Way from iTunes, here.

August 31, 2017

Who else but Toronto beatmaker and songcrafter Tep No could promise us an endless summer with but one track? He’s linked up with rising Irish talent Jamie Brown on Follow You, a weightless burbling, balmy tropical groover, and it’s nothing short of soothingly sublime. They swaddle us with creamy smooth, downy soft vocals and warm, crisp beats. Follow You is a burst of blissed out sunshine. I have Tep No to thank for keying me in to twenty year old singer songwriter Jamie Brown, who counts Adele and Kimbra as her influences. Follow You, produced and co-written with Tep No, marks her first release on Tep No Records. 

July 30, 2017

If you haven’t encountered Tep No’s latest single yet despite it having enraptured plenty of ears in the week or so it’s been out and about, get ready to float to the heavens on Eighteen and its nostalgic strumming chill house. The Toronto beat maker, songwriter, and vocalist wrote the earnest and heartfelt deep house aria as an homage to his teenage years. Tep No remarks, “I want to apologize to my parents, because they had to deal with a kid who was delusional about having a music career, and I know it was tough on them. I did get a Masters Degree because of them, and for that I am thankful. Now I have my own little family and my career, and I don’t see them as often as I’d like, and so I appreciate seeing them when I can. Growing up, I appreciate those days now a lot more then back then, when I was broke and wasn’t performing shows with Chainsmokers or Steve Aoki haha. ‘Eighteen’ is an apologetic song dedicated to them and I know they’ll appreciate.” Well, we’re glad Tep No went after his dreams and proved he wasn’t delusional after all. 

March 25, 2017

The folksy melodious, funky spry house that emits from vivacious stomping Wild One will have you hopping all across the floor in joyous jubilation. The song comes from 26 year old DJ and producer Lucky Rose who hails from Quebec City, Canada. Lucky Rose even teams up with IHM favorite Toronto producer and vocalist Tep No on the song. Wild One’s brisk jaunting guitar and earthy charm are a must for fans of Broken Back, Coleman Hell, and Milky Chance. The song is the epitome of catchy and feel good. Wild One is out now on all digital outlets. You can also stream Wild One from Soundcloud below.

September 28, 2016

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September 27, 2016

Over the summer, Canadian sibling duo Love Thy Brother dropped their long awaited debut original, and they straight nailed it on Love Me Better, a melodic enchanting, rosy endearing fusion of dance pop and house featuring vocals by Ariel Beesley. We now get a grand remix of that track, courtesy of Toronto production whiz Tep No.  The moment I saw a track that involved Tep No and Love My Brother, I knew we were in for a sublime aural treat. Tep No gives Love Me Better a crisp glowing, electro whirring re-work that shines ebulliently like gold. In the meantime, Love Thy Brother also released a second original not to be missed. They’ve teamed up with Jonny Stemp on meditative and orchestral deep house marcher, Holy Days. Stream below. 

September 3, 2016

Though I’m still melting away to a gorgeous re-working of Stonefox’s Dreamstate from earlier this week, I also find myself deeply enthralled by a handful of official remixes that Tep No has unleashed for his song The Best Crew. This original has made a deep impression with fans and new listeners alike since it arrived last month to soundtrack our final weeks of summer. A producer named Sam Hanson strips away some of The Best Crew’s foggy nostalgia on his blithe springing, steely edged melodic house treatment. It now feels as if summer will last forever on this tropical soiree ready edit.