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May 16, 2018

Galvanizing indeed is this 18 year old producer’s music, who’s been making waves in the EDM community back home in Wisconsin for awhile now, having built a mass of followers all across major music platforms with his prior releases. The young talent, who goes by the name of Galvanic, has more than caught our ears with an inky dark, gritty snarling new release named Ghost that melds together future bass, trap, electro-rock, and darkwave. It’s the producer’s first release in well over a year, and hopefully it won’t be his only single in 2018 considering how much we’re hooked on the spectral blaze that is Ghost. You can find the single on Apple Music, here.

April 20, 2018

The fact that legendary electrogaze and industrial electronica crew The Glitch Mob tapped Elohim for their latest track I Could Be Anything is nothing short of an affirmation of the Los Angeles electro-pop artist and producer’s talent. And together, they did wonders on the spectacular song, a conjoining of the classically exalted with the voice of the future. And now, I Could Be Anything has received an official remix treatment from another “voice” of the future, or much venerated and beloved producer REZZ. She’s given I Could Be Anything an acidic warbling dubstep edit. The ravey remix is invigorating and rousing, visceral and electrifying. REZZ takes us on a dark journey into the nebulae of our minds. To add to the intensity of this odyssey, watch the mesmerizing music video for REZZ’s remix below. Download/stream the track, here.

April 13, 2018

Vancouver production enigma 3XIT takes us on a profound journey this afternoon with Switch. We visit our innermost thoughts and contemplate the meaning of life, before we dance and celebrate living at all. The producer transports us to a basement rave before taking us to an enlightening dance ritual on a high peak. Techno, trance, ambient house, and progressive house intertwine on the track. 3XIT’s pristine brushstrokes utilize bass, beats, snares, and synths. With them he’s painted an inspirational and lifting masterpiece, one that enshrouds us in optimism and hope. 

April 6, 2018

Sometimes, the quiet hours of the evening are best suited for deep contemplation and profound meditation. Our minds roam free and our imaginations run wild as Ryan Lee West, aka Rival Consoles, presents us with stunning visuals and an austerely moving ambient soundscape on Untravel. It could be the very beginning of time, or the end of all time, as we float through the images and notes that pulse and undulate through us. Time could very well not exist right now. The English producer and composer is preparing to release his new album Persona on April 13th, and he demonstrates how effective he is at echoing the hidden emotions of our hearts with his digital construction. Untravel’s other worldly video was directed by Misha Shyukin, who fashioned the clip to accentuate the feelings and themes of in-between states present throughout Rival Consoles’ forthcoming album. You can pre-order Persona from Erased Tapes, here.

February 13, 2018

We were thrilled when NY indie pop duo Cults made their long awaited return last year with their excellent album Offering. We had feared that Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin would never release any more music as Cults, and we sighed a huge sigh of relief when they reappeared on the scene with their vintage pop inflected, oft synth infused music. I Took Your Picture is easily one of our favorite tracks on Offering, particularly since it seemed to ooze plenty of the pair’s older sound, and now we get to dance our hearts out to a superb remix of the track by Étienne de Crécy, too. The tech house re-work he’s given I Took Your Picture is a crisp pounding, propulsive shimmering treat with euphoric synth scales. It casts Cults in a fresh light while retaining their charm. The French DJ and producer remarks on his edit: “I’m the biggest fan of the Cults since the first album!! I was really looking forward the third one & I play it on repeat. Strangely Madeline’s voice and melodies fit really perfectly with electronic music, whereas their sound is far from techno!! I was delighted to make a remix for this single as it is one of my favorite on the album!” You can also listen to the remix via Spotify, here. Offering is a must listen, especially if you’re a long time Cults fan like me. Find it, here.

January 18, 2018

There’s no denying the brilliance of REZZ’s collaboration with Toronto producer 13. We previously extolled dark and visceral, acidic and hypnotic DRUGS!, here. It’s no wonder that REZZ is considered one of the most talented and intriguing producers out there right now. Salt Lake City psychedelic bass project K Theory must have been drawn to the trippy headiness of the jam, because he’s offered up a brain jarring, synapses melting rework of DRUGS!. And really, I can’t think of anyone better to take on the track. His glitch hop and acid bass approach is more than appropriate for the original. In fact, no other mind altering substances are necessary for a cosmic psychotropic odyssey with this sick remix droning, warbling, and oscillating through our ears. I feel like I’m caught up in new dimension, or a sci-fi fantasy, like a Blade Runner film set further into the future, perhaps centuries ahead. 

December 20, 2017

Aside from his collaboration with King Henry and a welcome guest cameo on Odesza’s Corners Of The Earth off their hit sophomore album Meridian, Los Angeles based Australian artist RY X has also spellbound us with his beautiful song Bad Love this year. If you missed out on that exquisitely haunting, immensely heartrending beauty previously, you can watch its video below. RY X has since shared an immense remix of Bad Love by a project named Eagles & Butterflies, and it’s quite the mesmeric electronic approach on the pensive billowing song. Dusky shuddering, shadowy shuffling beats permeate the deep ambient and rapturously atmospheric electronic edit, raising goosebumps on my skin and delivering me into the arms of tech inflected ecstasy. Download or stream the original, here.

November 22, 2017

How I managed to miss out on a superb new song from Digitalism late last month is the ultimate mystery, just like Jet is the ultimate jam from the beloved German outfit. Thrashing synths, exultant beats, and dramatic splendor permeate the sprawling sonic adventure. We’re taken to faraway lands and distant times by Jet, which ‘jets’ us all across the world with its propulsive percussion and dauntless drive. The imaginative electro house track will be on Digitalism’s forthcoming EP, 5KY11GHT. Purchase, here.

November 9, 2017

Porter Robinson has revealed a second epic anthem under his new alter-ego Virtual Self after dazzling us with his trance and techno leaning single Eon Break. Song number two is named Ghost Voices, and it’s a dynamic sprawling track which he describes as “neo-trance”. I, for one, am supremely glad Porter has taken on this new project to experiment with his new sound, which melds classic electronica with contemporary elements. If this is the impetus for a new rise in trance in the scene, I’m all for it, being the ex-trancehead I once was. There’s something about vocal trance/epic trance’s crisp synths and fluorescent melodies that I still find incredibly uplifting and euphoric. Ghost Voices definitely brings me back to my System F loving days (aka Ferry Corsten, for the younger ones who weren’t around yet when he was releasing songs like Out Of The Blue and such).

November 2, 2017

Ladytron’s Marnie released her second solo album Strange Words And Weird Wars just a couple of weeks ago. She’s since dropped an immense remix pack for her single Lost Maps, too, which includes this fluorescent pulsing, epic throbbing dance edit by Bossy Love producer/writer/drummer John Baillie Jnr. The remix is exultant and triumphant, with dark luscious synths and percolating beats. John Baillie Jnr, formerly o Glasgow ‘fight-pop’ band Dananananaykroyd and electro house duo Dolby Anol, is well known for his stellar remixes too, having worked with Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk, La Roux, and The Gossip in the past. He’s certainly knocked this one out of the ballpark. Prepare to dance till the early hours of the morning to his invigorating remix of Marnie’s Lost Maps.