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December 21, 2017

French producer Petit Biscuit released one of the year’s best electronic albums earlier this year. Our patience was duly rewarded when Presence arrived. One of my favorite tracks off the full length happens to feature Australian synth faves Panama, too. Petit Biscuit has since unveiled a Waterfall remixes EP, featuring an impressive array of gifted producers, including Karma Kid, Fono, Katuchat, Ferdinand Weber, Tim Legend, and HWLS, as well as Alaskan sensation Electric Mantis. It’s the latter’s fresh and unique edit that we’re diving into tonight. Instead of a smooth cascade, this Waterfall is a whimsically lurching, bass rumbling, ear thrilling frolic. It’s a dynamic and elaborate dubstep excursion on which Electric Mantis’ sonic genius is thoroughly exhibited. Grab the Waterfall remixes EP from iTunes, here.

October 17, 2017

The sheer amount of Lorde remixes was astounding after the release of Melodrama, and there seems to be no sign of a slow down, either. It makes sense, considering how much more energetic and dance ready the songs are off of Lorde’s sophomore album. Australian duo ODD MOB recently offered up a sumptuous remix of Lorde’s Perfect Places, too. While so many of the Lorde edits we’ve heard lately subscribe to the ever pervasive trap and bass trend of late, ODD MOB has chosen spice up Lorde with a face melting house remix. A steely future edge and plenteous tech house jabs give their exhilarating edit an edgy fresh veneer that helps to drives us towards blissful delirium. We truly find ourselves in a perfect place…

September 27, 2017

It was a serendipitous chance encounter the other day that brought my ever searching ears to Elephunk, a producer out of Los Angeles who is a wicked sonic alchemist when it comes to his techno and house thrillers. Desperate Times is his latest original, a guttural banger with bottomless beats and a dark ominous bass line. This is the sort of electronica that takes me back to my younger days, when I used to hit up warehouse raves. As its name suggests, there’s a disconsolate tautness to Desperate Times and its metallic thrumming, acidic whirring soundscape, but the feeling is strangely exhilarating, as if fueled by infernal ecstasy. You can download Desperate Times, here. Continue your mind buzz with another track from Elephunk named Don’t Go Back below, which features soulful vocals and a more meditative tribal vibe.

September 6, 2017

BICEP, a project helmed by Belfast-born, London-based duo Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson, just released their eponymous debut album last Friday, and it’d be criminal not to take a prolonged moment to extol their captivating electronica. The duo’s sound is founded on the blueprint of classic house, techno, electro, and Italo disco, but morphed and transformed such that it couldn’t be anything else but BICEP. Album track Vale is a dusky hypnotic, restless thrumming spectacular that takes us on a journey of euphoria and catharsis. Hints of UK house, garage, and R&B season the sublime track. The pair also released a music video for AURA last week, another stand out cut from their self titled full length. Watch the visualizer below as you dance away to its dark techno and gothy trance brilliance, much reminiscent of some of Crystal Castles and TR/ST’s production, but in a more uplifting and ecstatic manner. The songs, and BICEP’s debut EP, are available from iTunes, here.

July 25, 2017

Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter will obviously go down in electronic music history as a timeless classic and one of the seminal dance tracks of the decade. As such, we’ve had plenty of remixes crop up from all sorts of musicians and producers, but none have sounded quite like this one from KRILLA, a production project from Toronto. He explains that he wanted to remix one of his all time favorite tracks to show it some respect. KRILLA even adds in a little psy trance (which brings back good old memories for me) on his dark and menacing yet wickedly exhilarating edit. It’s a bass trilling tech and dubstep exposé that takes us on an intergalactic adventure, where we’re ready to battle anything that comes at us out of the mysterious void of deep space. You can snag the stand out remix, here. For another taste of this Toronto artist’s edgy electronoic music, stream KRILLA’s original, Lunatic, below.

July 25, 2017

I’m sure you all remember Natalia Kill’s wicked hit Zombie from 2011, right? I mean, it’s a sick tune, and there really aren’t many songs about loving a Zombie (whether you want to take it figuratively or literally). AGLORY, a Parisian production duo who’s fresh on our radar, affords us a re-visit of the song with their total rework of song. Tell me this these breakdowns, that dirty bass, and those booming beats aren’t ravishing. Turn it up with some good speakers or headphones and you’ll feel this buzzing, sawing, and whirring track move right through the whole of your being. Industrial meets tech house and gritty grime meets electro on this gripping adaptation. Check out more of these French visionaries’ music on Soundcloud, here.

June 22, 2017

SOFI TUKKER’s Moon Tattoo is a gorgeous tune off the Grammy nominated duo’s stellar EP Soft Animals. It’s a cool halcyon gem with a mystical ambiance. Sydney based producer Frost has given the song a sublime re-work seasoned with deliciously dark synths and deep rumbling bass. Frost’s remix is sweet ambrosia for the ears… tranquilly entrancing but also hypnotically moving, like a celestial dance under a magical moon in the depths of an enchanted jungle. SOFI TUKKER’s critically acclaimed and widely adored EP, Soft Animals, is available from major retailers, here.

June 1, 2017

London’s Mr Sanka has without a doubt been one of the more fascinating projects to emerge this year. The enigmatic outfit dropped their debut EP Gallon earlier this year, whose title track is an entrancing left field pop meets electronica offering. A remix EP followed on the heels of that release. It’s filled with finely crafted edits of Gallon by the likes of Assassin, Alex Adair, Cassian, Suede Brown, and The Knocks. The latter of the five is a hypnotic interpretation swimming in house opulence and brimming with dark tech vibes. It’s kind of like Mr Sanka gone Years & Years, but inkier and edgier. The Knocks’ remix is yet another display of the NYC duo’s versatility. You can find the full Gallon remix package on iTunes, here.

May 11, 2017

We’re breaking protocol today by kicking it off with this ridiculously good remix of some Justice. I’ve been bumping Boys Noize’s edit of Justice’s Randy from their 2016 album Woman since I stumbled upon it yesterday. It’s a bass propulsive, tech jouncing treatment that stays true to Justice’s French house roots. It’s but one of many sensational tunes Ed Banger has been dropping lately in preparation for the arrival of their new compilation Ed Rec 100, which marks the esteemed label’s 100th release. For more delicious treats from the likes of Breakbot, Cassius, and more, head to their Youtube channel, here. You can pre-order Ed Rec 100 or purchase its singles ahead of Friday release day at iTunes, here.

February 11, 2017

We’re certainly not cuddling a bright eyed hip hoppity bunny on this tune, a deliciously dark and witchy offering from New Zealand’s POLO. Anguish and lament ooze from Bunny as distended vocal samples draw us into the wavy swelling haunter, an eerie witch house fusion of Grimes, FKA, and Crystal Castles like elements. This Christchurch producer has my full attention. I can’t resist ominous creeping electronica. POLO’s Bunny is a free download, here.