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February 15, 2017

It wasn’t too long ago that we learned how sublime of an experience it is when LA’s Taylor Wise remixes Maggie Lindemann. We’re still dancing to the producer’s indie dance interpretation of Things. Now we can smile aplenty and twirl about even more to this airy buoyant, breezy elegant remix of the SoCal chanteuse’s endearing pop song Pretty Girl. Taylor Wise injects the song with summery exuberance on his future pop styled transformation. This effulgent treat is sure to chase away any Valentine’s Day blues.

November 14, 2016

This one may have been floating about for some days already, but we’re not going to let it slip by us. That would be a travesty. You see, IHM favorite Taylor Wise, the producer from California who never fails to lift our spirits and provide sonic ecstasy with his tracks, has been tapped for an official Grouplove remix. He bathes Grouplove’s Welcome To Your Life in a summery glow with his future tropical makeover. The gloom of our misty morning here in San Francisco is instantaneously lifted. 

April 21, 2016

Bay native and Los Angeles resident producer Taylor Wise warms this grey, overcast day up with a sparkling stunner of a new remix. Young songbird and social media sensation Maggie Lindemann’s Things glows splendiforously on an indie dance edit full of rich warmth and crisp beauty. Taylor Wise’s craftmanship on this track remind me of another fast rising producer’s handiwork, namely Gryffin’s. The full on enchanting remix is a free download, here.

February 23, 2016

It’s been a couple years now since Los Angeles based indie pop crew Smallpools burst onto the scene with vibrant earworm Dreaming, a song that threw them into spotlight and onto everyone’s playlists that year. Dreaming makes a welcome return draped in summery sunshine and suffused with uplifting melodic dance beats on a vibrantly blithe remix by Taylor Wise. The producer gives us an irresistible remix, one perfect for the spring festivities just around the corner and the long, sanguine days ahead. Download Taylor Wise’s remix for free, here.

October 1, 2015

Taylor Wise goes old school but new on a summery reboot of Earth, Wind, & Fire classic September. Many of us grew up listening to the oldie but goodie, and its truly a treat to revisit the timeless hit via a tropical tinged future house and melodic funk remix of the song. Taylor Wise explains that Earth, Wind, & Fire was the first concert he ever went to. I’m sort of jealous, since I’ve never seen them live, but I’m glad the apparently fond memory has spawned such sublime throwback dance rapture. It’s a mighty fine way to say goodbye to September as we venture forth into October’s dropping temperatures and falling leaves. Download the remix here.

August 5, 2015

If you made the disastrous mistake of missing out on Taylor Wise’s summery remix of The 1975′s infectious hit, Chocolate, it’s time we remedy that now. Get ready to bounce around in massive bliss to the NYC based producer’s tropics hued, rosy dance treat. Taylor Wise’s organic, layered house remix boasts his usual skillful combination of live guitar with grooving deep bass and synthy radiance. Add in Matt Healy’s always swooning vocals and Chocolate’s irresistible melody and we have a monster of a summer electronic anthem. Download for free, here.

July 1, 2015

Between yesterday’s killer Templeton remix of Dancing On My Own and today’s amazing cover remix of Call Your Girlfriend, I’d say there seems to be some sort of simultaneous Robyn revival going on, perhaps spurned somewhat by her newly surfaced project La Bagatelle Magique. While I professed that Dancing On My Own was my jam the other day, I’d have to say that I’m not so sure about that anymore when the melodic hooks of Call Your Girlfriend flow through my ears. It’s my jam too, and I’m loving this rendition of the song, featuring Allison Weiss on supple vocals and Thero & Taylor Wise on remix duties. Yes, that’s two producers I’m super fond of working together on one laid back, feathery electronic edit. Despite the remix’s warm and summery aura, endearing sax included, the sadness of the original seems to be brought out even more by Allison’s aching, graceful vocals and delicate violin. Snag the tune for free, here.

May 2, 2015

I’m not sure why Taylor Wise said this might be his last hip hop remix, because this radiant edit of Fat Joe classic What’s Luv, featuring Ashanti and Ja Rule, oozes summery chill house goodness. It’s a tropical pool party contained within four minutes, 27 seconds. The New York based producer does a fabulous job transforming the original into an indie dance jam, giving it new life. It’s a remix that will brighten any blue day and wipe away any worries furrowing your brow. It’s also impossible not to float away to the delicious guitar solo. Grab it for free, here.

March 4, 2015

NYC producer Taylor Wise sure seems to be a busy bee lately. Not only did he just debut his new electropop project Streakers, with singer songwriter Larcy, but he’s back again a week later with a new remix. For his latest, he’s edited a song I’m quiet fond of, Los Angeles indie pop band Walla’s new single 101. Not only is the original an infectious and bright treat, but I traverse the 101 every day, so it kind of hits close to home. Taylor gives the song an indei electronic makeover that takes it into indie dance and melodic house territory. It begs to be blasted out open windows on a sunny California day while I’m coasting the 101. I’m pretty sure I’ll be smiling like a carefree fool when I do that, thanks to the feel good vibes on this remix.

February 21, 2015

I was giddy with excitement when I first found out about Streakers, a new electropop project involving NYC based producer Taylor Wise. The producer teamed up with singer songwriter LARCY to form the new indie pop duo. Their first single, Shut Up!, is a warm and sugary gem that walks a fine path between colorful, affecting synthpop and electrifying indie dance pop. The bright and dewey eyed tune is a crisp, infectious pop ballad.