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May 2, 2018

It might not be morning right now as we share this next iridescent electronica and pop charmer, but it might as well be the best morning ever as TastyTreat and Claire Ridgely inject us with bright eyed wonder and vernal energy with their new song, Good Morning Jay. As always, we find ourselves turning to mush to the tune of Claire Ridgely’s soft, supple voice, while TastyTreat’s lavishly constructed future bass and chill trap production treats our ears to a wondrous fantasy-land full of vibrant life. Snazzy keys adorn the candy-coated aria, adding to the song’s intricate enchantment. Good Morning Jay is the living embodiment of a sublime Sunday morning, “rolled up under the covers” with that special someone. Monday seems incredibly far away, plus we’d rather just enjoy the moment, before we have to say goodbye and deal with those “Monday blues”. Stream/download the single, here.

September 26, 2017

Los Angeles based purveyor of sumptuous electronic tunes, TastyTreat, has unleashed a couple of spectacular collaborations lately, and it’d be unrighteous to get those tunes up for a share. They team up with fellow Californian DEAD ROBOT on The Feeling Wasn’t Mutual as part of their Ear Candy Series. Monika Santucci offers up honeyed vocals on the lavishly textured future bass aria. It shudders with grace, flickers with elegance, and leaves us wondering how “the feeling isn’t mutual” considering the intricate beauty that constitutes this twilight shimmering ode to unrequited love. Download The Feeling Wasn’t Mutual, here. TastyTreat also dropped a whimsical offering named Summer (Don’t Go) featuring Wasiu a few days ago, fusing airy effervescent, frisky teasing future beats with snazzy cool hip hop. How the heck summer actually left us after this tune dropped evades me…. Grab the jam, here.

August 17, 2016

TastyTreat recently moved from San Luis Obispo down south to Los Angeles. Maybe it’s the southern sun or the beautiful beaches and bodacious surf, but their “treats” may have become even “tastier”, something I didn’t think was possible prior to hearing their latest jam. The production duo steps up with a brilliant re-invention of sorts as they take Citizen Cope oldie Sideways and gives it a slow burning, sensual swooning modern day transformation. The gyrating future R&B groover features satin chic cooing by East Coast singer songwriter Marco Foster. Simply put, this is “mmm mmm MMM” good… and it’s a free download, here.

April 20, 2016

The simple things really are what matter most in life. California’s TastyTreat reminds us of this with the duo’s sleek and snazzy new tune, Simple Things, which features honeyed R&B crooning by singer songwriter Choice. Though Simple Things starts out smooth and serene, it picks up speed robustly, launching into buoyant and piquant future funk vibrancy, all the while never letting go of its slick future house velour. This simple thing called TastyTreat’s music, which really isn’t that simple at all, inspires my soul and fills my heart with ecstasy. Simple Things is my new go to anthem when things get a little rough. Download the single from Majestic Casual, here.

March 27, 2016

Los Angeles duo Mako’s music has spawned plentiful moving remixes in past months. There’s nary a day goes by that the hype charts don’t seem to have one or another remix of their songs up within its top ranks. California duo TastyTreat will no doubt slay the charts with their new remix of Mako’s Way Back Home, their first majors release, out now on colossal label Ultra. TastyTreat delivers a dynamite punch on the magnificent future bass remix, one that ripples and cascades, fluctuates and bobs with immensely powerful raw emotion steeped into its limber smoothness and deep groove. Purchase the track from iTunes or Apple Music, here. Give it a well deserved bump on HypeM, here.

January 22, 2016

TastyTreat keeps those late night dusky vibes flowing endlessly with the California duo’s sultry Found Someone, which features sensual vocals by Tribes. Swanky future bass churns and ripples lavishly alongside Tribes’ George Maple evoking R&B soulfulness, making Found Someone a blissed out Casanova sure to plunder the heart. The intricate and ornate song is a free download, here.

December 10, 2015

TastyTreat showcases some fine finesse and savvy skill on a snazzy rich beauty named For A Minute which features seductive vocals by Los Angeles’ MOONZz. Her sensually intoxicating R&B cooing complements the Californian production duo’s richly simmering

future bass

and elegantly sultry chill trap. For A Minute is the second installment from TastyTreat’s forthcoming NeonAffect project, one which is shaping up to be a stellar release with a roster of superb guests. I’m totally revisiting For A Minute when I have a moment to relax at night, and I’ll pour myself a glass of fine wine to go along with it as TastyTreat takes me to a world of lavish refinement. Download the song for free, here.

November 20, 2015

It’s time for some rumbling, warbling future bass, courtesy of California’s electronic confection slinging TastyTreat and their Bay Area buddy, DATHAN. Get Creative comes off of Hebinomichi Compilation Vol. 3, and it’s going to take you to a electronic paradise with its lacquer of elaborate texture. Get Creative trills, quivers, and pounds, a rhapsodic and stately adventure through jagged hills full of shifting patterns. Download the fanciful feast for free, here. And follow along on Hebinomichi’s Soundcloud as the collective reveals more hot tracks off their third compilation.

July 21, 2015

For days now, California’s TastyTreat has been teasing us with a new track. The wait was rather torturous, but finally, the duo revealed their collaboration with a new production act named NRMN. Effervescent, scintillating Summers Love also features breathy, sexy vocals by Tribes’ Veronica Ramirez. Summers Love is very much what it’s named after. The song shimmers, darts, sparkles, flitters, and thrills in a most flirtatious manner. In fact, I feel like I’m nearly drunk on love from this zesty, frisky future/melodic bass tune. Download the heated, sensual summer jam, here.

April 7, 2015

I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting to share this new track with you. If it’s sexy future bass and R&B you’re feigning for, TastyTreat, Black Monday, and Cory Enemy are here to satiate that appetite. Their steamy collaboration, Press Reset, also features silky smooth vocals by Amory. If this doesn’t take you to elevated levels of intoxicating euphoria, not much can. Press Reset is a sweet and spicy treat fitting for both the bedroom and some provocative dance floor moves. The track is a taste off red hot artist collective/label Hebinomichi’s highly anticipated Volume 2, set for release tomorrow, April 7th.