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May 18, 2018

British-Iranian singer songwriter and producer TĀLĀ has cast dark bewitching spells on us many a time with her experimental electronic pop, which so often woven with elements of hip hop, dance, and glitch pop. But on new song Stay Here In The Sun, TĀLĀ partners up with English musician & producer Naughty Boy to give us a luminous and breezy, stringy and ardent electro-pop anthem for the summer. The song marks a new chapter for the esteemed artist. It’s a sparkling pop aria that reminds us of 

TĀLĀ’s exceptional ability to create enthralling soundscapes and other worldly sonic tapestries, whether radiant or opaque. As Stay Here In The Sun progresses, its exultance increases, until it more than lifts us off our feet towards the heavens.

TĀLĀ explains: “Naughty boy and I have been wanting to collaborate for years and now we finally get the chance and it feels like it was the perfect merge of both our sounds and visions. The meaning of this track is really close to my heart. I’m a very private person but sometimes I need to shake my emotions out when I’m writing. There is nothing more powerful than lyrics that are direct, personal and raw.”  Stay Here In The Sun is a standalone single before her singles drop from her highly anticipated forthcoming debut album to be released early 2019. It’s out on TĀLĀ‘s own newly minted label, The Duchess Records. Find the majestic anthem on all major platforms, here.

December 14, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 12.12.2016

Featured music – December 12th, 2016

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December 13, 2016

London based Iranian singer songwriter and producer TĀLĀ has impressed us endlessly with her vision and creativity these past two years, even linking up with other incredible artists we love like How To Dress Well and BANKS on some of her boundary pushing displays of experimental pop, hip hop, and electro R&B excellence. Fresh off of her new EP The Zāl, out now on Columbia Records, comes another mind melting song named Tell Me That on which she regales us with glitchy electro and booming hip hop. Tell Me That, a collaboration with co-producer George Reid, is vigorous and bombastic, venturing deep into dancehall territory. 

November 15, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 11.10.2016 – 11.13.2016

Featured music – November 10-13, 2016

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November 12, 2016

Immensely talented London based Iranian artist TĀLĀ has repeatedly broken molds with her cutting edge music, building spellbinding tracks out of a myriad of genres including hip hop, R&B, and electropop. She’s even given us some sensational collaborations alongside a bevy of other brilliant artists, including How To Dress Well and Banks.The singer songwriter and producer makes her long awaited return on Talk To Me, a vivacious whirring track that sees her venturing into effervescent Caribbean flavored dancehall territory, complete with Mura Masa evoking chimes and Tkay Maidza and Bonzai like sass. The energetic track will be on a new EP Zāl due out December 9th. 

November 26, 2015

In the past year, London based Iranian songbird and producer TĀLĀ has given us some of the most spellbinding dark electronic and hip hop influenced pop songs. There seems to be no boundaries to the charismatic artist’s edgy music, which haunts in a carnal fashion not unlike music by FKA Twigs and Sevdaliza. It was one of this year’s most divine music moments when TĀLĀ synced up with dark goddess BANKS on collaborative effort Wolfpack, leaving us all hungering to be a part of that potent pack. Today, TĀLĀ unleashes the final track from her new EP, Malika. As I Am (Oldugum Gibi) clatters and booms with a deep foreboding, ensnaring me within its mystical folds. It lurches and pricks, electrifies and lures. As I Am (Oldugum Gibi) features spellbinding vocals by a Turkish pop star named Atiye, who’s known as the J Lo of Turkey. Head over to iTunes to grab a copy of

TĀLĀ’s groundbreaking Malika EP.

October 26, 2015

I’ve been wondering what that smoky sultry goddess BANKS has been up to lately. Turns out, she’s been collaborating with another magnificent electro R&B and pop songstress, namely Iranian artist TĀLĀ, who’s gripped us many times over with her ethereal, haunting, and edgy music. That’s right… BANKS and

TĀLĀ, all rolled up in one sensational tune! Wolfpack is everything I hoped it to be, a fine balance between the two’s seductive and flushed dark pop music. I never imagined we’d see the two compelling artists working together, but what a strong treat. The music gods have blessed us. This is one uber cool wolfpack I can only wish I could join.

September 12, 2015

We can always count on TĀLĀ to offer up some eccentric and artistic music, as the UK based Iranian songstress has done many times now this past year. Her latest spectacularly riveting track is a wicked dark jam named Tell Me (말해줘), produced by London’s ever captivating Mssingno and featuring Korean girl group WA$$UP. Tell Me (말해줘) is bold and nearly abrasive in a Georgia, Crystal Castles, and Shlohmo conglomerate sort of glorious way, with more hip hop… slamming, heaving, chest thrown out and snarl on the face hip hop! Korean music has been making its mark internationally for some time now, but more on the pop side for many years. Nowadays, with the whole Keith Ape phenomenon and more, it’s no surprise that having WA$$UP join up on this track gives it an even more edgier and fresh outcome. Tell Me (말해줘) is the second single from TĀLĀ’s new project MALIKA, available now for pre-order via Columbia.

September 1, 2015

UK based Iranian artist TĀLĀ drops a chopped and skewed work of electronic pop and R&B art in the form of bewitching song Praise, which also features guest vocals from UK duo Sylas. The two acts found common ground immediately upon meeting due to a mutual love of Boyz II Men, which became the starting point for what became Praise. Syrupy and droopy Praise will inebriate you with its enchanting vocals, which intermingle profusely and seamlessly with the song’s thick, heavy soundscape. Despite this smothering density, Praise is a spiritual, uplifting, and undeniably beautiful experience. 

January 28, 2015


UK based Iranian musician TĀLĀ teamed up with Tom Krell, or much revered electronic R&B artist How To Dress Well, on a new track named The One. Except, there isn’t just one version of the song, there’s two! It’s like Christmas morning! And I honestly couldn’t pick which of the two I preferred to share above, and which below, so the choice is really rather random. One is TĀLĀ’s version, one is Tom Krell’s, and both are absolutely magnificent. While How To Dress Well’s The One is a bolder, more fiery jam, TĀLĀ’s version is slightly more mystical and extra steamy. Both versions of their spectacular collaboration are full on seductive and overwhelmingly intoxicating. The two crafted the song together for Yours Truly’s Songs From Scratch singles series. 

Whoops, blogger mistake. Forgot to embed the other version when I posted yesterday, so let me get this up correct. Here you go, the TĀLĀ version below, too!