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March 9, 2016

Though the breaking up of the Smith Westerns was certainly bad news for many, many of the many are also much ecstatic about ex-member Cullen Omori’s solo record after having heard some of the splendid songs he’s previewed off of it. While swirling, twirling Cinnamon is still my favorite taste off of New Misery, I find myself gravitating immensely towards newly revealed Synthetic Romance, a lilting psychedelic wall of hazy, dreamy euphoria. Synthetic Romance is a very unique amalgamation of Spaghetti Western twanginess, kaleidoscopic synthiness, lo-fi pop, and jaunty rock. New Misery drops very soon on March 18th via Sub Pop. I’ll be in Austin at the time for SXSW, perhaps I’ll get to hear some of Cullen’s music live before I come home to my copy of the album sitting on my doormat. Pre-order yours from Sub Pop.