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May 19, 2018

It was a year ago that we first discovered Soft Corporate, right around the time they made their debut with Boats. We were immediately taken in by the band’s ruminative music. The four piece Melbourne outfit returns today with a leisurely brooding new chamber pop meets ambient rock single named Full Of Nothing. A haunting string section, courtesy of violinist Kelly Lane, joins pensive keys and melancholic vocals to create a quiet sense of unease. Our own hearts begin to ache rather blissfully as we ride the gentle tide of this beautifully mournful canticle. The band will be launching the single on June 2nd at The Toff In Town in Melbourne. Tickets are on sale now. Soft Corporate’s Full of Nothing is out now.

March 1, 2018

Honestly, we’ll never feel “aimless” when we have music like this to be our beacon of light in the dark world that surrounds us. Berlin by way of Amsterdam’s O-SHiN delivers alt and electro pop perfection on her third single, Aimless. It’s a finely constructed twilight enchanter with swirling electronics, stuttering percussion, and even samples from a forest. We saunter through that forest, following this verdant and intricate sonic path laid down by the compelling artist. Every soft plink and watery burble fills us with wonder. Aimless is lifted from O-SHiN’s debut EP, set for release this May.

December 7, 2017

The year is closing out rather splendidly for a Sufjan Stevens fan like me. Aside from his new The Greatest Gift mixtape that just dropped recently, he surprised us today with a new one off single named Tonya Harding (not affiliated with the movie about the infamous figure skater arriving soon). And what a gorgeous folktronica and chamber pop song it is, heavily drenched in melancholy, with a bit of a cheeky undertone if you catch all the lyrics. In a way, the story of Tonya Harding is tragic, yet so American. It’s about the fall of an amazing athlete, who succumbed to her demons and became tabloid fodder for the world. We get to watch one of Tonya Harding’s routines, an undeniably pristine performance, while we listen to Sufjan Stevens coos in his mellow, laid back fashion. Seeing that perfection only adds to the sadness of how everything turned out. To get that close to pure excellence and to descend in such a fashion, it’s like a Greek tragedy, or nearly Shakespearean, in a way. Tonya Harding is out on Asthmatic Kitty. Stream/download, here.

June 13, 2017

Be The Bear is described as a “one-woman industry”. She’s known as a fiercely independent female artist and producer who writes and records her own songs in her commercial studio in Gothenburg, which is home to her label Loud Attic Records. The Swedish virtuoso has captured our attention with icy bewitching Erupt, her newest Norse alt pop single. Some might recognize this glacial aria from a massive Volvo winter commercial, which can be viewed here. Erupt falls somewhere between Björk and Aurora with its orchestral opulence and its crystalline vocal enchantment. There’s also a grand cinematic quality to the soaring ballad, which is out now by way of all major retailers.

May 17, 2017

It’s impossible not to be struck by the beauty of this next video, which was filmed in the Lebanese mountains. It’s also inevitable that you’ll fall for London-based Iranian musician and producer (and ex-Sunday Times correspondent) Cyrus Shahrad’s profoundly moving music as Hiatus. Father, which arrives ahead of his third LP, is a lush, cinematic opus. Its ornate makeup and lavish orchestral consistency are like a mixture of Bonobo and J.Viewz, panoramic and rife with cathartic emotion. Father’s video tells a touching story about a 14 year old boy who has lost his father to a heart attack. The grieving boy’s subconscious is depicted in the magical realistic imagery of the clip. For more of Hiatus’ music, visit his Soundcloud, here.

April 29, 2017

I’m turned green with envy knowing full well that my colleague Nick was fortunate enough to see Oh Wonder not once, but twice, when he went to both weekends of Coachella, and countless other fans were able to make their way out to Santa Cruz in between those weekends to see our favorite UK duo play a sold out show at the Catalyst. It really doesn’t help my jealousy when Nick sends me footage of Oh Wonder performing Body Gold at the perfect moment at Coachella, when a golden sun is setting over the horizon and everything seems to be in the right place, nothing askew, nothing amiss, except for the fact that I wasn’t there. I trust in the thought that I’ll get to see Josephine and Anthony soon enough if luck would allow it. In the meantime, I look forward to their highly anticipated sophomore album with joy. And I melt away wistfully to their gorgeous new song, My Friends, a stripped down piano pop ballad mostly steeped in hushed, heartbreaking emotion before it lifts us up with a lush orchestral crescendo. The elegant aria takes us through a vast range of emotions with grace and beauty, in an eloquently and oh so unmistakably Oh Wonder way. Sophomore album Ultralife arraives June 16th, pre-order here, if you haven’t already done so.

April 29, 2017

Afterglow is the title of Icelandic singer songwriter Ásgeir’s highly anticipated new album. In the months and weeks leading up to its release early next month, we’ve been bewitched by many gems off the record, like prismatic Stardust, and ambient entrancing Unbound. Let’s now float away to the sounds of the title track, whose gently tinkling keys and cool skimming vocals place me in a deep blissful trance. Afterglow is a tender orchestral hymnal. It lifts us up gingerly into a phosphorescent sky. Our weary souls feel renewed, our tired hearts revived. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights, something I must do before the day I depart from this earth, but I feel I can see them now in my mind, while I’m listening to Ásgeir’s Afterglow. Pre-order new album Afterglow ahead of its May 5th release date on One Little Indian, here.

April 21, 2017

Swedish chanteuse Frida Sundemo is nothing short of magnificent on new single It’s OK, a lush stringy, symphonic soaring pop piece brimming with bittersweet feels and pure glacial beauty. She transports us into a fairy tale world with the crystalline ballad, a melding of Aurora like icy enchantment and Lana Del Rey like warm cinematics. This absolutely spectacular song is out today on Cosmos Music. 

April 11, 2017

The sprawling grandeur and breathtaking beauty found on The Fjords’ new single Alchemy is astonishing. The Norwegian project, created by singer songwriter Petter Vågan, sweeps us straight off our feet with this emotional whirlwind. Alchemy is a majestic and symphonic tidal wave of atmospheric synths, aching strings, and gospel inspired pop. Alchemy is The Fjords’ first new music in two years. Here’s to hoping that this spiritual moving performance won’t be the last for another two years. Alchemy is out now on iTunes

January 19, 2017

With a triumphant march comes Flint Eastwood’s new tune, Queen, a song with regal brass and majestic drums. It doesn’t get more grandiose than the Detroit based solo project’s massive new single. Despite its bombastic approach, Queen is also a sultry smolderer, partly due to Jax Anderson’s deep assured vocals and partly due to the song’s fiery fierce mettle. The empowering anthem comes ahead of Women’s Marches scheduled all across this weekend. I’m left ready to raise a fist to the air and stomp to the ridged cadence of this anthem. Queen is the lead single for a new EP arriving this year.