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July 24, 2017

I have a concert buddy who happens to be incredibly tall. Like super, duper tall. So whenever I encounter The Tallest Man On Earth’s folk, I can’t help but to also think of him. Though Swedish singer songwriter Kristian Mattson hasn’t announced new music or a new album, he has released an EP in conjunction with NYC orchestral ensemble yMusic. It includes this beautiful rendering of their folk song Revelation Blues. The addition of yMusic’s rich symphonics gives the poignant aria a new moving lushness. Stream the song via Soundcloud below. You can also stream The Tallest Man on Earth with yMusic in full on Soundcloud, here. Purchase from iTunes, here.

April 29, 2017

Afterglow is the title of Icelandic singer songwriter Ásgeir’s highly anticipated new album. In the months and weeks leading up to its release early next month, we’ve been bewitched by many gems off the record, like prismatic Stardust, and ambient entrancing Unbound. Let’s now float away to the sounds of the title track, whose gently tinkling keys and cool skimming vocals place me in a deep blissful trance. Afterglow is a tender orchestral hymnal. It lifts us up gingerly into a phosphorescent sky. Our weary souls feel renewed, our tired hearts revived. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights, something I must do before the day I depart from this earth, but I feel I can see them now in my mind, while I’m listening to Ásgeir’s Afterglow. Pre-order new album Afterglow ahead of its May 5th release date on One Little Indian, here.

October 12, 2016

The sun dappled, heart-on-the-sleeve folk pop found within The Edward Furlongs’ Cold Car is the exact opposite of what the song’s name might suggest. This mellow drifting gem is warm and breezy despite its crestfallen nostalgia. The Jersey based duo, comprised of Dan Gugger and Nick Afflitto, adorns endearing Cold Car with an abundance of florid electronic elements, resulting in a dreamy twinkling, brassy lush piece that walks a delicate line between synthpop and symphonic folk. Cold Car comes from The Edward Furlongs’ self titled EP, out now on iTunes.

March 27, 2016

On Friday, the final album in Radical Face’s The Family Tree trilogy was released. The project, created by respected musician Ben Cooper, has been deep in the midst of telling us a story about a 19th century family with supernatural abilities, ranging from being able to see spirits to bringing the dead back to life. Not only is Ben Cooper’s raconteur skills much alluring, but his music on these albums has been incredible as well. From final album The Leaves comes The Ship In Port, whose lilting melody, delicate vocals, and endearing charm take us on a magical journey. The orchestral folk pop song builds in majestic splendor, enveloping us in lush, symphonic wonder by the finishing bars. Stream The Family Tree: The Leaves album in full on Soundcloud and purchase from iTunes.