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January 13, 2018

Sylvan Esso’s second album What Now garnered the North Carolina duo their first Grammy nomination in the dance/electronic album category, which is quite a vindicating turn of events for this long time fan of Amanda Meath and Nick Sanborn’s electronic pop. The pair also debuted a brand new single when they made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, which comes as a welcome surprise since I didn’t expect new material so quick after What Now. Today, the pair have released a music video for that song, PARAD(w/m)E. It’s a glass cut bouncer, replete with an abundance of the pair’s signature crisp skittering beats and playful frolicking synths. Download the track from iTunes, here, and catch Sylvan Esso on tour as they traverse the planet for the next seven months. 

December 16, 2017

It’s been a fabulous year for North Carolina indie/dance pop duo Sylvan Esso. Not only did they release a phenomenal second album named What Now, which I’ve had on constant repeat, but Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn are now up for a Grammy for their acclaimed sophomore effort, too. Let’s just say it’s well deserved, and I’ll certainly be rooting for the duo, whom we’ve been touting on IHM since their debut singles way back in 2013. Though we’re used to their feisty, punchy energy on their genre bending tracks, today we get to listen to a very different sort of Sylvan Esso as they bless us with a cover of There Are Many Ways To Say I Love You, which you might recognize from PBS’ Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood if you watched it as a kid like I did. That’s right, we get to listen to Amelia coo softly and soothingly, accompanied by a lone guitar. In a way, this sweet lullaby reminds me of Karen O’s stripped down tracks from her sole solo album, Crush Songs.

August 28, 2017

I had the pleasure of catching Sylvan Esso live again when they played two sold out shows at the massive Fox Theater in Oakland last week, and I couldn’t help but continually glance at my fellow concert-goers with a gleeful smile as I watched them dance in joy to the North Carolina duo. Our love affair with Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn began when they made their debut four plus years ago, and it’s never dimmed in intensity. I was fortunate enough to catch their punchy, edgy electro pop and folktronica in the intimacy of San Francisco’s Bottom Of The Hill back in 2013, so the Fox was a much vindicating and rewarding experience. The pair also released a few remixes of Die Young, one of many stand out tracks off sophomore album What Now, last week. Much beloved alt R&B duo Rhye gave Die Young a stringy meditative edit that I find quite breathtaking. You can also stream a dancier, perkier remix of the song by Audion (aka Matthew Dear) below. It’s a crackling, skittering remix both electrifying and mesmeric. 

March 26, 2017

I’m loving what Demo Taped has done with a couple of Sylvan Esso’s red hot singles from the beloved North Carolina duo’s upcoming album What Now, easily one of my most highly anticipated records of the moment. The 19 year old producer from Atlanta has given both Radio and Kick Jump Twist extra texture with his whimsical makeovers. They take me right back to my old Nintendo gaming days. His Radio remix is a nimble bouncing, larkish flittering treat. Demo Taped whimsical future bass remix of Kick Jump Twist is no different. It skitters, shuffles, and skips with plenteous spaciousness for your best pop and lock moves. Find Demo Taped Kick Jump Twist remix below. You can also stream his Radio remix off of Soundcloud below, too. Sylvan Esso’s sophomore album What Now will be out on April 28th.

March 1, 2017

My love affair with Sylvan Esso stretches back to 2013. Upon hearing debut singles Hey Mami and Play It Right just a week or two prior to Burning Man that August, I knew something special was going on and I brought those songs with me to the playa to drop at camp. I was fortunate enough to see the acclaimed duo at tiny little Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco before the massive buzz explosion that happened in 2014, and come August 2017, four years after I first blasted their songs on a dried and dusty lake bed, I’ll be happy to catch them headlining the massive Fox Oakland. The North Carolina based project formed by Mountain Man’s Amelia Meath and Megafaun’s Nick Sanborn is at it again with their imaginative folktronica & creative electronic pop, doling out whimsical brilliance in anticipation of sophomore album What Now. Die Young is the latest preview from the album and it’s just the type of bouncy crisp, kick jumping treat that we’re craving for. The mesmeric thrumming song arrives by music video, and it’s a masterful display of all that we love about Sylvan Esso. Pre-order their album What Now, here. Sylvan Esso will be playing SXSW before their expansive North American tour from May through September. 

December 6, 2016

Sylvan Esso, one of my favorite indie duo’s since 2013 when I stumbled upon their earliest releases and brought them along with me to Burning Man that year, has revealed the B-side to their wildly infectious single Radio, a personal favorite of the year. The North Carolina pair deliver quirky folktronica and fizzy art pop on Kick Jump Twist, a song whose name seems an appropriate description for much of the duo’s fascinating repertoire. Once again, we’re met with a fine balance of sparse minimalism and bubbly magnetism. Kick Jump Twist is as Sylvan Esso as they come, with an extra infusion of analog charm. Radio and Kick Jump Twist are available as a 12″ single from Loma Vista Recordings. Order, here. As it’s been two years since Sylvan Esso’s debut album, I’m hoping these tunes lead up to a sophomore full length soon. 

September 6, 2016

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September 2, 2016

Sylvan Esso is one of those bands that I can proudly say I’ve been a huge supporter of from the very beginning, and it was such fun watching them become the indie darlings of 2014 after the release of a terrific self titled debut album. If you’ve been following IHM for long enough, then you know that I first stumbled upon the North Carolina duo’s playfully mesmeric electronic pop back in 2013. Aside from promptly sharing their earliest songs, I also brought said songs with me to Burning Man that August, gleefully blasting their tunes at camp where I was pretty much in charge of playing near non-stop music for close to 5 days. I, like many others, have been waiting for Sylvan Esso’s return. And boy, is Radio worth that wait, a trembling, pulsating whirlwind of ethereal springing, spunky jabbing charm. As one of my music friends also pointed out, Amelia and Nick go a rather Oh Land like route on this tune, though far more jittery and restless. Sylvan Esso will be embarking on a short tour this month and the next, culminating with a set at Treasure Island Music Festival. I look forward to seeing the duo again after having first caught them at intimate Bottom of The Hill in San Francisco prior to their meteoric indie rise. 

July 13, 2016

I’ve been sitting here wondering how in the heck I missed out on DEM YUUT until this week. The Minneapolis based electronic R&B and bedroom pop quartet are gearing up to release their debut album Liberator, yet I’ve only just encountered their intoxicating music. From the new record comes Dawn/Sea, a florid entrancing fusion of R&B pop with future vibing, hip hop imbued electronica. DEM YUUT explains that they “toy with Top 40 tropes without shorting their impact by rinsing the sweaty impulse of modern R&B in astute waves of synth and indie atmosphere… offset by an ear for hypnotic boom-bap”. Quite the mouthful, but couldn’t be more accurate. After delving deep into their repertoire on Soundcloud, I also came away utterly in love with their glitchy whimsical remix of Sylvan Esso’s Hey Mami. Stream below. For more information and news about these guys, hit up their website.

March 25, 2015

As someone who adores both UK indie rock band Bears Den and North Carolina art pop duo Sylvan Esso, I must say, I never thought to put those two together in any way, considering their huge difference in style. Yet, here we are, with a fantastic cover of Sylvan Esso’s minimalist pop song Coffee by Bears Den. The fellas bring a simmering and smooth alt style to the originally peppy and sparse tune. It’s a very different take on the original, and I’m digging it. Coffee is on Bears Den’s Agape EP, out now.