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February 28, 2018

Australian alt band Chase Atlantic are known for their dark alternative pop, heavily saturated with both rock and R&B. The trio of brothers and pals more than slay on their latest single, Swim, a much electro-R&B leaning syrupy jam that comes with a nebulous video soaked fittingly in a purple haze. Swim is lifted from their self titled album from last year, which can be streamed and purchased via all major platforms, here.

December 12, 2017

Dreamy synths, crisp percussion, and enchanting vocals invite us into Dizzy’s world on Swim. The Ontario quartet, whose ranks consist of brothers Charlie, Alex, and Mackenzie Spencer, as well as their friend, vocalist Katie Munshaw, have shared a music video for their languorous cascading indie gem. The four piece is currently wrapping up a run of North American dates with SHAED and Foreign Air, and they have much more to announce in the coming year. The phosphorescent dream pop swirler is available from major outlets, here.

March 14, 2017

Enigmatic duo Her burst on to the scene last year with a genre bending debut EP, receiving an extensive amount of praise for the release. They’re ready to make their mark on 2017 as they prepare to release new EP ‘Her Tape #2′ on April 7th. Swim, which features Montreal’s ZéFire, is soulful grooving and sexy sleek. R&B, electronica, alt pop, and funk combine to ravishing effect on the opulent taste from ‘Her Tape #2′. ‘Her Tape #2′ can be pre-ordered from digital outlets, here.

June 29, 2016

I’ve been digging the new GROVES for a few days now, and today’s music video for the song gives me the perfect opportunity to share the coastal pop song. With a radiant sound like on Swim, it should come as no surprise that this three piece hails from the sunny shores of Los Angeles. Swim’s 80′s glamorous synthrock is warm glistening and heart melting. Crashing percussion and saccharine swirling ambiance evoke the very waves that churn and turn in the distant ocean. Swim is GROVES’ second song, and this blossoming band is in the midst of an LA residency presented by Alt 98.7 FM at The Hi Hat. Tonight is the very last show in the series. I know where I’d be if I were in Southern California. Swim is available now from iTunes.

April 5, 2016

My discovery of Valley occurred some months after the Toronto indie pop band released a stellar debut EP named Car Test, and I’ve been awaiting something new from the unsigned band since. The outfit, forged from two bands who were accidentally double booked for studio time, re-emerges into the spotlight with a fantastic folk pop tune named Swim. The majestic ballad, a taste from a second EP coming in May, is a brightly stomping, grandly soaring, and lushly endearing gem. Of Monsters And Men enchantment imbues Swim’s Walk The Moon lively melodic hooks. Swim is available starting today from iTunes. I’ll be looking out for more previews from Valley’s sophomore EP with eager zeal. 

April 2, 2016

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two years since we first heard Fickle Friends’ Swim. The gorgeously breezy synthy pop song was the UK duo’s striking debut. Today, Fickle Friends reveals a music video accompaniment for that very first song, and I’m more than happy for this chance to dive back into Swim’s melodic radiance and plucky dance pop. The 1975 mellifluous allure joins forces with Passion Pit like jaunty electronics on the wildly hooking tune. The video comes at just the right moment, reviving the song for me ahead of the summer months that it’ll soundtrack to perfection. For those of you lucky fans across the pond, Fickle Friends will be playing a headline show at London’s 100 club on April 27th. Snag your tickets, here.

January 12, 2016

New York’s EPISODE first popped onto my radar over a year ago when they remixed a song by VÉRITÉ and dropped a debut album chock full of fantastic alt pop originals. The quartet has been rather silent in the meantime, but they’ve made a sudden and superb return with new single Swim. Swim takes a grittier alt rock route. It’s jaunty melody is wonderfully catchy, launching the four piece right back into my new music spotlight and marking them as ones to keep a watch as the year continues. 

July 18, 2015

There’s no denying that California production newcomer Frigo brings such a gorgeous summer hue to UK artist Cape Cub’s lovelorn, tender beauty, Swim. The folksy chill house transformation retains the original’s melting vocals, but enshroud it in a cool, mellow atmosphere that resonates gently yet deeply. It’s a fine way to revisit Cape Cub’s exquisite song, particularly in the heat of this season. I’m ready to dive into some sparkling water to take the edge off this seasonal heat. It would be a sublime experience to swim to this remix of Swim. Download Frigo’s remix for free, here.

May 7, 2015

I missed Cape Cub’s debut song Lantern earlier this year, but I’m eternally grateful I’ve been introduced to him via today’s new song Swim. The UK artist waxes sentimental and lovelorn on the beautiful alternative track. Tender, solitary guitar and a pillowy soft atmosphere make the bittersweet song incredibly moving and sweetly melting. If you missed his cinematic debut song Lantern, as I did, you can stream it below and continue swooning to Cape Cub’s exquisite sound. Cape Cub will have more music coming out this year and plenty of upcoming shows, including an appearance at The Great Escape next month. 

September 16, 2014

UK indie pop newcomers Fickle Friends can’t seem to do wrong with their tunes as they continue to enliven buzz charts this year. Debut single Swim immediately enamored me the moment I heard it some months back with its breezy, summery, disco flavored pop. Today, they return with their third song to date, the grooving For You, which is like a more weightless, refreshing, and airy HAIM or Fleetwood Mac pop song. For You is an irresistible, 80’s evoking single that I find impossible not to love. The track will be available via Crazy Heart Records come September 23 (Killing Moon Records outside the US, on September 15). Fickle Friends will also be touring the UK very shortly with JAWS. Now that they have three tunes out, I’m hoping for a debut EP announcement soon. Guys? Yes? Wink wink? Let’s all listen to Swim again below.