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January 9, 2018

A new acoustic video from Swedish artist Clara Mae has keyed us into her recent single, whose official video has broken out with well over half a million streams on YouTube. You can view the gorgeous acoustic video for the stringy, stripped down version of I’m Not Her below, but let’s turn our attention to the sugar coated electro pop original above. Steely throbbing electronica and vivacious beats intertwine with Clara Mae’s honeyed, kittenish voice on this immediately infectious gem. We’ve shared many an electronic bop with Clara Mae on guest vocals, but I’m Not Her more than proves her draw as a soloist. I’m Not Her is out now on Big Beat, stream/purchase, here.

May 5, 2017

Sigrid is without a doubt one of my favorite new artists this year, and she just released her debut EP, named after that infectiously punchy debut Don’t Kill My Vibe. Fake Friends is one of the four tracks off the Swedish pop sensation’s EP, and it’s nothing short of pop perfection, just like everything else we’ve heard from Sigrid. Its soaring magnificence and Sigrid’s crisp immaculate voice command our full attention. Also on the record is a beautiful acoustic track entitled Dynamite, which you can hear via a stunning video below. I’ve already watched it at least a dozen times. Sigrid’s vocals are sensational on the stripped down piano ballad. They remind me of a cross between Christine and the Queen and Adele. Debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe can be streamed in full on Soundcloud, here. You can also stream the EP or purchase via alternate sources, here. Sigrid’s a star in the making, and we’re lucky to have her around. 

January 26, 2016

[PREMIERE] : Violet Days – Screaming Colors (Lyric Video)

Violet Days’ Screaming Colors is a dramatically sweeping alt pop anthem, a song that bursts into the very multi-colored dazzling vibrancy that lead singer Lina Hansson sings about with such volatile passion. The exuberantly soaring song is a hooking and addictive single from the unsigned four piece based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Today, Violet Days debuted their splashy new lyric video for Screaming Colors, a delightful way to follow along with the song’s imaginative verses. No doubt, you’ll also find yourself longing to sing along to Screaming Colors. The song is exceptionally resplendent and mightily spirited, reminiscent of fellow Swedes NONONO’s high flying pop music, but with darker undertones resembling the pop rock mettle found within Paramore. Visit Violet Days on Spotify, here.

January 22, 2016

Swedish electropop act Wildhart has returned with a beautiful gem to follow up on their debut song Stuck In A Second from a year ago. Fantasy is a glacial pop treat with a simmering trip hop darkness that reminds me of Zero 7 and a graceful elegance much like that of London Grammar. The new snazzy single is a delicately subtle gem that leaves me excited about the trio’s debut EP, due out in Spring. 

September 1, 2015

The moment I heard Maja Francis’ siren like voice when she revealed debut electronic pop gem Last Days Of Dancing earlier this year, I was hooked. I’m a huge fan of Kate Bush, I also happen to love Swedish electronic pop very much. It only follows that Maja Francis’ enchanting sound is the perfect confection for me. Today, Maja Francis offers up a spellbinding cover of Billy Joel classic Just The Way You Are, transforming it into a powerful, mystical pop ballad miles away from the original. And it’s magnificent! Let’s re-visit Last Days Of Dancing below, too, while we’re at it. I love it dearly.

August 26, 2015

There’s a bevy of talent from Sweden at any given moment with the ability to set my heart and soul afire with their music, but the range of sound and genre, even just under the big umbrella name of pop, can be very complex and varied. Sweden songbird LÉON’s sultry electronic pop is smoky and husky, reminding me more of the Tove Lo side of the Swedish pop scene.


follows up on last month’s Tired Of Talking debut with a new infectious jam named Nobody Cares. Incandescent ripples of electronic playfulness pair up with Nobody Care’s inescapably hooking melody to give us one of the year’s catchiest female pop tunes to date. 

June 30, 2015

I’ve been a fan of Swedish/Australian synth pop act Kate Boy for what feels like an eternity, having first caught wind of them over 2 years ago and been a supporter since. In fact, I’ve caught them live several times already in the meantime, both here in San Francisco and many miles away in Austin. And I’d love to catch them again, as soon as possible. You can imagine how happy I am that Kate Boy is finally releasing a debut album this November. Off “ONE” comes a brand new single, Midnight Sun, a driving, pulsing, palpitating song that captures that very bustling, animated Kate Boy quality I love about them. As always, they remind me of other Scandinavian acts I love dearly, in particular a blend of Robyn and Niki and The Dove on Midnight Sun. The single is available now. I can’t wait for more new music off ONE.

June 18, 2015

You can add Maja Francis (Ma-ya Fran-sis) to my list of Swedish acts I dig, because her debut song, Last Days Of Dancing, is a soaring electronic pop song that reminds me of some acts I love very dearly. Her voice immediately evokes Kate Bush, with a touch of Malin from Niki and the Doves. The driving, uptempo melody of Last Days Of Dancing also brings to mind some of Robyn’s infectious hits. Plus, there’s a spirited radiance within the song that comes at us warmly like a blend of NONONO and The Royal Concept. Ah, yes, Maja reminds me why I really, really love music from that side of the world. Last Days Of Dancing is a splendid first pop anthem from an intriguing newcomer. Maja released a video today for the song, which will see a release in the U.S. this summer. She’ll also be playing Way Out West 2015 and is currently supporting Tove Lo and Seinabo Sey on select dates in Scandinavia.

June 4, 2015

Swedish electropop duo R.A.B.B.I.I. (Revolutions Are Best Before Initial Inception) first bewitched me last year with their debut single Why Can’t I Be You, a very Grimes meets CHVRCHES treat. They return now with their second single Hang Us High, an equally spellbinding and ethereal sparkler. Along with its effervescent future pop styled production, R.A.B.B.I.I.’s sleek vocals on the track also remind me of fellow Scandinavian acts like Elliphant and MØ, with a touch of AlunaGeorge sensuality. It’s a soaring, intoxicating second offering that has me hoping to hear more material from R.A.B.B.I.I. this year.

June 3, 2015

Cajsa Siik’s Change Of Heart is such a beautifully enchanting song, and the Swedish artist has released a music video for the ballad, meaning it’s time for a re-visit. Though I first fell in love with the chanteuse’s darker offerings, Change Of Heart has come to be my current Cajsa Siik fave, despite its more crisp and bright qualities. It’s such a vibrantly gentle soother, flitting along with a dainty weightlessness. The new video adds a more of an edge to the full Change Of Heart package.