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January 20, 2017

I must admit, it’s hard to go wrong when you’re re-shaping the landscape on a song as catchy as Pegboard Nerds, NGHTMRE, and Krewella’s supernova collaboration, Superstar, but LA’s Unlike Pluto truly takes us to galactic levels of ecstasy with his aerial swooping remix. This phenomenal trap edit is a high flying dasher, a breezy squall of a sleek teetering, lavish zagging anthem. 

January 7, 2017

Though this one surfaced somewhat later in the day, I knew immediately it’s a track that must be shared right away. In fact, I knew even before I listened to it this would be tremendous. As if Superstar isn’t already a swamp of incredible talent, the Pegboard Nerds and NGHTMRE collaboration featuring Krewella as guests has been remixed by none other than brilliant Greek producer Aero Chord. Aero Chord gave me one of my favorite electronic EPs of 2016 in the form of Love & Hate. He now returns to present us with a grand sweeping electro trap take on wildly infectious Superstar. Aero Chord’s remix is dramatic and regal, a majestic and expansive adventure you can snag for free, here.

September 17, 2016

The massive trifecta of Pegboard Nerds, NGHTMRE, and Krewella gave us one of the summer’s colossal electronic anthems in the form of Superstar, which has since spawned some terrific remixes from a plethora of production talent. For an electrifying and jolting trap and bass rendition of Superstar, we turn to American producers SLOVES and SWRVN for a brain jiggling experience. This “superstar” goes “supernova” on us at breakneck speed, thanks to SLOVES and SWRVN’s thrilling remix skills. The official remix is a free download, here.

August 30, 2016

I used to associate the name Thoreau with the famed philosopher, but nowadays my mind turns towards the producer out of Colorado who’s proven to be a euphoria inducing remix virtuoso with his tracks. He follows up on last week’s sublime remix of Trace’s Low with a mellifluously exhilarating interpretation of Krewella, Pegboard Nerds, and NGHTMRE mega collaboration Superstar. The vivacious oscillating, whimsical trilling undertaking takes me from my desk to the cosmos, building resolutely to a magnificent, guitar laden future bass climax. For a moment, I can’t tell if I’m the superstar or Thoreau, but the answer is clear once the remix fades away and I’m able to think clearly, without the adrenaline rush from the massive edit coursing through my veins. The hero here is obviously not me. Thoreau’s soaring remix is a free download, here.

July 14, 2016

If there’s anyone who could remind us we’re all superstars in our own ways, it would be PC Music’s A.G. Cook. Take flight with the producer as he lifts our spirits with feel good anthem Superstar. Though it’s distinctly PC Music, it starts out rather subtle. Twinkling keys and bright eyed wonder take us to the brink of a precipice, then a grand build up takes us over the edge. Suddenly, instead of falling, we’re floating next to castles in the air in an endless night sky, ready to drift away into dreams filled with hope. 

June 1, 2016

I knew this was going to be a must share even before the very first time I listened to it. I mean, come on. Pegboard Nerds and NGHTMRE, featuring Krewella? Mind blowing, right? Norway’s Pegboard Nerds is always such a treat, and NGHTMRE is just straight slaying the electronic world these days. Krewella just made their heralded return. And now all three of them join forces on the oh so appropriately named Superstar, which also comes with a fabulous music video depicting the adventures of an uber cool girl gamer. Though I don’t have much time to game nowadays, you could say I was once a gamer, too. This high energy whomping romp fest is a trap, dubstep, and electro barrage of uplifting energy. The trio of super acts will leave you feeling like a superstar, ready to unlock hidden levels and take on secret bosses. Superstar is out now on Monstercat and available from iTunes.