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February 9, 2018

Who else but Danish production duo THANKS could immediately inspire us to don our dancing shoes and bust out some sweet moves after a long day? The pair are back with their rambunctious dance rock and French house inflected disco house on their frisky bacchanalian banger Sunshine. So go on, let that sunshine into your heart, throw your hands up in the air, and party the night away to this funkalicious groover. It’ll leave you beaming in joy just before you dive back in head first. Sunshine even has some wonderfully acidic moments for a full on dizzying trip of a soiree. It’s like Basement Jaxx meets C2C and Junior Senior. Stream/download the track, here.

June 16, 2017

There’s no one better to turn to when I need an escapade out of my office than Abroad. The London duo’s airy prancing, drafty gliding electronica and synthpop is like a trip to paradise. The pair recently returned with a brand new breath of fresh air named Sunshine. It’s light as a feather, but there’s a sadness and a wistfulness that saturates its nostalgic glow, too. You can check out the rest of Will Cruger and Jack Dawson’s sublime songs on Soundcloud, here.

June 3, 2017

Phoenix’s new album Ti Amo drops in a week, and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun, judging from what we’ve heard off of it so far. The French veterans say that their new ful length is inspired by summer and Italian disco. Goodbye Soleil follows on prior reveals J-Boy and the album’s title track. It’s a sun drenched slice of dreamy electronica and synthpop. Phoenix is really indulging in the French house aspect of their music with their recent releases. Goodbye Soleil quickly reminds me of M83′s recent album Junk and Daft Punk’s lighter, airier fare. Ti Amo will be out June 9th via Glassnote Records.

September 23, 2016

If you managed to miss out on Trapdoor Social’s dulcet lilting, brightly charging alt rock single Sunshine over the summer, their sharp popping music video for the song is an opportune moment to familiarize yourself with the unforgettable tune. Sunshine comes from this Los Angeles five piece’s recent self titled album. “You gotta fill it up with sunshine” sings Trapdoor Social. Lucky for us, we’re getting a lot of sunshine here in Northern California. We even have a heat wave coming up this weekend. It’s prime time to blast Trapdoor Social’s ravishing yet bittersweet brooding tune as we get on with our lives. Trapdoor Social’s new album is available now from iTunes.

September 1, 2016

We already know from Classic how sumptuous music involving both LA’s POWERS and NYC’s The Knocks can be. The two duos meet again on a candy coated, light frisky remix of POWERS’ incandescent Sunshine by The Knocks. There’s no resisting the sun dappled nu-disco charm of this perky hopping treat. My head’s wagging from shoulder to shoulder as I type. If it’s good feels you need, this spinning carousel is your answer. You can also take the remix for a whirl via Soundcloud below.

August 15, 2016

In a way, this next one sort of brings me back, full circle. The very first track from Motez that we ever shared on IHM was his stunning edit of my all time favorite Flight Facilities song, Clair De Lune. We’ve been on board with the Australia based producer since. Motez’s latest jam sees him going back to Flight Facilities as his source and inspiration. This time around, he’s given Sunshine, featuring Reggie Watts, a brilliant makeover that brings out the soulfulness of the track, doused in much verdant lush deep house zestfulness. Motez’s remix is a cool swish of sensual entrancing dance music much akin to Disclosure and SBTRKT/Sampha mixed with some Gorgon City and Bondax.

June 29, 2016

It’s summer, and everyone seems to be addicted to the warmth and steady stream of enriching vitamin D that comes from the shine of the sun. I’m also addicted, as I have been for some time now, to Los Angeles duo POWERS, the very same two piece that gave us some of my favorite sun kissed groovers of last summer. Turns out, POWERS’ latest glowing sonic treat is named, what else, but Sunshine. Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru brighten our day with their breezy ray of light. Sunshine is an upbeat and playful, breezy yet nostalgic alt pop meets electropop jam that also channels an abundance of flittery flute future vibes. Mike and Crista have presented us with another unforgettable summer anthem, one that will no doubt soundtrack the rest of my dog days ahead. Sunshine will be on POWERS” highly anticipated debut full length, due out later this year. The duo will also be playing Popscene in San Francisco on July 14th, something I’ve had marked on my calendar since the show’s initial announcement. 

June 3, 2016

I don’t think there’s a “better” way to kick off a warm June weekend than some melodic tropical bliss. Poland’s We Are Friends links up with honey voiced Los Angeles vocalist Grant Genske on Better, and they brighten my day ten fold with the heart melting, saccharine soulful tune. A tropical sun shines down us brilliantly as we glide across aqua blue waves. All troubles and worries, any uncertainty and doubt are left far behind as we venture into the unknown, filled with hope. Better is also available now on Spotify.

April 30, 2015


It’s like, 80 degrees out in SF, but I’m stuck in a windowless office room where it’s ALWAYS freezing. My space heater is roaring, and I have a puffy jacket on. But you know what? I feel like I could be out in the sun, with a huge smile on my face, spinning around with my arms outstretched in euphoria, thanks to this fresh remix of Austin alt band The Vantage’s Place In The Water by Mark Chill! The Los Angeles based producer transformed the stomping, energetic Young The Giant rock meets Walk The Moon pop anthem into a gleaming indie dance gem interwoven with hints of delicious disco and resplendent tropical. Mark Chill says that “the lyrics and story were a perfect fit for my chill/summer style of production”, and he does an excellent job fusing his sublimely sparkling and effervescent style to the indie rock vibes on the original. Snag it on May 5th when it’s out on iTunes, and add it to your sweet summer dance playlist!

July 15, 2014

London five piece The Helmholtz Resonators released their new single Sunshine, along with double A-side accompaniment Shadow, on Genepool. It’s a feel good, psychedelic dance pop gem with some wonderfully woozy moments. The superbly catchy, Balearic tinged Sunshine is quite heart warming with its languid, laid back charm.