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December 3, 2016

It’s been a couple of fabulous weeks for those of us that are fond of Ohio’s PUBLIC. Not only did a synth bedazzling remix of PUBLIC’s Perfect by Walk The Moon arise in the interim, but the indie pop three piece have now unleashed a bonafide gem of a new single named 4Her. I’d like to imagine that “her” is me as I wag my head blissfully to this weightless springing, tropical uplifting confection. This light summer breeze is the perfect romantic treat that weds synthwave with balmy dance pop in a very St. Lucia meets M83 fashion. 

September 21, 2016

If you have a hankering for some truly feel good pop, you’re going to want to submerse yourself in the radiance of Best Friends. The song comes from Sydney, Australia’s Allie & Ivy, a project that, despite its binary name, is the creation of one electropop singer songwriter named Aleisha Conlay. Summer has drawn to a close on this side of the world, but Best Friends reminds us it’s always summer somewhere else. The breezy sunshine pop aria takes us back to lazy pool side afternoons. Best Friends is also perfect for some gleeful beach frolicking. In fact, if they were to make a new Little Mermaid, Allie & Ivy’s sparkler would be a soundtrack must. I can picture it now: fish jumping sky high, dolphins cartwheeling in mid-air, shiny crustaceans dancing in joy. This late summer party jam is out now on iTunes.

September 1, 2016

When I hear the name KYKO, my mind inadvertently turns towards sunshine and blue skies, palm trees and coconuts, islands and white sand beaches. This may be due to the fact that the singer songwriter from London chose an alliterative name that sounds like a tropical paradise, but it’s probably more because we’ve come to associate him with lustrous shimmering, balmy glowing pop. KYKO single handedly holds the end of summer at bay with his new song, Horizon, an infectious sparkler from his forthcoming ‘Wildlife’ EP, due for release in winter. I know who I’ll be listening to when I need to keep warm during the frigid cold of the holidays. KYKO’s Horizon is a synth pumping, verdant luscious indie pop song, a Bastille and Gryffin chimera full of life. Horizon will be out as a single on September 2nd. 

June 29, 2016

It’s summer, and everyone seems to be addicted to the warmth and steady stream of enriching vitamin D that comes from the shine of the sun. I’m also addicted, as I have been for some time now, to Los Angeles duo POWERS, the very same two piece that gave us some of my favorite sun kissed groovers of last summer. Turns out, POWERS’ latest glowing sonic treat is named, what else, but Sunshine. Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru brighten our day with their breezy ray of light. Sunshine is an upbeat and playful, breezy yet nostalgic alt pop meets electropop jam that also channels an abundance of flittery flute future vibes. Mike and Crista have presented us with another unforgettable summer anthem, one that will no doubt soundtrack the rest of my dog days ahead. Sunshine will be on POWERS” highly anticipated debut full length, due out later this year. The duo will also be playing Popscene in San Francisco on July 14th, something I’ve had marked on my calendar since the show’s initial announcement. 

June 25, 2016

HALFNOISE, a project created by Nashville artist and former Paramore drummer Zac Farro, takes us into a bright fantasy land involving long distance European lovers with his new video for pastel vivid, dreamy lush Know The Feeling. This summer shimmering slice of synthy pop is a breezy dazzler. Humid tropical vibes abound, evoking St. Lucia and Friendly Fires. The indie pop song is available now on iTunes. A studio album from HALFNOISE is set to be released in the coming months via Congrats! Records globally and Pilerats Records in Australia and New Zealand.

June 22, 2016

Blondage’s Lucky Black Skirt is far too fine a jam not to share again now that the Danish duo has unleashed a music video for the song. Blondage, formerly known as Rangleklods, cool us off on this hot summer night with their charming tune, one which blends the breeziness of Balearic pop with the spiciness of dance funk. Lucky Black Skirt is like a sexy mix of Foster The People, Empire Of The Sun, and Peter Bjorn & John. “I’mma go dancing tonight, I don’t care if you’re by my side”. You see, I have Blondage, and that’s all I need. The duo’s self titled debut EP arrives this September, and you can pre-order here.

May 25, 2016

Solitude is effortlessly kept at bay when accompanied by the radiant synthpop of Canadian darlings Dragonette. The trio arrive back on the scene with playful peppy new tune Lonely Heart, a wildly infectious and breezy jovial gem. Its candy coated allure and nonchalant island sunshine remind me of some of No Doubts’ blithe songs. Lonely Heart will be out as a single come Friday, May 27th. I’m hoping this means more Dragonette is on the way.

May 22, 2016

Infinity is infinitely charming, the latest guitar pop confection from Vancouver’s BESTiE. I swear I can actually feel a warm breeze tousling my hair while swaying away to sun kissed Infinity. The quartet deliver summer beach radiance on the sweetly ambling, leisurely swirling twinkler. Infinity comes from BESTiE’s new EP, Permanent Vacation, which they just released last Friday. Snag the three track treat from iTunes. Permanent Vacation also includes previously featured tunes Bae and Bubble Bath, and it will certainly take a hold of you and leave your heart skipping away in euphoria. 

May 3, 2016

[PREMIERE] RÉN – Into The Unknown

When the world seems to be flying by at break neck speed and the burden of worries are dragging heavy on the heart, RÉN is here to inspire with hope and optimism. The Brooklyn based singer songwriter delivers glowing feel good pop on new single Into The Unknown. Most people in their early twenties tend to go through various phases of angst, anxiously comparing their lives and goals to those of their peers, all the while perplexed by a crucial choice between what to do and what they want to do. RÉN was addled by the very same issues that so many of us have faced, and to deal with the chaos of it all, she escaped to Santa Cruz, California for some R&R. While there, she drove past a sign at a bakery that simply advised “Relax, you’ve got plenty of time”. A weight was lifted by that sagacious message (and a cupcake was eaten, too). Instead of dwelling on her  worries or on her jealousies, RÉN channeled her renewed energy and the baker’s enlightening advice into Into The Unknown. 

There’s always an abundance of uplifting pop in the world, but Into The Unknown, with the addition of the charming personal story behind the song, feels particularly intimate and sincere. The crisply refreshing, summery flushed gem paints the future as a welcoming prospect, and it’s hard to disagree when

RÉN effortlessly and endearingly coos her way into your smiling heart. Into The Unknown is polished smooth, an irresistibly gliding swathe of lithe sparkling, synth breezy pop. Visit

RÉN’s Soundcloud to listen to this rising chanteuse’s other two excellent pop songs, Sunflowers in the Sky and resonating debut, Time. Into The Unknown will be out on various outlets, including iTunes, this Friday, May 6th.

May 3, 2016

Though this song is named Touch The Ground, it really leaves me an urge to dance on the ground, which I suppose is a form of touch, too. The summery bright dance pop song comes from a four piece from Los Angeles named Wake The Wild. Touch The Ground is a breezy light, melodic airy treat. The spectacularly electrifying and fuzzy warm song carries the spryness of RAC, the glow of Great Good Fine OK, and the palm tree dance party vibes of Goldroom or Viceroy. Wake The Wild’s debut single is available now on iTunes.