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December 22, 2016

I was traipsing through the internets this afternoon in search of more holiday tunage when I encountered KiWi on Mad Decent’s A Very Decent Christmas 4 compilation, one that, for the most part, erupted with copious moombahton. KiWi immediately stood out from the crowd with their manic dark electronica. I hope you’re strapped in and ready for a carousel ride, one that whirls at break neck speeds. The Japanese duo jounce and rattle with The Christmas Party, a sugary trouncing, playful bouncing electropop tune that evokes Die Antwoord’s quirky theatrics, PC Music’s outlandishness, and The Nightmare Before Christmas ghoulishness. If Tim Burton ever makes a proper sequel, I suggest he looks into having KiWi on the soundtrack. This is one fun sounding, bass shaking Christmas party that I’d love to attend. For more of KiWi’s whimsicality, stream SUGAR PANIC below. Though it comes from earlier this year, SUGAR PANIC fits the Christmas bill to the tee, too. You can stream or purchase Mad Decent’s A Very Decent Christmas 4 compiilation, here