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March 14, 2017

Colouring’s music has always had a heartrending effect on me. The British quartet’s longing hymnals pull me into gently swirling eddies of emotion. I drift upon those currents yet again as Colouring presents us with new single Heathen. The song’s sophisticated palette integrates silky R&B with downtempo soul and drafty electronica. Heathen blooms like a resplendent flower, but its exposed petals are weighed down by a thin covering of misty dew. Colouring’s new single is breathtakingly beautiful despite its heartbreaking sorrow. Much like Rhye, Heathen is soft and sensuous, with strings feathery and empyreal. Purchase the single from iTunes, here. Alternate stream of Heathen available via Soundcloud below.

July 14, 2015

Lushly cinematic and orchestral Waves is a magnificent piece of indie rock music that I’ve been eagerly waiting to share with you for some time now, after its initial Billboard premiere. Its Arcade Fire like stringy, baroque arrangement and driving, soaring melody put veteran Rhode Island band The Dear Hunter right smack in the middle of the spotlight. The gorgeously majestic song comes from The Dear Hunter’s coming sixth full length album, Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise, out September 4th.

May 6, 2015

Last month, I shared a fiery and passionate pop ballad, Natural Disaster, from an actress and musician named Molly Moore. The songstress, originally from New York and now based in Los Angeles, swept me away with her deep, bewitching vocals on the song, co-written with Brandyn Burnette and Melanie Fontana. Today, she’s offered up a remix of the song by MTS, and amazingly enough, the song is taken to even more string laden, gut wrenching levels of sentiment. It’s an elegant orchestral makeover with plenty of cello and piano driven cinematic swells, ready to burst your heart with emotion.

April 25, 2015

I love how Oh So Quiet brings their Argentinian roots into their folk music. They’re based in London now, but there’s something so spellbinding about those Latin strings and their earthiness, as demonstrated once again on their second song, a beauty named Rain At Night. The notes on the song and its exquisite vocals fall softly, like the pitter patter of rain. The sublime gem begs a proper, uninterrupted listen. Sit back, relax, and get drawn into Rain At Night’s swell of heart melting sound. Rain At Night is taken from Oh So Quiet’s debut EP, to be released on May 4th. 

OFFICIAL VID: Passport To Stockholm – Chemistry

March 31, 2015

British newcomers Passport To Stockholm bring back their stringy, orchestral indie sound on cinematic new single Chemistry. Though a dreamier and more tender track, Chemistry’s lush flavors remind me of debut single Imperfections from last year. They introduce the song via a music video. Chemistry is a beautifully expansive and deeply sentimental gem from their crowdfunded The Chemistry EP, a four track release.

March 5, 2015

This one’s definitely one of the more surprising remixes to surface this week. Ever wonder what a cross between electronic R&B master Tom Krell, aka How To Dress Well, and Jack Antonoff fronted alt band Bleachers might sound like? I never have, either. But sure enough, here we are, with a remix of Bleachers’ exhilarating anthem Rollercoaster remixed by How To Dress Well. Tom Krell quiets the boisterous original down and gives it a very tender and hushed makeover brimming with poignant strings, emotional piano, additional dreamy vocals, and expansive spaciousness. Exquisite.

February 28, 2015

Norwegian producer Matoma has certainly managed to conquer a huge swath of the tropical house scene with his tracks this past year. I’ve seen his name topping buzz charts and iTunes charts these prior weeks. Surprisingly enough, Matoma’s latest reveal is a remix of Australian alternative band Sheppard’s infectious hit Geronimo. Also unexpectedly, though summery, melodic, and balmy, Matoma steps away from some of his signature tropical hues on the remix. Instead, his gorgeous Geronimo remix is a stringy, cinematic, and regal offering. It’s massively epic.

February 21, 2015

Sydney based indie pop artist Wren recently released her debut EP, Raw, and with it comes a music video for striking, beautiful EP track Soldiers. It’s a simple yet hypnotizing video that befits the song’s qualities, showcasing Wren’s earnest and ardent vocals alongside its sweepingly cinematic strings. Atmospheric and poignant, Soldiers is a heart gripping, breathtaking ballad. Its electronic violin has me floating up into the sky, driven by such elegant, affecting beauty.

February 14, 2015

Orchestral chamber pop blends with spacious, moving electronic R&B on Swedish artist Saturday, Monday’s exquisite new song Marble Coast, which features British artist Brolin. The stringy, beautiful song has the stark and poignant minimalist of Perfume Genius mixed with the affecting crooning and electronic atmosphere of How To Dress Well, and it’s such a stunning, breathtaking experience. Marble Coast is a spectacular blend of classic sound and contemporary electronic. The track will be on Saturday, Monday’s EP, Late, out March 23rd via Swedish label Despotz.

November 27, 2014

Sydney singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wren swept me off my feet with her beautiful new single Alive, a melancholic ballad interspersed with such haunting strings, sparkling piano, and brooding atmosphere. Wren’s vocals are wonderfully soothing and captivating, reminding me at times of Beach House’s Victoria Legrand. The gorgeous Alive will be on Wren’s debut EP Raw, due for release in early 2015.