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June 22, 2017

Our excitement for RAC’s star studded new album EGO continues to grow at an exponential rate as André Allen Anjos unleashes this lush dazzler named The Beautiful Game, which features everyone’s favorite tropical synthpop project from Brooklyn, St. Lucia! The Beautiful Game is the perfect balance between RAC’s exuberant dance vitality and St. Lucia’s 80′s inspired leafy luxuriance. The Beautiful Game is all palm trees and linen shirts, shades and fruity cocktails. EGO is going to be one spectacular record, bursting with jaw dropping cameos. The Grammy award winning producer’s last single off of EGO, I Still Wanna Know, features Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. We now know that The Beautiful Game will also feature the likes of MNDR, Joywave, Scavenger Hunt, Pink Feathers, Karl Kling, K.Flay, and so much more. EGO arrives on July 14th via Counter Records, pre-order what will surely be one of the must have albums of summer, here. Catch RAC on tour for EGO this fall, or at Outside Lands Music Festival in August, which is where you can find me.

December 1, 2016

Synthwave project Midnight Mystery Club dazzles with infectious ‘Calling Me’. This song has already been featured on College Radio stations throughout North America and The U.K. The group is actually named after a secret bicycling society in San Francisco and their sound reminds me of St. Lucia.

February 20, 2016

Alright, kids, it’s time to don those dance shoes as we segue into that section of IHM’s features when we light it up with some rad beats and rousing bass. St. Lucia’s Dancing On Glass is a booty shaking jam in itself, my favorite song from the Brooklyn synthpop act’s recent vibrant album Matter. Dutch duo Keljet infuses Dancing On Glass with even more glassy sleek dance energy on a vibrant and flashy nu-disco makeover that premiered on Soundcloud channel Couterie. I don’t care if there’s glass all over the floor and I’m Bruce Willis in Die Hard with no shoes on, I’m getting my dance on to this divine remix.

January 23, 2016

In less than a week, we get to dive into that brand new St. Lucia album, a sure to be scintillating follow up to 2013′s much adored When The Night. As we count down the days, the Brooklyn synthpop act infuses us with riotous spirit and dance inducing mirth with new album reveal, Help Me Run Away. The exuberant track has me pumped up and ready to run miles to the song on repeat. With songs like this one and Dancing On Glass on upcoming album Matter, I know that 2016′s about to get a huge infusion of spectacular music splendor. Pre-order Matter, which drops on January 29th, here. I’ll be waiting at my doorway for the physical copy I pre-ordered months ago.

January 9, 2016

Not only is today awesome because it’s Friday, but it’s extra awesome because St. Lucia revealed a brand new song!  The much adored Brooklyn synthpop act is gearing up for the release of sophomore album, Matter, on January 29th, which seems to be one massive release day considering all the good stuff coming out then. Many, if not all, of St. Lucia’s upcoming shows on tour are already sold out, as they were on the band’s last tour for When The Night. I hope you managed to get your grubby paws on some tickets. Even if not, you can sit at home and play Love Somebody on repeat, over and over again, and everything will be okay. Love Somebody starts at a slow pace, nearly mournfully, but it soon expands and flowers. St. Lucia’s scintillating tropics hued synthpop builds upon itself into a verdant explosion of lushly layered magnificence. Though Love Somebody is a slow grooving tune, it’s just as intoxicating and uplifting as some of St. Lucia’s other songs. Pre-order Matter as I have, here.

December 5, 2015

I’m kicking myself for doing something really stupid today. You see, come March next year, St. Lucia and Grace Mitchell are playing a show at intimate venue the Independent in San Francisco. It was obvious from the get go that the stellar lineup was going to sell out the show right away. So, being NORMALLY on top of my tickets game, I open up a tab on my browser to the ticketing page hours ahead of time. I glance at my clock a few minutes prior to the noon onsale time, and then I dive so deeply into new music and this thing called work, that I totally forgot about my open tab for forty minutes. The show sold out long prior. At least I get to find a little consolation in the fact that St. Lucia announced a sophomore album and revealed a new song. Maybe a little more than a little consolation, considering how wonderfully dancey good the Brooklyn synthpop artist’s new song Physical happens to be, not that any of that is surprising at all. Physical prances and pulses exuberantly, a burst of vivid energy and heated electropop. St. Lucia’s album, Matter, will be out January 29th on Columbia Records. I wonder how it’ll stack up next to much acclaimed and loved debut album When The Night. Physical has my expectations ramped up high.

October 9, 2015

CRSSD Fest – Day 1 – Ocean View Live – 7 to 8pm. St Lucia will be rocking the stage. My first experience with them was during their tour with Empire of the Sun. They filled the crowd with energy and also wooed us with some of their earlier work like this.

March 18, 2015

My weekly arrival of pre-ordered albums includes Marina and the Diamond’s Froot, and I’m much excited to pop the disc in for an eager listen. I’m still very curious to see if Froot, like prior album Electra Heart, is a full on concept treat, full of subtle artistic messages lathered in sugary pop gloss. In the meantime, I’ll dance away to this fantastic remix of the title track by none other than everyone’s favorite summery synthpop band St. Lucia! Retro 80′s flavor and plenty of balmy Balearic vibes? Yes, please!

March 14, 2015

What is going on with Great Good Fine OK? They’re killing me, in a good way, with endless good tunes! In the past weeks, we’ve already listened to several new originals, as well as a terrific collaboration with The Chainsmokers. And yet, here they are again, with another melting gem. This time, the song is named Something To Believe In, and it features Brooklyn’s balmy synthpop act St. Lucia. Great Good Fine OK and St. Lucia, all on one tune! Why don’t you take a moment to process that? It’s huge, isn’t it? Combined, the two stellar acts have given us a song that’s both GGFO style smooth and St. Lucia style Balearic and summery. Oh, my!

July 23, 2014

Synthpop act St. Lucia, one of last year’s top indie darlings, has remixed fellow Brooklyn act Little Daylight’s electropop song Mona Lisa, which is off just released debut album Hello Memory. What else would you expect from balmy St. Lucia but a even more retro 80’s flavored, summer ready, dazzling rendition? It’s full on exhilarating and dang good.