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August 22, 2015

One of several recent new talents based in Nashville that I’m much fixated with is an enchanting songstress named Fleurie, originally from Michigan. The indie pop artist revealed a new single yesterday named Sparks, the second track from Fleurie’s upcoming EP, Arrows, out September 4th. Sparks is certainly an igniting spark of gorgeously stringy synthpop. You can literally feel the passionate love pouring through from the elegant song, which flutters and twinkles, taking flight like a graceful bird. Sparks is a prime choice to listen to the next time you’re hanging with your beau or bae while gazing affectionately into each others eyes. You can pre-order Fleurie’s Arrows EP on iTunes.

July 3, 2015

Who here is super duper crazy excited that Beach House is gearing up to release a fifth full length album? I know I am, and my heart skipped a beat when the Baltimore dream pop duo revealed a new song off the coming release. Sparks, however, seems different from songs off previous 2012 album Bloom. Sure, it’s still dreamy, but it’s also a lot more of an experimental electronic song, darker and more shoegaze noisy. Beach House gave me one of my most memorable Treasure Island Music Festival moments, something I’ll always remember them for. It was sunset, they were playing the Tunnel Stage, and I went on the Ferris wheel. As the sun disappeared behind the regal San Francisco skyline and the bay’s reflective shimmers slowly faded, Victoria Legrand cooed beautifully and tenderly over their swirly, languorous indie rock, and I was lost in a moment of complete and utter perfection. I can envision that happening all over again listening to Sparks despite its ringing clang. It’s a song that seems to smooth out and draw you in more with every passing second. There’s an electrifying hum to Sparks, underneath all that hazy beauty and languid charm, and it adds to the reverie inducing effect of Beach House’s gorgeous music. New album Depression Cherry will be out August 28th on Sub Pop.

December 16, 2014

I stumbled upon a French/Finnish indie band named The Dø earlier this year, and was duly impressed by their music. They’ve actually been around for many years, so you can say that I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to The Dø. It’s just came to my attention that they’ll be releasing their third album, Shake Shook Shaken, stateside come January 26, and Sparks is the new single off of it. Sparks is an instantly hooking and lush synthpop listen, pulsing slowly with a hypnotizing rhythm and gliding along with sweeping, bittersweep beauty, like a CHVRCHES meets M83 dazzler.

May 15, 2012

Vintage pop is in. It’s SOOO in. So what could be even better than a mixtape filled with actual oldie goodies from a few decades back? POP ETC, formerly Morning Benders (and mad props to them for why they changed their name in March, read here), released this 1986 Weekend Mix featuring good old tracks from artists and bands like Janet Jackson, Sparks, Tears for Fears, Don Henley, etc. These are all acts that were great influences on POP ETC. Stream the 32 minutes and be transported through time on a very happy journey. According to POP ETC, they made this mega fun mix for sleepovers.