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April 2, 2018

Bernice’s new song Glue really does stick to us like an endearing adhesive. It’s a finely textured and whimsically crafted tune from the rising Toronto pop experimentalists, and it’s a must for anyone who loves Dirty Projectors and Hundred Waters. The spacey, jazzy ambling art pop tune arrives with news of a new album from the group named “Puff LP: In the air without a shape” which follows on Bernice’s acclaimed 2017 Puff EP. The languorous wafting song is deeply entrancing and delightfully capricious. “Puff LP: In the air without a shape” will be out on May 25th via Arts & Crafts.

February 15, 2018

We interrupt our regular scheduled lineup of songs to share brand new Beach House! That’s right, the prestigious Maryland dream pop duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally has suddenly surprised us tonight with Lemon Glow. The kaleidoscopic spiraling song is accompanied by official news that a new album will be arriving this spring. The pair also said, “Wishing everyone out their love tonight.” Love is in the air alright… our love for Beach House grows more profuse than ever as we dive head first into this ocean of dark, spacey synths and Victoria Legrand’s signature dreamy whorling vocals. Ah, such a splendid night it truly is. Our ears are perked and ready for more album news.

February 15, 2018

Lake Jons released their marvelous self titled debut album last month. In the days leading up to its arrival, we shared many of the Finnish lo-fi pop and psych folk band’s songs. Just as we expected, their debut album doesn’t contain a single banal track. Give Away is but one of many splendid songs from the record, and today we partake in its spacey warbling, jaunty stirring rock together. I’d encountered it on Soundcloud during my musical discovery adventures, and I just couldn’t resist popping it up for a share since it’s such a wonderfully intoxicating, heady shimmering delight. For more on Lake Jons’ debut album, visit their website, here.

February 2, 2018

Oakland native Arieh Berl continues to garner growing success with his solo project Pink Skies since his debut ‘Start. End’ half a year ago. In fact, attention has been so swift that some congratulations are in order. The multi-faceted musician, who’s also a member of local indie band Fever Charm, has signed his first record deal with HW&W Recordings, and he’s gearing up to drop Pink Skies’ first EP on the label later this year. Tonight, we groove out to the first single off the EP, an infectiously pumping psychedelic dance and electro-rock song named Reflections. Though we’re still much infatuated with Pink Skies’ prior singles and even his cover of 6LACK’s Gettin’ Old, there’s no doubt that Reflection is his best song to date. It prances and sashays with satin chic aplomb, like Electric Guest meets Broken Bells with extra pizzazz and spring. You’ll be hard pressed not to swing your hips and wag your head to the gallant rhythm of this flashy glittering, wavy rolling tune. Keep up with Pink Skies’ releases on Soundcloud, here, while we await further news regarding his self-titled debut EP.

February 2, 2018

I’m ebulliently bouncing in my seat right now to the latest from Sego. The Los Angeles based duo deliver some foxy art rock and synthrock on Cigarette Kids with a wry drawl. It’s a droopy curling, whimsically dallying delight of epic proportions. We almost feel like the titular characters, coolly hanging out on the neighborhood corner, playfully tousling each others’ hair and tapping our feet to the boombox we’ve brought along with us. Cigarette Kids is a hazy distorted trip to suburbia, where it provides an escape from the ever mundane. It’s Arcade Fire from The Suburbs gone warped and psychedelic, heady and contorted. Stream Sego’s prior singles via Soundcloud, here.  

February 2, 2018

KUNZITE sure isn’t losing any time in unleashing their music upon us, even though the fascinating new project just made their debut with MONKS a few short weeks ago. And we’re not for complaining at all. Not only are they back with a new single, but the duo, whose ranks include Ratatat’s Mike Stroud and White Flight’s Justin Augustin, have already announced a debut album, too! Birds Don’t Fly is set for release on March 2nd. And the hotly tipped pair regales us with more of their “multidimensional sound stream broadcasting from the inner depths of Earth, while simultaneously emanating from the heart of the Milk Way Galaxy” with VAPORS and its music video. KUNZITE’s sound is not easy to typecast. In fact, it subverts expectations with its spacey pop and dance ready groove. If VAPORS really were a sound stream from space, it’s a swift reminder that space itself is shackled to time… This song seems to defy delineations of eons and epochs. Funk guitars, behemoth pop hooks, and psychedelic flourishes abound on the flashy alt electronic jam. A free download of VAPORS is available from KUNZITE’s website, here

January 23, 2018

Despite a project named The Undercover Dream Lovers, Brooklyn musician Matt Koenig musical forte sure isn’t very “undercover” anymore. We’re not the only ones to have fallen for his new single Feelin’ Left Out, a whimsical yet fittingly dreamy pastiche of glossy pop and funky rock. It’s a dashing tune that coasts with cool ease, like an avant-garde version of MGMT’s latest offerings, paired with the serene breeze of Porches. Hit The Undercover Dream Lovers’ Soundcloud, here, for more of Matt Koenig’s music.

January 18, 2018

Kunzite is without a doubt one of the more intriguing newcomers of the new year so far. The project just debuted today with their first single, MONKS, an indie electro meets psych pop prancer with hints of reggae trickling through in its rhythmic cadence. The two producers and multi-instrumentalists who make up this band are no strangers to the music scene. Mike Stroud of RATATAT and Agustin White of WHITE FLIGHT are the gentlemen responsible for this sweet tune, and they describe their sound as a “multidimensional sound stream broadcasting from the inner depths of Earth, while simulataneously emanating from the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy.” More info about the pair can be found on their website, here. Spin MONKS on Spotify, here.

January 16, 2018

I know I’m truly digging a band when I can’t seem to stop sharing each and every one of their new singles as they appear. Helsinki’s Lake Jons has quickly becoming one of our most regular guests on IHM with their blissful blend of space pop and psych folk. Lake Family is as euphoric a track as the buzzing band has put out, a driving progression of dreamy synths and meditative vocals, embellished with a rambunctious pattern of percussion. It arrives ahead of Lake Jons’ self titled debut album this Friday on AntiFragile Music, which will explore themes of introspection, existentialism, and human relationships, with lyrics detailing a quieter existence. Lake Family can be streamed or purchased from various outlets, here. You can re-visit Lake Jons’ prior releases on Soundcloud, here, as we count down the days to that debut album on Friday.

January 9, 2018

Let’s take a woozy trip down psychedelic lane with Stephan Kreussel, an enigmatic bedroom producer and musician from South Africa who suddenly uploaded a collection of inaugural songs onto his Soundcloud just over a week ago. To be honest, we were stuck listening to all of these songs, and we had a very hard time deciding on a track to feature. But we finally decided to hone in on Mermaid, a dreamy chill psych rock and electronica song that channels a fascinating blend of Tame Impala, The Shins, and Homeshake. Mermaid has since racked up an impression amount of streams since we first came across it, but make sure you check out more of the mysterious newcomer’s music below. Stream Why Don’t You Love Me? and The Sweetest Thing, or listen to all of Stephan Kreussel’s fine tunes on Soundcloud, here.