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November 13, 2014

From France comes a new producer named Clanch, who’s released his debut EP, AWSS, today on Soundress. The first single off the EP is the synthpop leaning song Autumn. The spacious, melodramatic, and trumpeting style of production earlier on in the song reminds me of Lithuanian producer Ten Walls, whom I’m very fond of. Add in bittersweet Rufus Du Sol like vocals and a fantastic Caribou evoking percussive rhythm, and we have on our hands a dynamic, organic gem.

June 21, 2014

Alright, alright, one last remix for now, I promise, but it’s a special one! Have you ever wondered what Foster The People would sound like if they decided to go the nu-disco route? Ask no more. Listen to this remix of Foster The People’s Best Friend (off recent sophomore album Supermodel) by French producer Dim Sum. And yes, his tunes are as tasty as his name sounds. Mmm… dim sum… His Best Friend flip is filled with slick and funky electro beats. I’ve concluded that Foster The People should put forth some nu-disco music. Mark Foster’s voice and the style of their music really works disco-fied! As for Dim Sum, I’m certainly keen on his music now that I’ve stumbled upon it. Dim Sum released an EP earlier this year on Soundress, and the title track Coucou Disco is a epic, grooving jam, great for those who dig early Daft Punk crossed with Giorgio Moroder and some acts off DFA.