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May 16, 2018

Refs waxes poignantly reflective on gooey melting new tune, Roots, the latest fine single from a NYC based electronic pop duo we’ve been featuring for three prolific years. We indulge in the jazzy, snazzy, creamy, and buttery alongside Refs on their electro-soul styled track. All of a sudden, all I want to do is close my eyes and slow-waltz around the room to their satin crooning and the luxuriantly simmering song, of which Refs states: 

‘A side effect of love stories that never fully play out is a looming sense of “if-only”. Roots is about all the meandering semi-truths and ill-advised solutions we lean into and learn from, in the absence of that bloom.’ The tenderly heartrending, gently aching sonnet can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

April 19, 2018

UK producer Luvian, who first won our hearts over over four years ago with his superb remixes, has unveiled a captivating video for his single Rooms, which features Amber on beautifully limber vocals. The airy plinking, supple cantering, and soulful stirring electronic song is the lead single from Luvian’s A Time & Place EP, out now via Ultra. Luvian’s new video is set across several picturesque landscapes. It focuses on the wistfulness of the sea, in contrast to the rebirth of decaying flowers. His new EP is a five-track production that showcases Luvian’s expansive sonic palette, replete with synthetic sounds, guitar riffs, and playful keys. You can find the EP, here.

April 12, 2018

The world around me seems to come to a stop as Jareth transfixes me with her silvery voice. Her vocals are incredibly clear and crisp, melodious and unsullied. They lead us through Bit By Bit, the London-based singer songwriter’s new single off her solo debut EP. It’s a refined indie soul meets orchestral pop aria from a compelling artist who’s lent her voice to collaborations with Rene LaVice, Bashy, Lioness, and Ghetts. She’s also been championed by and penned tracks for Cheryl and Chris Lake. Bit By Bit continues to showcase Jareth as a master of her craft. Her voice glides effortlessly above the song’s luscious strings and tender percussion. Jareth’s debut EP, Moonchild, will arrive later this year via new label Moonshot Music. Bit By Bit is available now, here.

April 3, 2018

The expression “speaking in tongues” has always intrigued me since it tends to do with the occult, but now we get to associate the phrase with this fine song from Joseph J. Jones, too! The English singer songwriter, who used to be a boxer, enthralls us with his gravelly voice on the bluesy and soulful alt track, again reminding us of fellow crooners like Rag’N’Bone Man, Hozier, Alex Clare, and the likes. The epic anthem comes with a vividly crafted music video directed by Gregg Houstin and Babysweet. Speaking in Tongues is available, here.

February 20, 2018

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything new from Xavier Dunn, though the Australian singer songwriter and producer has lent his velvety crooning to a bevy of stellar tracks from other artists, like NGHTMRE & Carmada’s Embrace and Jesse Porsches’ The Weekend. But he’s finally returned with an exquisitely haunting new song and video named Isic Tutor, a diaphanous effusion of Dunn’s beautiful falsettos and a wistfully stirring combo of his soulful pop and ethereal indie electronica. An organic tide of anguished emotions exude from the song, which explores the themes of unrequited love in a tumultuous relationship. Intriguingly enough, its namesake is the strange wisdom of Isic, an AI character from a video game named Battleborn. Grab the single, a more than welcome and deeply moving re-emergence, here.

February 20, 2018

Not only this new remix of Moments Passed by Mike Dean a beautifully haunting yet atmospherically electrifying affair, but it also serves to remind us how excited we are that Dermot Kennedy will be making his way out to SXSW next month. The Irish singer songwriter totally floored us a few months ago with his raw storytelling and sensational vocals on the original. Re-visit our feature of the track, here, where we compared his sound to a combination of Rag’N’Bone Man, Ben Howard, and Maverick Sabre. Houston producer Mike Dean’s remix maintains the original’s haunting beauty but adds a shadowy spaciousness to the track. You can also stream or purchase the remix, here. Alongside his SXSW appearance, Dermot Kennedy is also playing a string of shows in the U.S. this March, all of which have been sold out, including his stop in San Francisco at the Independent.

February 20, 2018

Jacob Banks and Louis The Child are two acts I never thought would come together on a song, but all hail Diddy Bop, which sees the Nigerian-born UK-based R&B soul sensation meeting halfway with the red hot production duo from Chicago. The track comes off of that super stacked, talent studded new Fifty Shades Free soundtrack, and it’s quite the soulful bopping, piano carousing, and gospel sewn treat. If all your experience with Louis The Child have been their high voltage electronic tracks, you might be surprised by what the pair has turned in here. It’s obvious Louis The Child’s already extraordinary production skills are spreading in new directions. Their work on Diddy Bop, when accompanied by Jacob Banks’ gravelly stirring, deep resounding voice, is pure soulful pop bliss. Stream/purchase, here.

January 25, 2018

The past several months saw one of our favorite audio-visual projects, Until The Ribbon Breaks, making a grand return with songs like My Love and Here Comes The Feeling. We were hoping the new releases meant a new album was coming from the now Los Angeles based duo lead by British musician Pete Lawrie-Winfield. Sure enough, our prayers have been answered and UTRB will be releasing a self-titled sophomore album come February 23rd. I’m sure we’ll be getting some epic music videos and plenteous fine new songs in the interim off the record, too. Our journey with UTRB continues right now, as they release a new song and video named One Match. As always, UTRB is cinematic and emphatic with their music, plus they make a return to the dark and weighty with the alt/electro track, adorned with Lawrie-Winfield’s unmistakable sooty crooning and disconsolate moodiness. One Match is very personal. It deals with alcohol addiction. Pete Lawrie-Winfield explains: “it was a reality check, a cry for help and a personal account of the very worst moments in a long period of addiction and substance abuse. I always knew that one day I would have to get clean, I just had no idea how. This is a diary entry from the middle of that mess.” 

Each song off UTRB’s forthcoming album was born out of Pete’s inspiring journey from rock bottom to recovery, as he details his recent transformation in a heartfelt letter to his fans, which you can read, here. You can pre-order their self-titled sophomore album, here.

December 20, 2017

I’m not sure whether being “lost in space” would be a horrific experience or a sublime one, considering how lonely it can be when you’re out in that endless dark vacuum. Yet it must be wondrously beautiful to defy gravity and see the world as a pale blue dot from afar. Either way, it’d probably be an enlightening experience, as is this affecting new single from Los Angeles based singer songwriter and producer Emmit Fenn. Lost In Space is a comforting balm, a gently gliding, weightless floating fusion of indie electronica and soulful pop steeped in tender emotion and awash with gentle cooing. Sparkling keys and softly thrumming beats convince us being lost in space is a truly magical experience, one which we’d wholly embrace if we can bring Emmit Fenn along with us. Lost In Space is available from iTunes, here.

December 13, 2017

We were ecstatic when British singer songwriter Chlöe Howl was chosen for the shortlist for BBC Sound of 2014 as well as the 2014 Brit Awards Critics Choice Award. After all, we’d considered her a rising star and hotly tipped buzz maker well ahead of those accolades. Since then, she’s taken her time to mold her career path and release finely tuned music. Though waiting for new music is excruciating, we thoroughly respect and appreciate it when artists decide not to rush their songcrafting process. This week, Chlöe Howl makes a rare appearance with the official video for her new single, Do It Alone, directed by London based creative duo Temptress. Do It Alone is the follow up to her acclaimed comeback track Magnetic, which we promptly shared when it surfaced close to half a year ago. Do It Alone’s classy soulful electronica and pop is full of sophistication, like a fine oak aged wine with a spritz of tingly sass. “Do It Alone is about refusing to be the other woman and sticking to girl code, so I love the girl power vibes of this video. It was so fun to make – Me and two of my friends were just running around our favourite London spots, causing trouble in front of the general public,”says Chlöe. You can also stream Do It Alone via Spotify, here.