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May 19, 2018

It really doesn’t get much better than Me & You ◑. I mean, seriously…. HONNE and Tom Misch, on one song together? I think my life is fulfilled now that the two UK projects have united to give us a delectably grooving swathe of velveteen electro-soul and jazzy strings. We celebrated when HONNE returned last month with two new tunes after spending much of the past couple of years working quietly on their next album. And now, this?! My heart can’t take it! HONNE even offers up a fabulous music video to go with the song, featuring a dance troupe in what looks to be South Korea. Dashing Tom Misch turns in molten guitars on the uptempo swooner. HONNE’s next album Love Me/ Love Me Not will be out sometime this summer. Our eyes are peeled for a release date and pre-order details.

Me & You ◑ is available, here.

April 19, 2018

Three years, that’s how long we’ve been impatiently waiting for new music from one of our long time favorites, forward-thinking songwriting and production genius Ben Khan. Oh, how we’ve missed his funky blues and soulful R&B, his ever scintillating electronica and sultry smoldering guitars, which have drawn comparisons to the great Jai Paul many times over. And boy does he make a style crushing return on 2000 Angels, a slinky burning swooner, which comes with news of a full length album expected to arrive this summer. 2000 Angels is an intensive affair, a pressurized, hedonistic eruption of passion and desire. It’s glorious, to say the least, and you can watch its music video below. If they don’t use 2000 Angels in a Victoria’s Secret commercial at some point, I’ll be very disappointed in the lingerie brand known for being on point with their musical choices. Visit Ben Khan’s new website for his debut album, The Foundation, here.

December 13, 2017

Los Angeles based melon loving creative collective NVDES, lead by Ghost Beach’s Josh Ocean, has left us deliriously blissed with their energy-packed ground breaking music since they first appeared on the scene over 2 years ago. We NVDES fans have much to celebrate this month. Not only have they released their second EP, VOL. 2, but their wonderfully addicting song Turning Heads has been featured in Apple’s latest iPhone X commercial. It’s been very sweet turning on the television to hear so often NVDES lately. The collective has also released a music video for Everyday, one of six songs off their new EP. Groove out with the characters in the video to this more laid back NVDES cut, a soulful grooving, disco imbued alt dance track. Stream VOL.2 in full on Soundcloud, here. Support by purchasing/streaming via other major outlets, here.

November 18, 2017

Franc Moody is a rising London based collective renowned for their hi-octane, immersive live shows. Hopefully, I’ll get to catch them live someday, particularly after dancing and twirling my heart out to their new funk-driven track, Pheromones. They truly let off some ambrosial beats and soulful charm on this groovalicious electro and disco jam, which very much reminds me of French band Her and British bands like Jungle and Formation. Franc Moody is lead by musicians Ned Franc and Jon Moody. They’ve been making quite a name for themselves both as a live band and a production outfit. Franc Moody explains that Pheromones is about attraction and reaction. Attracted, I most definitely am. My reaction? Dance, dance, dance. Pheromones is out now on Juicebox Recordings. it’s available digitally via all major outlets, here.

November 2, 2017

Though this track’s been liquefying hearts and steaming up the air for most of a month, it would be egregious to let Darling I Missed Your Call slip through the cracks. Frisky, sexy brass and James Chatburn’s luscious rich voice make this a staggering swooner. The Australian singer songwriter and producer takes a moment from his tour with Jordan Rakei to deliver his best Casanova impression on the R&B funk and electro-soul jam, a snazzy dasher you can purchase, here. Darling I Missed Your Call is a must for fans of Tom Misch and Fortunes.

October 31, 2017

Our favorite Danish pop sensation, MØ, surprised the world with an EP last Friday, her first record since 2014 debut full length No Mythologies To Follow took us by storm. The six song release is entitled When I Was Young, and she’s been working on its songs for the past four years. The title track is a brassy, frisky pop dalliance much different from her old electronic pop and dancehall fare. The smoldering electronica and funky soulful pop jam feels like a collaboration with Brasstracks or GRiZ. 

‘s new EP explores themes of nostalgia, escaping from reality, and coming of age. Preview on Soundcloud, here.

September 16, 2017

The thing I love about music is there really isn’t any “fine print” to it. There are no strings attached when a good song or an amazing band resonates with you and creates all sorts of emotions and feelings in your heart. I’m not sure if that’s what UK duo Fine Print is referring to with their chosen pseudonym. There’s probably some other ulterior motive to the name. The pair has been creating said resonance and rapport with their slinky smoldering, tense grooving concoctions for quite some time now, so we’re thrilled they’ve returned with their first song of 2017, a slick soulful, funky strutting alt electronic swooner named Beast. Beast’s buttery falsettos are immaculate, and its flushed funk guitar is titillating. Re-visit Fine Print’s other offerings on Soundcloud, here.

August 16, 2017

We were introduced to Zanski last month when we encountered the Toronto based artist and his single Don’t Say Later. Tom Probizanski, who is influenced by the likes of Childish Gambino, D’Angelo, and James Vincent McMorrow, immediately impressed us with an irresistible recipe entailing contagious strutting R&B funk and some spectacular vocal skills. Zanski now follows that gem up with ‘What Have You Done?’, once again offering up contagious warbles and sultry riffs as he serenades us with his creamy falsettos and a whole lot of confident swagger. Whatever it is we’ve done, we’ll do it again if this is the sublime music that will greet our ears afterwards. If you’re fond of Opia, with the silky heat of Childish Gambino and the curling funk of Jai Paul, Zanski’s got you covered. You can also stream ‘What Have You Done?’ on Spotify, here.

July 4, 2017

Strap those “moon boots” on and prepare to orbit the earth like our great lunar satellite does as we lift off to the ooey gooey funk and soul emanating from Keep The Faith. The single is a taste off Moon Boots’ highly anticipated debut full length, First Landing, due out this August via Anjunadeep. Philadelphia’s Nic Hanson lends silky smooth vocals to the swanky groover, a deeply luxurious yet dreamy melting jam. Keep The Faith is available from major retailers, here. Pre-order First Landing, here.

October 19, 2016

Enigmatic 10K Islands signed trio Viigo mesmerizes on slick slinking, squishy throbbing Ex-Friends. The torrid scorching yet cool sliding new single channels JUNGLE like opulence and Jai Paul or Ben Khan like sinuous electrifying funk. Viigo frontman MJ Hancock handsomely croons about turning back time and mending a broken friendship. This slick electro soul bursts with regret, yet its buttery gloss fills me with ecstasy. Revisit Viigo’s prior songs on Soundcloud.