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January 11, 2018

Once again, a new stripped down acoustic video for an incredible song has keyed us into an amazing rising artist and her music. New York’s Aisha Badru is an urban folk singer songwriter who delivers soul stirring music with a supple & emotive voice. You can watch her perform her recent single Bridges in an intimate setting below, but make sure you watch the video for the original above. Bridges is lifted from Aisha Badru’s debut album, due out this year. It follows on the heels of her 2015 Vacancy EP, which garnered a lot of attention from the advertisement world when her hushed single Waiting Around was utilized for a viral Volkswagen add in South Africa. That buzz continues to grow with delicate and understated Bridges, a tenderly stirring gem that feels like early, dusky BROODS gone ambient, atmospheric Daughter. Bridges is available, here.

December 16, 2017

19 year old Swedish singer songwriter Anna Leone captured us with her debut single a few months ago when she released My Soul I, a smoky raw folk meets intimate soul ballad that showcased her inspirations, which include Bob Dylan, Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, Laura Marling, and more. She’s since debuted a new music video and song via French Vogue named I Never Really, a gently affecting, melancholic and contemplative beauty. Anna Leone’s new song also reminds me of a folksier, dustier Lianne La Havas at times, it’s a sincere and brittle gem steeped in vulnerable emotion. 

Anna says, “The song deals with the idea of suppressing things you don’t want to deal with and wondering if that’s right or wrong and how that impacts your life and relationships. This is the most recent song I’ve written and the latest one recorded in the studio so it all came together very quickly. I was writing a lot at home and this one stood out as something very sincere. I discovered the riff first and everything sort of fell into place after that, both the lyrics and the melody.” I Never Really is available, here.

December 12, 2017

It’s been several years since Afie Jurvansen gave us his last full length as Bahamas, but on January 19th Earthtones arrives, and the Canadian musician is already in the midst of sharing some very fine treats off the album. In fact, he’ll be making an appearance at Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco come February, with a show at the Independent on the 24th. Watch Bahamas’ new music video for Way With Words, a laid back stroller of a balmy glowing, twangy strumming tune. You can pre-order Earthtones, here.

September 15, 2017

Gorgeous is an understatement when it comes to this new 19 year old Swedish singer songwriter’s debut, My Soul I. Anna Leone worked with Grammy nominated producer and mixer Bryan Wilson (Florence + The Machine, Wolf Alice, Arctic Monkeys, Stormzy, Lianne La Havas) on the song. Influences like Bob Dylan, Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, and Laura Marling certainly shine through on this smoky raw folk meets intimate soul emulsion, but it’s also impossible to miss a touch of Lykke Li in the heartfelt ballad. Earnest and sincere, tender yearning My Soul I is a herald of a debut EP to come within the next couple of months, as well as some promised to be great music videos. Anna Leone’s first song cuts deep and reminds us of how vulnerable and pliable our hearts can truly be. My Soul I is out now on indie label Half Awake.