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May 22, 2018

Molly Moore’s new EP Third Eye High has been out for well over a week, but we want to make sure you haven’t missed out on the four track release which showcases the Los Angeles based artist’s stunning evolution. Take for example, EP track Catch and Release which sees the captivating chanteuse venture into soulful R&B pop territory, complete with jazzy horns and much smoky, slinky allure. It’s a laid back groover of a sensual yet frisky pop. She easily catches our hearts once again, and we never want to be released. Catch and Release is a sumptuous development for the singer songwriter, whom we’ve been ardent fans of through her earlier pop releases and her collaborations with progressive soul talent Brandyn Burnette (including their electronic pop project together, Cosmos & Creature). Third Eye High can be streamed in full via all major services, here.

May 22, 2018

I’m going to come clean right now. I confess, I have a ridiculous obsession with Conrad Sewell’s sonorous voice and his new single Come Clean. The Australian singer songwriter has been spending much of the past couple of years touring, but he’s now unfurling new songs off his new project Ghosts & Heartaches. Come Clean is a piano pop song on which his voice alternates between gravelly soulful and lofty sleek. The weathered, heartfelt ballad is accompanied by a second new song named Healing Hands, which you can stream below. It’s a gospel endowed heartbreak pop anthem with beautifully stirring organ chords that builds its way towards erupting catharsis. Both songs are out now via 300 Entertainment. Stream/download, here.

May 22, 2018

A pilot who has a fear of heights seems like an ironic tragedy, albeit a rather comic one at that, but that scenario seems to have inspired NYC based Australia-via-Cape Town newcomer Felicity to serve up some truly vivacious and feisty spirited pop for her debut. Felicity’s anthemic pop is a striking introduction to the singer songwriter, whose powerfully soulful, gravelly rich voice have been compared to the likes of Sia, Florence + the Machine, and Joss Stone. Pilot With A Fear Of Heights, which was produced by Grammy winner Brian Kierulf (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears) is a turbulence-inspired track that tackles the complex fear of destiny as it relates to love. The soaring aria features gospel-tinged back-up vocals and delicate keys, as well as Felicity’s raspy yet honeyed soprano. 

“‘Pilot with a Fear of Heights’ is a song I wrote from a timid place. I wanted so badly not to want this person but ultimately being with him was my destiny,” Felicity shares. “That’s exactly what this song is about; a fear of destiny, a pilot whose job is to literally be in the sky, navigating a plane but is ultimately terrified of the largest component of the act (the height). Conceptually I came up with the idea while actually on a plane myself. I brought the idea into the studio the next day and the song basically wrote itself. Sonically I wanted it to be turbulent, which is why the song is slow until the first chorus hits, like a jolt of unexpected turbulence in your ears, then I got the lyrics to match and from there the song felt complete.” You can also stream the single via Spotify, here.

May 19, 2018

Camille Trust’s voice is ridiculously good on her new single Move On, which made its premiere on Billboard earlier this week. It’s beautifully captivating yet smoky raw, encapsulated in the sparse soundscape of the bluesy soulful ballad. The artist from NYC sings about heartbreak and loss on the single from her debut EP, No Other Way, which will be released on May 25th. She’ll be celebrating its release with a sure to be stunning album release show on May 26th at National Sawdust in Brooklyn. 
Move On was written following the separation of an extremely influential person in her life, the song reflects the feelings that were unfamiliar to Trust. “I’m the type of person that would rather have a raw and real relationship than waste time with quick satisfactions,” she reflects on the breakup. “Making the smart decision isn’t always easy and I didn’t know if I could see out to the other side. It’s important to feel and breathe through that pain. During that time, it was difficult for me to speak my mind out loud in conversation, but when this song was created I tapped into a new wave inside of me.” Camille gained a loyal following with her first two singles, No Matter and Lose You earlier this year. Her stage presence and her soulful ambiance have been compared to both Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse. Move On can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

April 26, 2018

Luke Burr holds my liquefied heart in the palm of his hand with his satin smooth vocals and his dreamy simmering R&B soul on Lights On, the 22 year old singer songwriter’s steamy plush new single. The artist, who hails from Essex, has been tipped as some as the most promising new vocal talents around. It’s easy to hear why as he serenades us with his immaculate voice on the lusciously constructed love ballad, of which Burr states: ‘In a world where people are seen through filters and judged by the amount of ‘likes’ they get, Lights On is about giving someone the confidence to be completely themselves. I’m saying “you are most beautiful to me when you’re 100% real”.’ He not only sets the mood with his seductive and provocative single, but he inspires us to be more confident to be ourselves, too. A dashing sonic suitor and a true gentleman, wow! Stream a few of Luke Burr’s prior tracks on Soundcloud, here.

March 12, 2018

Brand new on our radar despite having made her mark back home in Australia these past two years is Tiaryn, a singer songwriter who combines feel-good vibes and rich harmonious pop, then tops it off with her honeyed, luscious voice. It seems appropriate our first feature of her music is for a song named “Falling”, since we’re already falling head over heels for the artist and her soulful pop. It’s a truly sumptuous and sophisticated, opulent and plush gem that channels some Little Dragon and Emily King. You can listen to Tairyn’s Distance EP and some of her prior releases on Soundcloud, here.

February 28, 2018

It feels as if we’ve waited a lifetime to see Her live. On May 12th, we’ll meet our destiny as the French band finally makes their way to San Francisco to headline Cafe du Nord. It’ll be a bittersweet experience, after the tragic loss of founding band member Simon, but it will be a glorious one, too, as you well know if you’ve been keeping up with our shares of their soulful pop and funky electro-rock in the past. Her will be serving up their self titled full length album on March 30th, and they’ve recently shared a magnificent new song named Neighborhood. It’s a must for fans of Jungle, Formation, and even Jack Garratt or HONNE. Pre-order Her’s debut album, here.

February 9, 2018

We were still tracked on Hype Machine when James Bay appeared on the scene a few years prior with his first breakout singles, including songs like soulful lulling Let It Go and folksy melting Hold Back The River. In fact, we’re pretty sure we were the break that latter track onto the site. It’s been a vindicating journey, watching the GRAMMY nominated, BRIT winning singer songwriter achieve such massive levels of success with his debut album Chaos and the Calm. But he’s been quiet on the scene for a long time prior to today. He breaks that silence with a new song named Wild Love and a fresh new sense of modern style that has certainly surprised many of us. Those that prefer his older more acoustic and tender indie/acoustic music may take some time to warm up to Wild Love. It’s a solid ballad that evokes the likes of James Vincent McMorrow and even Jack Garratt, with a slick electronic soundscape that some might associate with Rhye. That’s right, James Bay has gone a more electro-soul/alt pop route. And it leaves us wondering what else he’s been cooking up this past year.  

Composed in East London’s Baltic Studios, Bay co-wrote and co-produced the track with longtime friend and collaborator Jon Green and brought onboard Paul Epworth [(Adele, Florence and The Machine) to add final production elements. Bay explains: “I know some of this new sound was not apparent on my first album – there were hints, perhaps – but I think my new music helps to paint a fuller picture of who I am. As soon as I recognized I was being pinned down as ‘the intimate acoustic guitar guy’ I realized I knew I had to push myself musically. I want it as part of my arsenal, but I don’t want that solely to define me. I’m not there yet, but hope that this new music can do for singer-songwriter, loosely, what Drake and Chance The Rapper are doing for their genre: tearing up the rule book.” Tear it up as much as you want, James, we’re excited to hear more of your fresh new tunes. Wild Love is available, here. James Bay will be touring the U.S. this March and April, with a stop in San Francisco at the Fillmore on March 27th. Judging by the dates, we can’t help but wonder… will James Bay be at SXSW? 

January 27, 2018

K-pop is rising to great new heights of success here in the U.S. with BTS leading the charge, but let’s not forget how swooning EXO can be, too. Los Angeles based St. Louis progressive soul talent Brandyn Burnette showcases his creamy chops on a demo of EXO’s Been Through, reminding us how much of a heartthrob this hard working, incredibly gifted artist is. Girlfriend and Cosmos & Creature partner Molly Moore lends her co-writing skills and backing vocals to the amazing rendition of Been Through, which is quickly racking up streams since its release earlier today, while Rice N Peas is on impeccable production duty. As it turns out, Brandyn and Molly are responsible for writing Been Through, which EXO picked up and used a translator to modify into his Korean hit. Stream his version via Spotify, here.

January 23, 2018

British drum and bass and soulful electronica collective Rudimental teamed up with an impressive list of collaborators on their new single, These Days, which is lifted from their forthcoming third album. Soul pop sensation Jess Glynne, rap mogul Macklemore, and rising R&B soul artist Dan Caplen join forces with Rudimental on the magnificent hymnal. The brassy soulful anthem is available, here. Hopefully, the arrival of These Days is a sign of many more new Rudimental songs and collaborations to come as we await further news regarding the new album.