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May 11, 2018

Life is more than beautiful when you have someone like French production phenom Kidswaste to soundtrack your days. The producer sends tingles down our spines with a stunning new future pop/future bass twinkler named Beautiful Life, featuring none other than fast ascending pop artist Sophie Simmons, who just gave us a dark scorcher of a pop dazzler named Burn Me Down a few weeks ago. She lends soft, honeyed vocals to Kidswaste’s new song, enchanting us to the utmost alongside a phosphorescent pleat of ornately trickling beats and gently plinking keys. Stream/download life-affirming Beautiful Life, here.

April 26, 2018

As if we need more proof that musicality could very well be genetic, Sophie Simmons, daughter of legendary Kiss member Gene Simmons, has dropped a spectacular first single named Burn Me Down. She’d previously lent her powerhouse vocals to electronic releases and served up some sensational covers, but on Burn Me Down, she goes full speed ahead with her sonorous voice and a dark moody, vigorously scorching brand of pop. And Sophie is already putting together a debut full length album for later this year, too. 

December 13, 2017

True story, I once wrote a poem when I was little about how heaven might be different for each individual person, based on what they cherish the most, or what brings them the most happiness. One person’s heaven can be another person’s hell. Well, my kind of heaven certainly entails a whole lot of sublime music, and I’m assigning Spanish producer Different Heaven a VIP visitor’s pass into that oasis, especially after he’s released this ravishing track, Live At Night. Dreamy plinking melodic house and gently gliding electro house are wed with a rich hypnotic bassline on the warm comforting gem, which features wistful vocals by magnetic songbird Sophie Simmons, who’s the daughter of legendary rock star and KISS frontman Gene Simmons. You can stream Live At Night via Spotify, here.