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September 26, 2017

Golden luscious, gooey dripping, shiny glimmering honey. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Transform that vivid image into sound, and you get something just as succulent and juicy, candied and heavenly. Honey is a shimmering confection from LA based Chicago producer and Moving Castle member Madnap. It features Sophie Meiers on ambrosial vocals. Tasting its soulful future pop and effervescent future trap brings back a prized memory of that one special kiss coated in minty sweet lip balm. It’s a kiss that seems even more magical in retrospect, after having been stored away in your head and your heart. It leaves you yearning for that moment once again. Honey is Madnap’s lead single from his new EP Seasons, and what a dreamy glinting, sublimely ethereal treat it is. Purchase/stream the single, here.

March 21, 2017

Los Angeles producer Gill Chang ‘Deal With It’ came out today. It’s a future bass / trap track featuring Sophie Meiers