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September 8, 2017

Free indeed I am as I bounce in liberated and triumphant exultance to this deep house spectacular from Los Angeles producer SNBRN. The oft IHM gracing electronic talent has given LDRU’s To Be Free a crisp jouncing, hypnotic pumping remix, turning the Australian production act’s song into a coruscant flaring exhilarator. There’s no resisting its high springing bounce and elastic pulses. I could dance all night long to this victorious anthem. You can find SNBRN’s remix on Spotify and Apple, here.

April 13, 2017

Show me the most magnificent synths and crisp pounding beats you know, and I’ll show you this jaw dropping collaboration that brings together two of my favorite production projects. SNBRN and Coyote Kisses, both from Los Angeles, may be very disparate when it comes to their production styles, but they make a heavenly pair on Show Me, an intensely dramatic, epic gripping affair. SNBRN’s warm house and Coyote Kisses’ florescent future bass combine in full force. Show Me is a lionhearted feat bursting with indomitable beats, neon synths, and radiant chords. A cinematic effect is achieved as Show Me’s triumphant exhilaration is accentuated by bursts of dark moody introspection. The single is available, here.

March 19, 2017

Okay, I was already excited to see SNBRN at Coachella for his killer remixes but this new deep house track ‘You Got Me’ with Blu J featuring Cara Frew is fire. 

October 1, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.28.2016

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September 29, 2016

SNBRN beckons us to “Leave The World Behind”, and I’m always ready to follow the SoCal producer to the ends of the world when his music calls. Swedish House Mafia classic Leave The World Behind gets a brilliant deep dance interpretation on this sweeping cover featuring pristine soulful vocals by Kaleena. The summer breezy track takes us on a cinematic voyage. We circle the earth infinite times, fueled by SNBRN’s ripe pumping, exuberant springing opus. Purchase the paradise house epic from iTunes.

September 12, 2016

In case you didn’t know what the meaning is behind the phrase “bee’s nees”, let me clarify for you. The saying alludes to the fact that nectar sticks to the legs of the buzzing insects when they move from flower to flower, so it’s in fact a slang term for anything that is “sweet and good”. Los Angeles duo Bee’s Nees are more than just sweet and good when it comes to their fresh new remix of SNBRN’s infectious hit Sometimes, featuring Holly Winter. Bee’s Knees gives the track an absolutely delicious and contagiously warm deep funky house edit. Brisk booming beats and frisky horns make this flirtatious dance number a dapper suitor you can’t refuse.

June 18, 2016

My heart leaped out of my chest the other day when I noticed Louis The Child teasing a brand new collab, one which also features Swedish dance and electropop duo Icona Pop. Louis the Child and Icona Pop altogether on one track is sure to be tremendous, plus I have a deep fondness for both sets of duos, having supported both from very early on. Though Weekend hasn’t been unleashed on our eager ears just yet, Louis The Child has generously revealed a remix of the track by Los Angeles’ SNBRN. Considering the fact that the weekend has just arrived, this couldn’t come at a more opportune moment. SNBRN’s remix is a jouncing bright, vibrant explosive sunset house banger. Grab the massive jam on iTunes, and eagerly await the original besides me.

May 31, 2016

SNBRN brings us ooey gooey summer sunshine on the Los Angeles producer’s new single, Sometimes, which features vocals by Nashville’s Holly Winter. It’s literally the perfect treat to ring in June, a nostalgia laden mix of future bass and chill indie house. I’m taken back to the gorgeous solo hike I just enjoyed along the Santa Cruz coastline this past holiday weekend while my friends were surfing. The cool spray of the deep blue sea fills the air as powerful waves break on imposing rocks below me. A breezy draft envelopes me in fresh ocean air.  The sun reflects brilliantly in the distance.  And the world has never been more beautiful, despite all of its flaws. SNBRN reminds us that sometimes, it’s okay to let go and live for the moment, that those scars might still hurt but we don’t have to dwell on them. Sometimes, we should just dance, rather than worry away a magnificent day. We’ll be fine. Especially with SNBRN and Holly Winter here to keep those demons at bay. Sometimes is available now on iTunes.

March 10, 2016

Last month, SNBRN, Dr. Fresch, and Shaun Frank united to lay it down on The New Order, a vigorously kicking, darkly pumping fusion of g-house, deep bass, and future house. Toronto’s Muneshine smooths out the sharp edges of that track on a magnificent deep house remix that rumbles and quivers with cavernous aplomb. He lures me into a state of divine hypnosis with the profound and expansive remix, its gritty beats and lush high hats delivering a very new sort of wondrous, fascinating order indeed. Download the remix for free, here.

February 3, 2016

The New Order is an epic, star studded affair that premiered on This Song Is Sick earlier today. The slamming track is a three way collaboration involving Los Angeles’ SNBRN and Dr. Fresch as well as Toronto’s Shaun Frank. While we’re normally used to SNBRN associated tracks radiating sunshine and blue skies, he takes a dark turn with his friends on this remix. Together, they’ve fused g-house, deep bass, and future house into one massive, sinister smash. There’s even occasional drum and bass rolls and acidic tech metallurgy to The New Order’s kicks. This IS a “new order”, a new order and high bar set for banging dance tracks! Download The New Order for free, here.