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April 20, 2018

What’s that, you say? A surpise new EP from Slow Magic? Yes, please! The masked enigma, a superb producer through and through, has shared a new four track release named EP on Downtown Records, just ahead of his Coachella weekend 2 performance tomorrow. Chilled out future bass, jagged drumwork, and molten vocals by New York’s TOULOUSE adorn EP track GO, our favorite out of AWAY’s four crisp melodic tracks. For some thorough intoxication, take an incandescent EP journey with Slow Magic on Soundcloud, here. Support via major platforms, here.

August 21, 2017

With each day that passes lately, our show and concert schedule this fall seems to get even more jam packed. Artist and producers we adore continue to announce new San Francisco tour stops. Even ever elusive mask wearing Slow Magic will be embarking on a new tour later this year, one which brings him to the Warfield in San Francisco on December 7th. With this fabulous news comes a new original named Light, featuring dreamy chiffon vocals by London’s Tropics. Magical indeed is Slow Magic’s gorgeous future bass meets chillwave production on this snazzy sonic soiree. It shimmers brilliantly, as if under the glow of an iridescent moon in the dark of night, while playful plinking future beats fill us with a bright eyed wonder. Stream/download Light, here. Learn more about Slow Magic’s upcoming tour, here.

May 15, 2017

I never thought I’d see the day when Slow Magic and Kate Boy would end up on the same track, so Mind is pretty much a dream come true for this devout fan of both the masked producer and the Swedish/Australian synthpop project. We haven’t heard from either of them in quite some time, yet here they are, dishing out energetic thrumming vibes on Mind. Slow Magic showcases his visionary brilliance on the icy glistening, swift shimmering electronic aria, whose other worldly beauty and rich glacial consistency is the perfect scenery for Kate Boy’s bewitching Scandi-pop vocals. Mind fills me with wonder on this cold spring morning. It seems to break us free of all things mundane and push us up towards the stars. Anything seems possible, all of a sudden. Purchase or stream Mind via digital outlets, here.

November 22, 2016

Everything about Big Eyes draws me in. How hard it is to find information if this is a person or group, the artwork for the Companion EP, and the overall sound design. Suena, which translates to the sound, is a stunning track. The future synth, electronic orchestral, chillwave vibe echoes through the whole EP I can’t wait to hear more from them/him/her. Big Eyes influences include Slow Magic, Gold Panda, Galimatias, Flume, Porter Robinson, and Tycho.

August 28, 2015

Slow Magic and Giraffage are just dancing circles around each other with their remix swapping, and now with each other, on a new original, and it’s really quite adorable. So much so, that they’ve named their tour the So Cute! Tour and titled their new collaborative track Too Cute. Too Cute is everything we’d expect from a union of San Francisco’s Giraffage and enigmatic, masked Slow Magic. Before you catch them on their extensive tour together this fall and winter, levitate to the heavens on the rising chill trap bubbles and rippling future bass waves of Too Cute. Download the track for free, here.

May 8, 2015

I love it when amazing artists swap remixes. Over half a year ago, Kodak To Graph offered up a bubbly chill trap remix of Slow Magic’s magnificent, brilliant song Girls. Today, engimatic Slow Magic returns the favor with a dirty remix of Kodak To Graph’s IAMANTHEM carrying abundant Jersey Club bounce and future trap shimmer, as well as a sweet electro buzzing bridge. The glorious remix will be on the IAMANTHEM remix EP, out May 19th.

March 25, 2015

Last year, UK producer Daktyl offered up a dope remix of mysterious, incognito producer Slow Magic’s Girls, a song I love very dearly. Fast forward to today, and Slow Magic returns the favor by re-working Daktyl’s Forgettable, featuring Evan Mellows. Slow Magic gives the track a radiant and luxurious melodic and future bass re-working sure to thrill your ears and blow your mind.

December 4, 2014

It was just a couple nights ago that I was zealously tweeting my love for Slow Magic’s Girls again, my favorite song from the brilliant, enigmatic producer, and easily one of my top songs of 2014. On this great new remix that surfaced this week, Slow Magic teams up with Los Angeles hip hop act MOORS. Keith Stanfield of MOORS lays out some verses over the glitchy, atmospheric production. 

November 25, 2014

Two brilliant artists unite, thanks to this remix of Irish singer songwriter Talos’ gorgeous Tethered Bones by mysterious producer Slow Magic. Slow Magic tweaks the dark song and creates a warm, tender atmosphere with plenty of pillowy lushness and a dreamy The Antlers meets Deptford Goth like vibe. Slow Magic added backup vocals and stripped away the original’s ominous heart monitor beats to add to the effect. The remix, which first debuted on i-D, will beo n Talos’ Tethered Bones EP, out December 1st on Feel Good Lost.

November 14, 2014

I forced myself to wait a little while before I shared this amazing track, since it premiered on fantastic blog This Song Is Sick’s Soundcloud, but it’s time I grace your ears with this beauty, too (if you haven’t already encountered it elsewhere). Two brilliant acts unite on this one, a remix of Slow Magic’s Waited 4 U by Seattle duo Odesza, who happen to be embarking on a tour of Europe together. Odesza’s sparkling, effervescent future trap version of Waited 4 U is a little taste of what those lucky ducks in Europe will get to experience in one killer lineup.